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  1. Polar scope on AVX?

    No i didnt. I went straight for the polemaster and havent looked back since
  2. Polar scope on AVX?

    Yes its worthy of a spend especially with the illuminator. I had one before i got pole master It did help me get close to PA, but then i needed to do drift alignment using PHD2
  3. Pleiades

    Forgot to mention processed in PS and image cropped
  4. This image taken of M45 was taken over a couple of rare clear nights earlier this month Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount Camera- Canon 450d unmoded Duration 210 mins - 60s sub, Flats, bias, but no darks Thanks for looking. Any ideas to bring out more nebula much appreciated Cheers Dean
  5. Laptop shroud

    I use a plastic crate laid on its side on a chair covered with towel. Where i am i get a lot of dew so tended not to use cardboard boxes
  6. For me on the south coast 2015 64 sessions out of a possible 241 nights 2016 105 sessions out of a possible 310 nights 2017 96 sessions pot of a possible 249 nights so far For me a session is equipment all set up and Polar aligned with either then phd2 running or at least a object viewed through scope. A session may run for a hour onwards. And a very understanding wife Clear skies Dean
  7. imaging the pleiades

    Thanks for reply. My tracking is improving i can get 5-6 min subs no probs. However as you mentioned there is LP around my area and to long subs will blow up the stars. Do you think that if i did 200+ of 60s would bring out the nebulosity and overcome the dreaded noise. I use a ISO of 800. Will look for photoshop tutorials. Often Doug German is a source of info on youtube. But also getting views froms experts on SGL is brill! Dean
  8. imaging the pleiades

    Hi I heard a rumour that in 2022 there is going to be a clear night on the south coast With my set up 102mm APO refractor on a avx mount Canon 450d unmodded camera with a cls filter I am wanting to image the pleiades. My hope is to capture the nebulosity around the stars. My question is it possible with this set up? Also what duration should each light frame be? 30s 60s 120s? Will be stacking using DSS and the PS for processing Cheers Dean
  9. M33

    More data it is then weather depending. M33 will be visible for next couple of months. I was lucky aslso with image that there was no moon around. Also looking forward to imaging the winter objects too
  10. M33

    Thanks Wim. Where getting there! Slowly. mAt least i got some colour to. Do you think it maybe worth reprocessing without the darks? or do you think more light frames are the key?
  11. Hi M33 taken with the following details 5 hours worth of 5min lights frames taken over several nights. Overcropped and processed? Processed with darks, flats and bias frames. I used the 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount. Camera used was a canon 450d (un-mod camera) with a CLS filter. Guided with PHD2 and processed with PS. I am sure there are many ways to improve this image, but please let me know your expertise Cheers dean Dean
  12. PHD2 - "Calibration: Complete, but..."

    It sounds like my set up Josh. For me RA and DEC can give upto 3" and i am managing 5min subs with no star trailing. The CAL light dosent go green. I use a SSAG with the AVX mount using st-4 cable. I have not attempted to longer exposure times as yet. Also make sure you calibrate with every new object. I even re-calibrate on same object on different nights as i have to set up each time. As for PA i use a polemaster which i think is sufficient, However others may disagree
  13. +1 for giving it a try. I did it with a un-moded canon450d a couple of years back with the c8. I did get a "decent" image. Not as good as the above I am planning to do the rosetta again with the ED102 APO refractor
  14. Again fantastic image, one day next millennium i might get to this standard Part of my issue also is i need to practice on PS. And put into practice new ideas Dean
  15. Thanks Wim. Veery impressive image!