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  1. Backyard EOS v Eyeball?

    Cheers Adam, not going down that route at the moment. Maybe one day. Eyeballing seems to give "rounder" tighter stars then Backyard EOS
  2. New Constellations

    I run a astronomy club for year 7's and they already know some names of constillations, and as mentioned above enjoy the mythology, I for one wont be going down the silly road!
  3. Mice!

    I have had issues with mice before. I enticed them with chocolate peanut butter inside a humane mouse trap. Then moved them to a park a mile and a half away! I caught about 20. Then made sure there was no gaps in shed
  4. Wanted - Canon Astro Modded Camera

    Or even on the cheapastrophotography site
  5. Wanted - Canon Astro Modded Camera

    I think there is one for sale if you have a look in the latest classifieds section. A canon 600d i believe Dean
  6. Supermoon (perigee) vs. Mini-moon (apogee)

    Wow that is a great clip
  7. Quick Dslr light pollition filter test

    Thanks for taking time to post these comparisons. Very useful i do have CLS-CCD filter and i am still happy with it Dean
  8. M42 Gonzo's version

    Cheers Wim, I think thats my best effort so far! Even worked out how to do layer masks in PS!
  9. M42 Gonzo's version

    This image taken of the Orion Nebula was taken over a few rare clear nights. I have cropped this one to see some detail Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount Camera- Canon 450d unmoded iso800 with a Astronomik CLS filter. Duration 2.5 hours - 300s lights also 10mins worth of 15sec lights with Flats, bias, and darks. Processed in PS Of course improvement advice much appreciated Thanks for looking Dean
  10. M42 + Running man

    Wow that is awsome. If mine turns owt anything like that i will be pleased. Is your camera modified and what did you use for processing?
  11. M1- crab nebula

    Same here processed int back garden. I have attached a very crude image processed last night and by all means not a finished product. This is just 23 mins worth of 30s subs, a heck of a lot more data needed but as a start can you see the Trapesium or do i need to decrease time for sub frames to get it more? Cheers Dean
  12. M1- crab nebula

    Cool image, Are you at a dark site for 5 sec? The Trap is showing up really well
  13. M1- crab nebula

    Cheers that makes sense, How short where your short subs?
  14. M1- crab nebula

    Thanks for useful tips much appreciated 400 hrs of data that would take a10's of years with my set up! I have attached a single 30s raw file from last night is this to bright?. I am concerned if i go to low with exposure i may not get enough stars for DSS, Especially in my LP skies. So i do tend now to go more data Cheers Dean LIGHT_30s_800iso_+12c_20171118-00h53m25s777ms.Info.txt
  15. Backyard EOS v Eyeball?

    looking like eyeball it is then!