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  1. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks for your effort and your back gets better soon. Hopefully can collect new data soon to play with when these clouds eventually go! Dean
  2. gonzostar

    Polar alignment accuracy

    With my eyesight Polemaster has being great, takes under 10mins to do and can get good data with 5min subs. Could go longer but for light pollution!
  3. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Cheers Wim. Will look at my dy values. Also investigate this plate solving thingy What are your AP targets now you have long evenings?
  4. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thankyou Really grateful to all people on this site who are able to share their knowledge and experience. I enjoy as we are learning f all the time.
  5. gonzostar

    Polemaster - Accuracy

    I do exactly what you do in red. I must confess though i dont do drift alignment with PHD2 or owt else. This seems adequate for me for 5 minute light frames with my set up. Although once in a while i do check PA again after a couple of hours. Sometime i find that PA ih "out a tad" But doesnt take long to readjust Dean
  6. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks Carole. I am grateful to all the experts out there. As my school report always used to say could do better! Having frozen toes was well worth the effort Cheers Dean
  7. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Like wise i have a sneaky streetlight at side of garden on southwest horizon. And northern horizon. On a good night overhead @ 2am I can spot a few 3rd magnitude stars. According to clearoutside website i have a class 5 bortle site. LP hasnt stopped me having ago at objects. The lowest object i have photographed is the Swann nebula. I dont know if also i am only a mile from the seafront? But heavy LP on the A259 road Cheers Dean
  8. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Certainly another impressive effort. I like it I need more practice doing this twiddling!
  9. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Yes i am over the seven Sisters, and again a BIG thankyou to all the amazing processing experts out there
  10. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks for your time and effort really liking the detail. I like how the experts can process out the fainter details well done and thanks Dean
  11. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Wow thanks Matt for your time and expertise. Never would i thought it would be possible to pick up the fainter nebula. Especially with my set up and sky conditions.. So much detail. Thanks again. I really need to some tutorials on processing skills Dean
  12. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks Sean for your processing. Looking good I think i need to go back to processing instruction book with a strong coffee
  13. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Thanks Carole. Idid get rid of a few sub standard frames, which is unusual foe me Maybe also i kept upto date with flats, and maybe the LDAS-D2 filter may have helped? Thanks Dean
  14. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Wow Thanks, Thanks for your twiddling much appreciated.Well worth all the data. Silly question how did you do masked saturation boost?
  15. gonzostar

    M45- The Pleiades (again)

    Hello This is my version of the Pleiades M45. This image has 10 hours worth of Data over the last month or so. I had struggled to get the blue nebulosity with out over stretching. Clear nights are becoming scarce now, and finally Orion is appearing over next doors roof at a resonable hour! Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount Camera- Canon 70d unmoded iso800 with a IDAS-D2 filter. Duration 10 hours - 180s lights., Darks, flats and bias frames also taken Guided with PHD2 and processed in PS Of course improvement advice much appreciated or if you would like to have ago 10hrs.tif Thankyou Dean

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