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M84, M86 and The Eyes


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Collecting the last few RGB subs over recent days has been frought with April showers (all unforecast of course :hello:): on two occasions the cloudwatcher switched to 'unsafe' and the observatory roof closed after only collecting a single 300s sub. At least the AAG cloudwatcher had a good workout ;-).

The colours are subtle so rather than persevere with an unpromising weather forecast for the foreseeable week or so, I chose to finish this image and move on with 5.5 hours total integration.


  • WOFLT132 at F5.6
  • QSI683wsg, Astrodon filters
  • Avalaon Linear Fast Reverse
  • 18 x 600s Lum, 10 x 300s each RGB - all bin 1
  • Captured SGP and processed PI

Thanks for looking.

M84_86_The Eyes_LRGB.jpg


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Thank you Starlight 1, gonzostar, Bish, Kevin and Gerry.

12 minutes ago, jetstream said:

Yes this is fantastic!

Your image shows a galaxy that I've been trying to identify for a year...lol! Well actually a few of them but I'll narrow it down, thanks for this great image.

It is a wonderful area of sky littered with galaxies and faint fuzzies, if you haven't seen Uranium235's image you should take a look at his post.

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Thanks Stuart, Adrian and Sara.

19 hours ago, opticalpath said:

A real beauty, Barry!  So much detail in there and a velvety smooth background. Nice.


The combination of PI's MureDenoise, TGV and some light-touch MMT really help smooth the background.  If I'm being critical (which is what we need to do to improve) I have to repeat my Luminance Flats as I'm getting some over-correction in the corners, especailly noticeable in the top left and bottom right of this image.

I have been targeting 21,000 ± 500 ADUs for my QSI683 rather than the 35,700 quoted on the QSI site, maybe this is a mistake, but this value was effective with my 383L+.

QSI683 users: any views?

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