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  1. Hello Guys Can anyone recommend a suitable Andriod Tablet in the 8" to 10" please? There seems to be lots of Andriod tablets about, but between reading between the lines not all of these tablets have the various hardware built-in to enable compass and various tilt functions on board, but not all are suitable for Skysafari. Please can I have some ideas on this if possible? I already have an Ipad2 with Skysafari 5 software which I use, but I would really like to try the Andriod version on an Andriod tablet in the very near future. Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  2. SW AZ - Gti mount firmware update??

    Hello Peter Thank you very much indeed for your reply. Very good instructions indeed. Sorry if I wasted your time Peter, just this moment extracted the loader and firmware software and seen the instructions there... Thanks again. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  3. Hello All Just opened the box with with my new SW AZ Gti mount and set it up in the lounge last night to test it out. I was using a power lead from my 13.8 volt PSU and all was working well. I was using my Ipad2 with the Synscan app and followed all the instructions posted on this forum. I was using the pro version of the app, it seems like a "great little grab and go mount" I even tried out my HEQ5 pro handset which worked well too. Not tried the Skysafari app on my Ipad2 as I know that there are some problems there... I was just wondering how do I find out what firmware the mount is using at the moment to see if it needs updating? I have downloaded the relevant firmware (Version 3.10 - dated Oct 17, 2017) If anyone can help me please in how to update the firmware etc it would be gratefully appreciated, thank you? Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  4. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Hi Stash Thank you for your reply with the info on Android versions. I know having a go-to mount is great idea, but when it refuses to go-to due to due to too many parameters to setup, ha, ha. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  5. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Hello Stu Thank you for your reply! All is well here thank you, I hope all is well with you too? I use Skysafari 5 plus with both my mounts and have a Ipad 2 that I use the usb skyfi unit which works quite well. I downloaded the Synscan app a few days ago but not used the app in anger as yet. I have just purchased the SW Az Gti mount, which has not come out of the box as yet and I have been following the threads on here regarding using the Synscan app on my Ipad along with Skysafari and I must say by reading some of the returning answers to the questions asked by folk about using the AZ Gti with the Ipad with Skysafari and the Synscan app, it looks as if its a "no go" at the moment! Going to read up on the SW AZ Gti next week to see if I need to update the firmware on the mount etc, so another learning curve for an old chap to get into, ha, ha. By the way Stu, I am still getting some great use of the 20 x 80 binoculars I bought from you a couple of years ago at Lucksall. My wife and I have been in Scotland doing a fair bit of birding and wildlife viewing with the binoculars and my spotting scope. I managed to get to SGL2017 in October, there didn't seem to be many familiar faces there this time, I did have a look around the site to see if I could find you, but had no luck. Take care, Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  6. SkyWatcher Synscan WiFi Adapter

    Hello Guys I have been following this thread and I must say that there has been loads of great questions and replies go into it! I too am interested in getting a suitable Android tablet / device to use for driving my heq5 and neq6 mount. Can anyone give some ideas please on what Android tablet etc, that has compass and suitable magnometer built in please? I did buy a Samsung Tab4 about a year ago but it didn't have a magnometer, compass etc or whatever to use with astronomy apps, in other words it wouldn't allow compass or tilt functions. Sorry if I have butted in here guys, so any help on a suitable device would be much appreciated please? Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  7. SW AZ GTi Mount - Handset Question?

    Hello Peter Thanks for the message. I think I may of read somewhere that they only work with V4 Synscan handsets, but I could reading too much stuff on other forums, ha, ha. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  8. SW AZ GTi Mount - Handset Question?

    Hello Carole and Alan Thanks for you messages. I sent an email to FLO earlier and they have come back saying "We haven't had a chance to test any V3 Synscan handset controllers as yet, as we cant keep a mount in long enough" I will try again soon. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  9. Hello Guys Could someone help me please, I am about to purchase a SW AZ Gti mount and was wondering can I use my Version 3 Synscan handset with it that I currently use with my HEQ5 and NEQ6, along with the proper handset cable of course? Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  10. Lightweight Grab and Go Mount!

    Good morning Guys Thank you all for your comments and advice! Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  11. Sol - Smash & Grab - 2017-11-03

    Very nice image indeed Gav. Well done, were you using your new PG and Lunt, if so that really encourages me to get up and running with getting the PG camera and other items that you sent me the links to? I am thinking of getting the SW Star Discovery mount as a grab and go lightweight go-to mount, I know that I should be really using my Heq5 pro mount, but I am getting a bit long in the tooth to be lifting such a mount just for Solar imaging using my Lunt 50Ha. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  12. Hello Guys Please can you help me in deciding what would be a suitable lightweight "go-to" mount that I could use for either my SW ED80 telescope for observing or my Lunt 50 Ha telescope? I don't really need to use both telescopes on the mount at one time. I would possible like to do some imaging with this setup if possibly too. I already have a HEQ5 Pro and know this is very suitable for the job, but just feel this mount is not too much a grab and go setup at my age now. I did see Gav using a SW Star Adventurer at SGL2017 with a Lunt 50 attached and he was doing some imaging, so at the moment I am looking at one of these or a SW Star Discovery Go-To mount. Have you guys have any further thoughts on using either of these please? Best regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  13. Alright Mate!

    Hello Gav Well done in getting a great image together and I must say you have great skills in getting your setup preforming as you want it to and of course getting rid of them pesky NR's Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  14. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    Hello Ade You will really enjoy the event and will want to go again next year! Hope to see you there..... Regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  15. Isle of Man Autumn Stargazing Camping Weekend

    Hello Adrian Thanks for the post. We hope you are keeping well and we thought that you must have been a busy lad as I have not heard from you for awhile? Does this mean that you are coming, we hope so? There seems to be quite a lot of interesting building now from our residents. We are away heading down to the Royal Welsh Show on Monday morning and are off the island then until August the 9th. We are ending up in Chester for a couple of days before we head home. Please let us know if you are coming so we can give the place a tidy up Adrian. We are both keeping well thank you! Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM