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  1. Panning for M31 -Andromeda Galaxy

    Wow thats amazingly large! Iwill use mosaic in DSS
  2. Panning for M31 -Andromeda Galaxy

    Will do! 20+ hours
  3. Panning for M31 -Andromeda Galaxy

    I will Olly try and start with diagonal however may end up having to do mosaic Liking your image that you posted, but concerned that may not get the colour, because of using the CLS filter, I am limited to 5 min subs in my area because of this thing called light pollution With this duration the overall histogram is 25-30% away from left. But the blur can be in middle or slightly to right. Anyway will enjoy this endurance test. Dean
  4. Panning for M31 -Andromeda Galaxy

    Like your idea of stacking and stretching after each night of imaging. Then group all the data in DSS and see how it goes. Good nights without moon are limited so thinking about your point of diminishing returns. Anyway will keep posted on progress of image. Collecting data should be ok, However will need more practice with PS
  5. Panning for M31 -Andromeda Galaxy

    Thanks for the tips. I havent got background EOS yet. So will try and dither using the handset. I went on the base of ISO800, 300s based on a previous thread by someone else. I was thinking of doing M31 over a few nights. Would 5 hours of subs be enough? of should i be thinking of say 20hours to get the faint regions Cheers Dean
  6. Hi Tonight hopefully a good night and no moon for a little while, Could i have some tips please for M31. I am planning to use a cannon 450d DSLR un-modded with a CLS LP filter. Attatched to a 102mm APO refractor (f7). I am intending to use iso800 and use 300s light frames. Guided with PHD2 How many light frames should i be thinking of at the above settings in your opinion please? Clear skies Dean
  7. DSS stacking

    Ah Just had a look and some of the frames had angles of 25degrees from the alignment frames!
  8. DSS stacking

    ok for some reason i got this section only with "intersect" on dss. Do i need to make another adjustments? Cheers Dean
  9. DSS stacking

    Thankyou will give this atry.
  10. Hi I have being attempting to image M31 over a few nights, days apart! (August Weather) When i came to stack the light frames, some of the images ovrerlapped from different nights. So you can see the edges of frames on main im Is this possible to change in DSS? ie which settings? Or is it possible to get rid of these frame edges in photoshop? Thanks for any advice Cheers Dean
  11. I have being using a Canon 450d DSLR for the past couple of years.Which i have being told is ideal for starting out. I have not being disappointed with it for galaxies, nebulas. However thinking of getting a dedicated astro camera for planets.
  12. Yep your right Wim and Olly Its about quality not quantity. Lots of data it is then Isnt there a graph to show number of frames against noise background? Sorry no idea what this EAA is? Cheers Dean
  13. Eagle Nebula

    Given the Eagle another go. Looks to have worked. Maybe also another 18hrs worth of data needed too
  14. Eagle Nebula

    Cheers Olly thats a useful tip. Would you do that at start before levels adjustment or towards the end in the final processing? Dean
  15. Thanks Olly I am thinking of doing mono images eventually. Now that guiding is slowly improving. However i am concerened about light pollution in my area. Thats why i have stuck to my DSLR and LP filter for so long, and 20 hrs of imaging would take all year here!