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  1. Very good Diy obs...like it. Nice astro images too.
  2. Hehe. Thank you very much John78. Not bad for a vivitar 28 -70mm lens cranked down to 28 and open at the minimum 3.9 fstop. I think the problem with the whites could be that I've done them at the same speed as the lights/subs at 15 or 13s and not 1/4000s the same the darks!! Thx again
  3. I'm still have trouble with DSS I've tried different settings, uninstalled and reinstalled, taken different subs with a differents lens at different iso etc. Im sure I'll get there one day. Ive got a link below with subs, darks, flats, bias. Feel free to take a look if you have a spare 10 mins or so. Thank you https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ar48je62aKSujjlKjPpIDwVie9db Thannks
  4. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can help or point me in the right direction as trying to get the basics for AP. I have taken only 11 subs with darks, flats bias. No problems there. However when using DSS when checking the star threshold at 3% 578 stars are dectected. When I register the checked pictures no stars are detected and the result is just 1 frame out of eleven! Does this mean the other 10 frames have been discarded as they are poor? Do I need more subs and maybe focus better? I have gone through the DSS help guide, other guides and different settings but to no avail
  5. Hello and welcome to SGL.
  6. Also to use a low ISO. I use around 100. With a too higher iso it will be too bright to notice any detail once the sun is active again.
  7. I've been out all day looking up at the clear blue sky longingly and wanting to get out with my scope. I get home and get out, leaving the wife to get dinner ready and sort this kids out. Anyway solar filter on find the sun and see what's happening up there. NOTHING, can't even see the smallest sun spot to focus on. Seems totally quiet up there!! Never mind there's always tonight for some planetary viewing.
  8. Hi Romx, I modified an xbox cam which was quite easy. The main difficulty was getting it in focus on the laptop using my 200p on a dobson base, Pretty hard. I never looked back though once I purchased a DSLR. If I started all over again I wouldn't bother with a modified cam unless it was used in conjunction with a motorised tracking mount setup.
  9. I'm pretty new to viewing the Sun and only started viewing the sun on mercury's transit on the 9th May. Tbh I've been viewing the Sun more than I've been out at night due to these cloudy nights we seem to be getting all the time lately. And for some reason the clear nights happen on or near full moon!! Any way I Just thought I'd add my image of this Sun Spot taken on the 16th May. Baader solar filter, 200p dobby and unmod canon 100d.
  10. Night Hawk


    All images are taken with a 200p on a dobsonian base. Canon 100d camera. Either barlowed or in prime focus
  11. Ready to go......new badder filter and home made finder scope sun filter. Just read on the Internet, That you don't need to use the FS for the sun. Just look at the shadow the ota makes on the ground. When the shadow is the smallest you are on target.
  12. Just found this on thread on SGL; https://stargazerslounge.com/topic/153712-simple-white-light-solar-imaging/?page=1
  13. Hi, I'l looking forward to the transit of mercury on May 9th. I've been having a play around with my setup; 200p, baader solar filter and unmod canon 100d. I had 10 mins the other day looking at the Sun(before the the usual cloud cover arrived) which was great, but my images seemed over exposed. I used 100 iso & shutter speed 1/40th and 1/50th. I think I've read somewhere it needs to be 1/400th or higher is this correct? Also what would be the best white balance be? Any help for this novice photographer would be great as I can't really find much info. Thank you
  14. Cheers Bruce, Was fixing as you were typing. Quite simple really. Focuser is quite simple. I thought there would be more to it. I unscrewed as you said. Basically what had happened. When I knocked it, it had depressed the rubber that the focuser winder sits in. I just removed the rubber, packed it out with a thin strip of plastic, added the rubber back it came from. Put everything back together again and attached back to scope. Works a treat. Better than before. Thanks
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