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  1. Lightweight Grab and Go Mount!

    Good morning Guys Thank you all for your comments and advice! Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  2. Sol - Smash & Grab - 2017-11-03

    Very nice image indeed Gav. Well done, were you using your new PG and Lunt, if so that really encourages me to get up and running with getting the PG camera and other items that you sent me the links to? I am thinking of getting the SW Star Discovery mount as a grab and go lightweight go-to mount, I know that I should be really using my Heq5 pro mount, but I am getting a bit long in the tooth to be lifting such a mount just for Solar imaging using my Lunt 50Ha. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  3. Hello Guys Please can you help me in deciding what would be a suitable lightweight "go-to" mount that I could use for either my SW ED80 telescope for observing or my Lunt 50 Ha telescope? I don't really need to use both telescopes on the mount at one time. I would possible like to do some imaging with this setup if possibly too. I already have a HEQ5 Pro and know this is very suitable for the job, but just feel this mount is not too much a grab and go setup at my age now. I did see Gav using a SW Star Adventurer at SGL2017 with a Lunt 50 attached and he was doing some imaging, so at the moment I am looking at one of these or a SW Star Discovery Go-To mount. Have you guys have any further thoughts on using either of these please? Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  4. Alright Mate!

    Hello Gav Well done in getting a great image together and I must say you have great skills in getting your setup preforming as you want it to and of course getting rid of them pesky NR's Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  5. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Hello Ade You will really enjoy the event and will want to go again next year! Hope to see you there..... Regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  6. Isle of Man Autumn Stargazing Camping Weekend

    Hello Adrian Thanks for the post. We hope you are keeping well and we thought that you must have been a busy lad as I have not heard from you for awhile? Does this mean that you are coming, we hope so? There seems to be quite a lot of interesting building now from our residents. We are away heading down to the Royal Welsh Show on Monday morning and are off the island then until August the 9th. We are ending up in Chester for a couple of days before we head home. Please let us know if you are coming so we can give the place a tidy up Adrian. We are both keeping well thank you! Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  7. Hello All Just to say that we have officially launched a dedicated website for the IOMAS - Ballaugh Stargazing Weekend. Here is the link if you are interested: http://starcamp.iomastronomy.org/ Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  8. Frustrated newbie

    Hello Danny Try not to get too frustrated. I take it that you have put your correct coordinates into your handset by putting in the proper numbers and of course your timezone figures. I can be very annoying putting in the right figures in the wrong order so to speak! I hope someone who has a telescope like yours comes on here to help you. Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  9. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Hello Stephen It will be great to see yourself and Caroline this year. Christina and I will be both there as from the Friday lunchtime. How are you getting on with your Atik Infinity by the way? Best regards, Hadyn & Christina- IOM
  10. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hello Jon I hope all goes well for you on the house sale and finding a new home. Just a bit of a hint - "The IOM has some really good dark sky sites and there are plenty of homes on the market at the moment, but at a price! Sorry to hear you may not get to Lucksall this year, Christina and I have booked for SGL2017 and for the Great GSP in November! Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  11. Hello Jessun I would like to buy the Pentax XW 5mm for £175.00 from you, to include postage and packing to the Isle of Man please? Regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  12. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hello Mike Thank you for your comments! I do hope you are okay and up for some more "over the border fun"? We had got you down for the LD cake, is that right? Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  13. Galloway Autumn Star Camp 2017

    Hello Guys Very much looking forward to meeting up with you all again in November! Just to say that we have just booked up with Lesley for the GSP in November. We intend to arrive on Wednesday 15th and depart on the Monday at around lunchtime. Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - Isle of Man
  14. Hello All Thank you very much indeed guys for all your input which is very much appreciated.... By doing all the searching for a suitable refractor it did my head in, but I think now I am almost getting to a final decision, ha, ha. Its now between the Equinox 120 or the ES 127ED, with the Equinox out in front... I will let you know when I have pushed the button, so to speak! Garry: I did some phoning around about the Red 152mm V2 Starwave and I was told it could be between 2 to 3 months before they are back on the selves.. Kindest regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man