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  1. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    I better get saving, Cheers for your help
  2. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    Thanks Richard lots of reading material to go through whilst trying to save my pennies
  3. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    Cheers for the information Richard. Which software do you use for focus/ image capture? When looking at mono cameras apart from the cost what is the next priority? ie pixel ssize/ numbers, QE? Is there that much difference between a DSLR and a OSC camera? Dean
  4. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    I am only a mile south to the seafront, but there is a major A road and small built up town between here and there. other directions are built up to. However still we have sodium lights on the street. Hence this is why i dont go for longer then 300s subs with my DSLR with a CLS light pollution filter. Will i still need a filter with a mono-camera or use shorter light frames? Cheers Dean
  5. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    Just taken a look at your wide field images in Ha and are amazing, then i saw the price of the camera Guess a bit more saving requires. Looks like also you have similar LP issues as me. Seriously though will look into mono-camera. Other then cost,What would be your priorites in looking for a astro-camera? pixel size, scale , QE, . . . . However an investment that need careful considerations. But i am encouraged by you saying its no more difficult the DSLR. Does that go for processing to? Thankyou Dean
  6. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    Iam mainly DSO's, However i still have my C8 for planetary and lunar. How much does light pollution effect mono imaging. This method is a hefty investment and would not like it to go wrong. I understand its a steep learning curve. Which capture software do people like to use, and how to focus on your objects, and best exposure times? is this the same for all exposures L RGB? cheers Dean
  7. Selecting next Canon DSLR camera

    Good question Louise and DaveS Stll in the mindset that these camera's complicated to operate and take time to set up etc. With filter wheels and all the necessary software Like the simplicity of DSLR's especially with lack of clear nights in this county. Howbout if i bite half a bullet and use a OSC for planets and moon and take it from there? Cheers Dean
  8. Thinking of moving on from my un-modded canon 450d camera for DSO's Looking for one with less noise if possible! When looking at camera specs how much notice of QE, read noise and saturation capacity For example my canon has these specs EOS-450D 33% QE 3.6 read noise and 26614 max saturation capacity EOS-650D 40% 1.6 21354 EOS700D 38% 2.5 20118 Or are other factors more importent such as `no of pixels and pixel size more important? I got the above information from sensorgen website I will be continuing to use The ES102mm APO refractor. I "mostly" use 300s light frames with iso800 Thanks Dean
  9. My First Deep Sky Images

    Totally agree. Wish i did that when i first started!
  10. My First Deep Sky Images

    Very good start Steve Well done As for Darks for my canon 450d unmodded i have a libary of darks for my canon 450d unmodded at 0, 5 ,10,15,20 Degree C. Also using longer exposure will give more detail and more light frames. I also use Canon Backyard EOS this will save you messing around with the shutter between exposures and also allows you to dither if and when you go down the guiding route. Ialso started with gimp but processing improved (i think) using PS Lots of good fun tho Regards Dean
  11. BYEos focuser position

    Without using BYOS I would focus your DSLR using the cameras live view Screen. Select a "brightish" star say 1st or 2nd magnitude near your object, fucus. Then plug into BYOS. Maybe be different for different people but i found the BYOS focus slightly out? Good Luck Dean
  12. PHD2 error graph

    I'm no expert either, I have seen at lot worse I woulds agree RA a little to high, and hys to low For my set up Hys is around 20-25. I use 2-4sec exp. But use PHD2 guiding assisstant as everyone's local environment is different, also to look at min-mo readings aswell. I would be happy with your RA Osc being at 0.41 Dean
  13. Thanks for posting your effort feilimb You are giving me hope that the Horsehead is achievable next season. As i also use a canon un-modded camera
  14. Has anyone seen this effect

    I am left scratching my head to. Will be interested to see how the Leo Triplet turn out. Sound like you have nice clear skies up north. I have unwanted early clouds at moment blocking the Leo Triplets!
  15. Has anyone seen this effect

    Dont know what scope you are using, However i got similar streaking with the C8. Mainly imaging low targets and light from neighbours conservatory getting through dew shield?