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  1. Awesome cheers! Got it now. Now gonna crack on with the arduous and nail biting job of dusting on the inside whilst it's raining. Took it up to Galloway last week (came back yesterday) and finally admitted that it needed a clean after the better part of a decade of use. Started thinking I was having another PVD with the amount of dust in the field of view! Stuck to just wide angle constellation shots and good old naked eye viewing instead. Cannot recommend Galloway Forest Park enough!
  2. It doesn't turn at all. There's a silver ring that just spins in the middle but the shield itself doesn't budge. I can see the three screws by looking down the lens, but they're under the ring.
  3. Anyone had experience of getting the dew shield off a SkyScout 90? Even asked the place it was bought from and they have no idea. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Well clouds have cleared for now. Gonna try recording a video of Saturn with a DSLR for stacking if it comes into my restricted southern view. And maybe catch some noctilucent clouds after sunset. Not sure what DSLR settings to go for..... hmmmm....

    1. Pig


      Good luck with Saturn :happy7: it is pretty clear hear at the moment also so hopefully it will stay so.

    2. toilandtrouble123


      Nope.... cloud rolling over the Downs from the south, thickening with every 10mins...

    3. Pig
  5. I'd be astounded at producing that! Well done!!!
  6. One handheld shot, and one stacked image.
  7. I don't mind that data was null and void for me anyway on the cutting room floor, so to speak
  8. On it now!!! Despite 100% high haze cover, I managed to take a video on my Canon 100D on my 90mm refractor, tethered using Breezesy DSLR Remore Pro, and from that stacked 69 individuals from 1543 frames in total. Processed through PIPP, Registax and then cleaned up in Photoshop. First ever attempt at stacking from a video, and second attempt at stacking in total. Pretty impressed that I even just about picked up the penumbra around AR2546, and that was with not a speck of actual blue clear sky!!
  9. High haze is my nemesis today for first attempt at video capture with a DSLR and also first light for Canon 100D. But I've got a few vids just to have data to play with at stacking tonight. A few hand-held shots with both the 20D and 100D of the Sun with my DIY 58mm Baader film filter.  Now chilling with a San Miguel as I wait for a thinner part of cloud to pass over

  10. Cheers guys. Mercury transit has been a massive confidence booster after a crappy winter for me. Next step I think is recording video using my Canon 100D for a stab at planetary. My quaint shot of Jupiter through my EP was really just to say "Hey look what I just caught through my own scope!" rather than a serious go at imaging. Here's to more progress on the learning curve. Thanks everyone for your patience! Xx
  11. A mixture of afocal, handheld, and prime focus shots with Canon 20D and Canon 350D DSLRs. Star trail 95x subs at 15secs long ISO1600 with 11x dark frames. Scope is SkyScout 90mm f/7.33, Jupiter shot through 10mm EP/2x barlow combo. Jupiter cropped but otherwise all raw as CBA with processing them lol! IMG_6310.CR2 IMG_6311.CR2 IMG_6312.CR2
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