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  1. andyo

    Whale & Hockey Stick Galaxies

    That's a fantastic shot of these two Barry
  2. Yes nothing on the oculus forum (yet) about this update causing issues apparantly a common cause for blackscreen is the riftdisplay. Inf driver being blocked or uninstalled . However, there are other causes for black screens. The most popular one has to do with the RiftDisplay.inf driver being blocked or uninstalled somehow. I have instructions to reinstall it earlier in this thread. And there could be other reasons too. In any case, if you experience a black screen, please submit a bug report in the Help Center of the Oculus app. It's in the lower left corner, then click Provide Feedback. Thanks.
  3. Hi Ray I have just done this update astro gear ok and so is the Oculus
  4. andyo

    help with elongated stars please

    Thanks for your help Alan
  5. andyo

    help with elongated stars please

    That is absolutely fantastic help Alan thanks a lot. There are adjusters on the baader focuser which I can try but first I will do the check to see if it is likely focuser droop. Do the ccd inspector results show if the spacing needs to be increased or decreased or can this not be elucidated from the results
  6. Hi for a while I have been getting elongated stars on my images. Given are skies it has taken a while to run through various tests in an attempt to narrow down the cause. Polar alignment is fine it has been drift aligned and verified as good with alignmaster. spacing may not be perfect but i have tried adjusting it from 55mm to 56.4mm in 0.3mm increments using steel spacers bought specifically for the job. Little if any difference noticed Guiding graphs have been excellent also. Not field rotation as the stars are like this after only 20sec exposure times. So i thought I would look at tilt as being the probable cause. I rotated the camera and the elongated stars shifted so the camera sensor can be ruled out. I checked the focuser tube using a laser collimator and that appears to be as good as possible. Maybe the weight of the camera and filter wheel are causing some droop on the focuser? The camera is screwed to the filter wheel which in turn is screwed to the custom built adapter this is screwed to the reducer which is screwed to the adapter from flo which is push fitted into the baader steeltrack focuser (not the diamond version so I had no choise in this). The image below is what I am getting now the top two corners are ok (not perfect but acceptable) the bottom two are showing the elongated stars especially the bottom right corner. I downloaded the trial version of ccd inspector and loaded 12 images into it then produced a curvature map and 3d plot of the images however I am not to sure how to interpret the results. Any help is much appreciated and maybe someone experianced with ccd inspector could help explain what the graphs show thanks in advance
  7. I used to have never ending problems with many different USB hubs until I got a startech powered hub which cost a fair bit more than other hubs but was certainly worth the extra money. Not had any problems with it. Price Was about £50 This is the one I use although shop around you will find a lot cheaper price for it than this link https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.startech.com/uk/m/Cards-Adapters/USB-2/Hub/Mountable-Rugged-Industrial-7-Port-USB-Hub~ST7200USBM&ved=2ahUKEwj_gsibirvaAhVDLsAKHTY0CmYQFjACegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw3vsZH7P77eT0bvqqagbw1R
  8. A great start well done
  9. andyo

    Pelican nebula redone

    Hi yes it was 13x600secs per filter Ha, O111 And S11. The work flow was the same as I used in this post
  10. Hi with the skies so bad at the moment I decided to reprocess this one. As I recently had a fair bit of help from Barry Wilson (thanks again Barry) with another one of my narrowband images I applied this workflow to this one and I think it is a huge improvement from the original. New processed one top the poor original bottom
  11. andyo

    M106 & friends

    Fantastic shot lovely detail and superb colours
  12. Fantastic image so much detail, the dark surrounding area of the nebulosity is truly superb well done
  13. andyo

    flaming star nebula(IC405)

    Thanks Barry your help and time has been very much appreciated. I feel that i have learnt a huge amount from your help here, which really shows in the finished image, wow! what a difference. I have copied and pasted your advice from this post into a document as my blueprint for future processing in narrowband. I believe large parts of the workflow could be transferred to RGB or HaRGB images also. Once again Barry thank you very much.
  14. andyo

    flaming star nebula(IC405)

    Hi Barry I use noiseware (imagenomic) which I have as a plug in for PS it is an excellent bit of software that allows me to reduce the noise in luminance, chrominance or both giving slider controls for both adjustments. It also allows for me to set the amount of noise present for it to deal with. I have had a go with this and posted the result below to see what you think. Can reduce it further or less but I felt this was about right.

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