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  1. Now this is my final go! Thanks for looking Dean
  2. With HLVG.Hope a slight improvement Dean
  3. Same pic again,but this time processed without dark frames. Which do you think is better with or without darks?
  4. Like those words "indispensible" and "support" inclining towards backyard having seen briefly Youtube clips. Havent got pixisight but PS. Will give it a try without darks anyway no harm in that
  5. Thanks for the info will look into both for further info either apt or backyard. Hopefully both easy to use? Nights are still short and dont want to waste to much time. Especially when nearly 3 hours are spent on a object. Would you suggest re-doing this image without darks? and using more bias frames Cheers Dean
  6. I having being bitting the bullet to get backyard EOS. I am going to bite the bullet! Is it a one off payment or is a annual subscription?. Tried to dither by switching off guiding then moving the camera ever so slightly, before resuming guiding and imaging. Doing this every 5mins is a bit silly! and didnt seem to work How many bias frames do you use? Ithink i used 20 Dean
  7. Yes i am over the moon with this one. Would be better if i could get the backgroung more "smoother" without the other fuzzies disappearing!
  8. Hi After my initial attempt on M101 bk in April i thought i would give another go This time all 5 min light framesTotal intergration time 2h 50 mins (over 3 nights) Reason for M101 guiding works better in the west for some reason?? But thats another story Anyway Did use darks, flats and bias frames. With a 450d canon camera. Telescope 102 APO ES refractor an a AVX mount. Stacked in DSS and and "processed" in PS. any tips to improve image greatly accepted Thanks for looking Dean
  9. Good explanation This describes alot!
  10. Your welcome. Should be great for visual work. Yep Brighton is a great place to live full of characters! Shame about light pollution, but i guess you cant have everything!
  11. Hi I am Happy with my AVX. I use a Explorer Scientific 102mm APO refractor. (weight of this scope including rings is 5kg) Also added to this is a Orion guide scode with orion guide camera + finderscope, as well as a DSLR camera. So thats roughly another ~2kg. Also guided with a 8"SCT but i feel thats pushing it with all those accessories The mount is happy with this payload and tracks quite nice with phd2. Just started autoguiding but can get 5 min subs especially on west side of meridian. Without autoguding can easily do 2 min frames. Hope this helps Dean
  12. No flattner with the scope! I think cropping is the way at the moment. Eventually want to upgrade camera havent decided which way to go yet. OSC or another DSLR. Although admiring peoples images they tend to be mono camera's with filters. Because of LP in my areas to want to squander the the money with equipment i can use occasionally Also the other factor is practicing all this processing in PS. Dean
  13. i was just chuffed that i was getting 5min subs with v. little trailing
  14. Hi M94 Galaxy taken over a couple of nights. 145mins, worth of 5 mins light frames. Using the ES 102mm APO refractor on a AVX mount No darks, but with flats and bias calibration frames Used Canon 450d camera (um-mod) with CLS filter. Stacked with DSS and processed in PS Thanks for looking, feedback gratefully received Cheers Dean