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  1. Hi Thanks for reply and clear explanation sorry for lack of screen shot . That night i was getting PA out by 17 minutes, Which is confusing because the QHY polemaster was telling me everything was spot on . I have got this down to 8 at best and guider was good for 3-4 min subs. Min mo was low as 0.25 that particular evening I normally aim for 4 sec exposures to prevent "chasing" the seeing. I suppose every night can be very different Dean
  2. Hi Saturday night a classic metoffice prediction clouds! however poked my head outside and plenty of stars around. Hurray Set up as usual PA, using polemaster looked good and away i go. Because of thoughts of looming clouds i decided to have a last go at M44- star cluster. Set up 50mm guidescope with orion autoguider and ran PHD2. I use a st4 cable. Bumpy graph so did the guide assisstant tool. PHD2 told me to run Min-mo at RA 2.6 and Dec 2.5. This seemed to my novice opinion way to high. My thoughts where are the atmospheric conditions so bad? Or is there something desperatly wrong withe me set up? Balance maybe or flexure? I would be interested to know your thoughts of why big min-mo reading? and anything to make it smaller Thankyou Dean
  3. The 6D need to buy a lotto ticket. I cant grumble with the 450d it has done me well. I have had it for 2 years now and its at nearly 10k shutter counts. How ever its second hand and i am wary of it after the manual dial dropped off in December! Fixed but not sure for how long. Was also thinking of using the orion autoguider as a lunar/ planetry camera? Not sure if this is possible? Cheers Dean
  4. That sounds awsome!
  5. Fingers crossed
  6. First shot at waxing moon on the 2/4/17 with the new ES 102 APO refractor. Although my processing skills at the moment dont do it justice i am very impressed with the "sharpness" of this scope. Even better i think then the 8"SCT 287 subs stacked with registax and then PS Clear skies Dean
  7. Going anywhere nice? Iam visiting "home" Yorkshire next week. Taking the binoculars to the peak district. Hopefully dark clear skies!
  8. Just thought will a CLS light pollution filter enhance or "spoil" images with a modded camera?
  9. Thankyou so much for all your efforts. Very much appreciated I think i will need both camera that is unmodded and another modded Although the modded seems to bring out more detail I also have in my armory now a Scientific explorer 102 APO refractor. Looking at Astronomy tools these cameras are ideal. Hopefully i am upto the job to! Cheers and clear skies Dean
  10. Thanks for comment. As well as getting to grips with new scope which is fantastic. Also learning about photoshop. Its certainly a hobby that keeps thi busy!
  11. I cant afford a new mount aswell! Will try stacking again, and adjust cuves coulour peaks etc Dean
  12. Thanks Wim Will look at these tutorials it seems to be challenge to get colours back into the stars. Could this be aslo due to using a Astronomik CLS LP filter? At least getting slightly longer subs. On monday there was no wind for a couple of hours so i am convinced that wind can also affect guiding Dean
  13. Hi Playing with new scope on monda took quick images of these star cluster at iso800 with canon450d a combination of 3, 4, 5 min subs. M36 -12 mins M37-14 mins M38- 16mins Stacked with DSS, and then processed with PS Thanks for looking. And of course any improvement suggestions welcome Dean
  14. Wow wish i could get pics like that
  15. This is my first Whirlpool with this scope 67 mins make up of 2*300sec 10*240 rest combo of 60 +120. Stacked with DSS and the processed using PS (from work) You are correct that i need to save for software. As always there is something else needed!