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  1. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks John for spending time with this image. I think its worked our very reasonable. My initial thought when i first started on this project was to get a larger image of the quintet to see the spirling arms. You have manage to catch that well. I was using a IDAS-D2 LP filter would that have made processing more of a challenge? Cheers Dean
  2. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks everyone who have made time to make vast improvements on my initial image. This is one of the many things i like about SGL is peoples willingness to help out
  3. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks. i new there was a method to my madness
  4. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks, I am glad i did persevere with this image. One for the eyesight spot the galaxies. One of the reasons i did so much to try and enhance the quintet.
  5. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Yes please go for it John. I am also amazed how others have managed to extract more information from this data. I have to be honest i have fallen flat with the flats in past couple of weeks...Ooops this image was done over 6 weeks. The only mount i have used is the Celestron AVX. Which seems to be doing the trick so far. I have had it for 2.5 years now
  6. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks Neil for your effort, completely forgot about the gamma. Like how you have improved star colours and made the galaxies more conspicuous.
  7. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Thanks Ragner for your effort. I was told many times the more hours the better. Although the 70d seema "less" noisy then the 450d
  8. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Okay will look into this Cheers Dean
  9. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Hi Dave, This effort is truly amazing. I like the fact that you have made the faint spirals more obvious when the image is enlarged. Also more tiny fuzzies around then i thought. Also nice star colour, I really do need to get myself Pixinsight and do the tutorials. Cheers Dean
  10. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    You are entitled to your opinion. For me yes it was worth all the effort in terms of guiding, my eyesight and trying to improve my processing skills.
  11. gonzostar

    Deer lick and Stephans Quintet

    Cheers, yes faint and a enjoyable challenge and testing my eyesight
  12. Hello This is my version of NGC 7331 the very faint Stephans quintet and some other faint fuzzies. This image is cropped. managed 16 hours worth of Data over a few nights Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount Camera- Canon 70d unmoded iso800 with a IDAS-D2 filter. Duration 16 hours - 300s lights., Darks, flats and bias frames also taken Guided with PHD2 and processed in PS Of course improvement advice much appreciated I have also attached the Tiff file if anyone would like ago to see if you can extract more info 16hrs.tif Cheers Dean
  13. gonzostar

    Celestron AVX Mount.

    I have had this mount for 3years now, and really happy with it. For astrophotography i quite easily manage 300s light frames with my scope with focal length of 710mm. of course guided!
  14. gonzostar

    Eastern Veil Nebula

    Wow thats amazing, Cairan thank you for your effort. Liking everything bout it. Cheers Dean
  15. gonzostar

    Eastern Veil Nebula

    Okay i am going to start some background research

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