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Another Moon Mosaic - 200PDS with Canon EOS550D

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Hi All. Looks like lunar mosaics are flavour of the month, so here's my offering.

I haven't done much lunar stuff - more of a DSOer - but clear sky seems to be at a premium so thought I'd give it a go. I'm pretty sure I get blurring at the edges of my full disc lunar shots due to coma, so I wanted to do a mosaic with the SW CC +  3x barlow. But I cant find a way of attaching the barlow to the CC. Any thought welcome.

So instead I used crop mode with no barlow and did a 24 pane mosaic. DSLR settings:  .MOV files of 60sec duration, ISO100, 1/800th sec exposures. 

Processed with PIPP, MS ICE for mosaic composite (bit of fun getting it to align - did it in 2 sub-sections) then Autostakkert (best 10%) , Avistack for wavelets (bit overdone maybe) and PS for autolevels.

Mext move is to repeat with the barlow - so thats 16 panes to each one of the 24 .... ummm, that'll be 16x24 = 384. Maybe not then!

Hope you like it - looks quite nice full size!




... and the colour corrected one:


Edited by Tommohawk
Colour corrected image posted
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Thanks so much - hey I just found your one. Very nice too, similar scale to mine but maybe makes mine look over-processed. Nice job!

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Very nice, very sharp. You might want to change the colour balance a little - it's a bit pinkish ;)

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23 minutes ago, Mr Spock said:

Very nice, very sharp. You might want to change the colour balance a little - it's a bit pinkish ;)

Thanks for that - my colour vision is pants. I've done a colour correct on PS - but cant see how to remove the original image. I can edit and remove the image from the post, but not from the upload area. ANy ideas?

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Just looked at the full size image which looks terrific but it has a bit of a pinkish tint. 

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Thanks for all the positive comment. I've added the colour corrected version to the original post. I'm often told my images are pink/red - i think it's down to the modded DSLR.... that and my rubbish colour vision.

The lunar eclipse I did looked megared!

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