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  1. I agree, really gives a sense of the vastness of space..
  2. This was my second target I started collecting data on back in April this year. After my first attempt on M101 using 180sec subs I went for 300secs, which I think is much better for my set up. 100Ed, Canon 600d, 300sec subs 98% 13hrs 35mins. I will look to add another 7hrs when I can. Calibration frames used. Crop + original:
  3. PH-R

    Galaxies 2020

  4. Very nice and sharp, almost like you are shooting through clouds on earth!
  5. Back on M51, wind has picked up a bit! Plan set and off to bed. Good luck all
  6. Great night, target M106 and neighbours. Apt plan set and off to bed. Good luck all
  7. Looking really good here. Lesson learnt from last night, I have updated windows 10 settings to prevent any restarting without my say so! Lost 3 hrs of precious imaging time during astro dark.
  8. Hoping to add more m51 data tonight. Regarding the moon, I just carry on as the clear skies are few and far between at my location. If my skies are classed as Bortle 4 and the moon is up low in the south and my target is in the north how would one work out what the equivalent Bortle rating would be?
  9. Right letting the auto pilot take over for the rest of the session. Good night all.
  10. Best night here for a long time!
  11. Upgraded my old EQ6 (non GOTO) to EQ6-R and Canon D10 to 600D and now I can do proper long exposure pictures My first image is M101 11hrs 30mins captured between the 22 and 25th April 2020. Obviously a lot to learn on the processing side. However, I am really chuffed with this result, especially considering I am using my good old gold Skywatcher 100ED (0.85 reducer). Watching APT do an auto meridian flip was a sight to behold and very satisfying. What I think I learnt, I should use much longer exposure times and higher ISO(gain) on faint targets like these. I could hardly see M101 without stretching sub at 180 secs ISO 800. I imaged M92 on my last night as a test at ISO 1600 and subs of 300 secs and the back ground looks great. Fingers crossed for clearer weather tonight as I am hoping to start getting M51 data later on. ( we all live in hope ) Full size plus crop attached.
  12. Hi all, I need to replace my shielded USB cable as it is not long enough. Can anyone recommend where to buy a good quality one. Also I noticed a HDMI port mini B I think on the camera. Could I use that instead and what are the pros and cons between the two standards? Thank you.
  13. Hello, Is this still available and what is the shutter count on the camera? Cheers
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