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Walking on the Moon

1st IMX174 Quark image


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Processed this before I went to work at 7 this morning, couldn't sleep last night so was up early & was just browsing my folders.

Found some PG 174 images I caught the other day after grabbing data with the DMK first, as I was having a little agro getting the Genika Astro capture settings set properly I made sure I caught data with the old ccd first.

Having bought a Daystar Interference Eliminator from Altair Astro the other week I gave it a go & it worked first time with a tilt of about 1mm if that, this image is the only one I will probably do from that batch as I now getting behind again.

It's not as good as I had hoped but haze was playing it's part again.

Thanks for looking.




Surface Detail.jpg

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Here is how my images were looking before purchasing the Interference Eliminator from Altair, you can see the NR's & banding issues I was having, quite bad tbh & you don't normally see both issues at once on one image, or so I have been told.

The Eliminator is a little dearer than most tilt devices but it suffers from no light leakage, very easy to adjust & it stays put.

Banding & NRs.png

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