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Walking on the Moon

Mercury Transit 9th May 2018 ..... Your Sightings

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I thought a thread to report your sightings of how well you got on viewing the Mercury Transit would be interesting.....

From Kings Langley     Hazy sky, saw Mercury starting the transit at 12:13 today. Saw some sunspots as well.

13:10 Sun in cloud, it is meant to get cloudier as the afternoon goes on. Shame...

The SoHO Viewer on my iPad  last updated the Continuum Filter image of the Sun at 10:30am. Eagerly awaiting the next update!




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From Hull today it was wall to wall sunshine all the way. Brilliant views all day, but missed out on the last two minutes as the sun was dipping behind my neighbors rooftops.

Best shot of the transit on my IPhone 6+ below.



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I had to go out early afternoon, but managed to view it on and off  from 13:15 to 17:45 (when it disappeared behind trees). There was a lot of passing cloud, so it was about watching out for good breaks.  Often there would be a light cloud as I was observing. Not ideal, but it was total cloud just before the start -so I was pleased to see what I did.

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