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  1. Hi James I think we did meet up. It will be great to see everyone again in October. Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  2. Hello John Thank you for that information. I will send them an email later. Kind regards, Hadyn
  3. Hello Guys Has anyone got or had any experience with the Stella Mira 85mm triplet as yet please? Just asking as I am thinking of buying one to do some astrophotography, I will of course be buying the reducer / flattener along with the telescope. There doesn't seem to much chatter on the forums regarding this model at the moment. Best regards, Hadyn - IOM
  4. Hello Derek and everyone. We have just booked today with Lesley and the with the IOM Steam Packet for the GSP Autumn Event. Plan to be there just after lunch on Sunday 11th October and stay until Tuesday 20th October 2020. Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  5. Looks as if you had a great night Nick... Just had 30 mins viewing last night before the clouds blew in. Regards, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  6. Helllo Derek I don't know what you mean about the cakes! There should be LDC, FC, and GC available on site when we get there. I hope your back is a lot better now Derek, you need to get Annette to rub some of them spirits on your back that you have in stock. I always thought that your Engineers when you have a sore back you get it get rubbed done with an oily rag..... Lets hope the weather is kind to us and we do get a few more attendee's on site Derek, is there a certain number of folk needed before the event goes ahead? Just asking this question as we need to book time off work and of course our ferry arrangements. Best regards, Christina and Hadyn
  7. Hello All Just to let you know that we spoke to Lesley today and have booked our pitch, we arrive on Wednesday 19th February at around 3pm. Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  8. Hello Derek Thank you for taking up the mantle and organising the Spring and Autumn Galloway Star Party. To everyone who is reading this: A Happy New Year to you all. Christina and I plan to book up with Lesley for the Spring event this weekend, so that should be five of us so far Derek. Adrian has booked up as I have just had a message from him, up to now we plan to arrive on Wednesday 19th February and we probably depart on the Monday or the Tuesday (24th or 25th). Best regards, Christina and Hadyn - IOM
  9. Hello Paul and everyone. A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you All from the Isle of Man.... Just having a browse on here having a bit of "me time" and looking if there any other nerds like me on here and of course looking for a bargain or any other important stuff on here too. Just chilling before we get invaded by the family wanting their Christmas Day meal. Best wishes, Hadyn - IOM
  10. Hello All. Just asking for some advice on buying a suitable telescope primary for imaging with some viewing / observing the heavens above. I have been looking at the following telescopes listed below: (1) Williams Optics ZS73 II with flattener and rotolock connector, with the 50 mm guide-scope (2) WO GT71 with 0.08x reducer / flattener with the 50mm guides-cope and rotorlock connector. (3) Also considering SW 80mm Espirit with flattener. I have seen reports on not being able to attach a suitable guide-scope to this telescope due to the length of the dew-shield. My mount by the way is a SW HEQ5 Pro with the belt mod just done on it last year at Lucksall by FLO. I do have a SW 120mm Equinox telescope which I bought a couple of years ago and just use it for observing the night skies. Looking forward to some great advice from you folk out there please? A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to you All. Best wishes, Hadyn - Isle of Man
  11. Hello Lee. Well what can I say, only to say that you have come on leaps and bounds! Never ever will I be able to take a picture like that, but I don't give up easy. Did you use a field flattener from the WO range Lee? Can I ask did you use your Lodestar or the purple camera plugged in for the guiding? I wasn't going to mention the "guiding word" as I know that's another steep learning curve. Also were you using PHD2, you see I do know some of the terms used in astrophotography but not too many clues on how to spell them or use them, lol. Got to go out to do a job now, so there should be no more questions from me for awhile! Kind regards, Hadyn
  12. Hi again Blinky. That sounds a good idea, if you have some info on the Off Axis guider and what other bits are needed etc please could you let me know with some links / pictures etc? Kindest regards, Hadyn - IOM
  13. Hello Lee Thank you for your comment regarding help, it will be very much appreciated Lee, as I do know its going to be a bit of a steep leaning curve for a 68 year old, ha, ha. I have not purchased the gear as yet, just testing the water. and will probably wait now till after the festive fun is over and postal services are back to normal. I do have an old ED80 refractor, but I really do like the size of the WO73 as I do a fare bit of astronomy outreach events over here on the island and just use it with my Skytee mount and ED80, but I would like to use the WO to hook up my Canon 600d or my Samsung modded cctv camera hooked up to a 10" monitor to show the Moon etc to folk. Kindest regards Hadyn - IOM
  14. Hello Blinky Thank you your reply. I really hope that you find the cure for your problem, I take it you have only just bought the scope too? Could you please let me know how you get on with the problem that you are having with it, as of yet I haven't hit the buy button? Also are you using the WO guide scope? Link: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/william-optics/william-optics-50mm-slide-base-uniguide-scope-with-125-rotolock.html Just wanting know how the guide scope can be be adjusted for windage and elevation please? Kind regards, Hadyn - IOM
  15. Helllo Greealilee Thank you very much indeed for your pictures and info regarding the dovetail bar and the extra weight. These are the pictures of the scope that I have been looking for and whats more you have got the ZWO focuser too, which I bought about a month ago and not used it as yet on my ED80. Thanks again. Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year to you. Kind regards, Hadyn - IOM
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