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  1. I've used them before. Very happy with them.
  2. thanks all, that was probably it. must remember that
  3. Thanks gents. Yes, date and time was ok, I checked that again and again. I had deleted my skysafari6 pro a while ago for space reasons on the phone. I reloaded it there this morning, and the comet was bang where it should be. Is the skysafari5 in some way outdated/unsupported? I loved cartes du ciel on the laptop but haven’t used it in ages Curious.
  4. Hello All Anyone have an idea why my SkySafari 5 app has the comet in the wrong place. Its in the general area of the sky, but 'miles' off. Puzzled. Correct date and location. Its just wrong. Anybody else have a problem with this? Thanks Barry
  5. I had a go last night with my 16" at x 200. Couldn't make out anything. Conditions weren't fabulous but I'd say if you see it, it might be using averted imagination. (love that phrase...)
  6. don't buy anything new for £6, it'll be junk. £25 might be a little cheap as well. It'll work, but maybe not well. Others may have them and be in a position to compare against more expensive ones. nothing worse than looking through a bad piece of glass.
  7. I have an F4.5 16” and an F5 10” and always use wide angle EPs. Coma is a problem. One day I bought the ES cc from the US for smallish money. One problem. I had to move the primary on the 16” about an inch closer to the secondary. Bit of a pain, but there you go. Could never justify the Parracor cost. Barry
  8. Good luck with the 12". It'll show you loada
  9. Ha! As I was reading it I was thinking your dedication was definitely better than mine! last night was pretty good. Great views of jup and got both comets in Hercules amongst a couple of others even thought I could see the dust lane in the sombrero in the 10" at low altitude, but that could have been the couple of beers I had?
  10. Yeah, Astro monkey I find it very handy.
  11. You probably wouldn't see much of a difference in my 16 compared to your 15 but I'd like to see the improvement your better mirror would make. Id like to try out a spot near the Vee if you were interested though in the coming weeks
  12. Niall if you were observing detail at x560 there's obviously nothing wrong with your setup! Fair dues. I'm looking forward to looking through yours at skellig, if you'll allow. we got very lucky there in march for the marathon, hopefully the weather will play ball again in august.
  13. Mmph saying that, there were a couple of days last week where seeing and transparency were excellent. Lovely detail on an Io transit with shadow with GRS and great detail in the bands. Hope it's great for Skellig. Are you going this year Niall?
  14. Also worth stating that adjusting the settings so that the altitude reading on the SkySafari can be altered to read 'decimal' like the wixey rather than hours minutes etc
  15. Try SkySafari, it's excellent. Go for the plus version, or pro if you're flush.
  16. I also have a 16" Dob and use Astrononkeys methodology exactly. It is surprisingly accurate, most of the time.... I'd be lost without it.
  17. Thanks for that folks??
  18. Hello All I recently looked through a telescope which had what the owner called a white light filter, but when I looked through it, the sun appeared orange. I've previously used the Baader filter and the sun looked grey. Was it a white light filter if it looked orange? I saw the filter 'foil' at the top of the scope and it looked just like the Baader stuff, but obviously wasn't. Is there a filter like the Baader stuff that produces an image of the sun in the nice orange colour I observed. Thanks for any suggestions. Barry
  19. its always easier to ask for forgiveness than permission..........
  20. The GRS transits the planet every 10 hours and is visible for 2-3 of them, can't quite remember. The bands should be visible up around a magnification of 100 and probably less. They're always visible as long as you have decent magnification and seeing conditions. Sometimes if there are thermal currents in the atmosphere or clouds/vapour, that aren't immediately visible through the eyepiece, the bands might not be visible clearly.
  21. As Niall says, a 10" Dob is a great all rounder. Good on planets and DSOs and quite manageable. Go for the biggest you can afford and manage
  22. Hello all i wondered if anyone knew how reliable and accurate the DSM (dark sky meter) app on the iPhone is for measuring sky quality? It states its a recognised method but the real meters are expensive do u wondered how comparable they are. Last night my sky varied from 20.3 - 21.3 which seems a big difference. Thanks Barry
  23. Well Stu A previous poster stated they can't get the Milky Way and yet have a nelm of 4. The Milky Way is good in my garden yet 5.5 is my best I think. Might it be my vision? edit: don't know how reliable it is, but the DSM app on the iPhone quotes my sky from 20.3 to 21.3. Many/most readings abour 20.9 ish.
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