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  1. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Wow thanks Andy Thanks for having ago You are right there is so much more detail to be had. Also liking the fact you managed to bring out more star colour. I certainly do need more practice in processing Cheers Dean
  2. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Had a look Adam and thanks for sharing
  3. gonzostar

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    OOps pressed wrong burtton I ment not to modify my 70d. Cheers Dean
  4. gonzostar

    DLSR Rosette Nebula

    Apologies i missed this post. Very impressive images and good comparisons Adam. Thanks for sharing. Me thinking not to modi
  5. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Cheers, I think the long itergration time helped also the cold nights. But sill practicing in the processing department
  6. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Its fascinating peoples ideas of what a object should look like. I really enjoyed reading the thread, i think it was called "am i cheating". I like Carl's version
  7. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Thanks Peter. Would spending more time bring out more detail? Cheers Dean
  8. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Thanks for you effort You have certainly pulled out more detail. Mine is also a un-modded camera. Think the long intergration time helps. Cheers Dean
  9. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Thanks carl really like your effort. Certainaly you have brought out more detail. Yes long intergration time helps especially with LP around here. But well worth the frozon toes and fingers
  10. gonzostar

    Rosetta Nebula

    Hello This is my version of the Rosetta Nebula. This image has 11.5 hours worth of Data over the last month or so between all rain clouds and the annoying new neighbours xmas present. The security light! Telescope - 102mm APO ES refractor on a AVX mount Camera- Canon 70d unmoded iso800 with a IDAS-D2 filter. Duration 11.5 hours - 300s lights., Darks, flats and bias frames also taken Guided with PHD2 and processed in PS Of course improvement advice much appreciated or if you would like to have ago 11.55hrs.tif Cheers thanks for looking Dean
  11. gonzostar

    M51 2 years worth of data

    That is awesome so much detail Thanks for sharing
  12. gonzostar

    What Mount?

    I must have got extremely lucky with mine then. If i had to choose again and what people are saying then I would choose the HEQ5
  13. gonzostar

    What Mount?

    I will throw spanner in the works. I have used only the AVX mount for the past 3 years and had no problems with it personally. Really easy to set up and align etc. I cannot vouch for the other mounts tho. Dean
  14. gonzostar

    What`s your favourite constellation?

    Beat me to it Mike.I gotta agree Sagittarius for me too. Cant wait for its short appearance here all its variety of DSO's
  15. Hello This is my version of the Horsehead nebula. This image has 6.5 hours worth of Data over the last month or so. Conditions weren't great this month I had struggled to get the bright stars to behave with out over stretching. Each light frame was 300s taken with flats, darks, bias. With Canon 750d camera Thanks for looking Dean

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