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the yesyes observatory - the build

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No kids (yet) but the wife has expressed concerns whether I will spend any time in the house once the obsy is finished.

The walls inside will not be painted. I quite like the way the ply looks. Maybe some clear treatment later on...

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yes yes YES! It has finally happened! Some of you may have wondered what ever happened to my observatory. The thread had gone quiet before any reports of first light. The weather has been awful. Hardl

Yes. Imagine the disappointment.. photons have travelled thousands or even millions of years only to realise they arrived a bit early before my obsy is finished...

Thanks for the nice words. ;-) I'm also particularly pleased that my wife finds the obsy nice looking and has given her final approval. (I should probably get this in writing ) I guess she expected s

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I've finally got electricity in my obsy! What a milestone! The electrician came round today to wire up our new bathroom. So while he was there I asked him to do the connection of the armoured cable just outside the obsy.



There was some progress last weekend too but not much to show on pictures.

I glued down the second half of the scope room floor. It was much easier that the first half as it has been lying in place for a week. The first half came straight from the roll and the ends kept coming up.

I also finally aligned the roof track (lots of swearing involved). Until now the inverted angle was just lying on the runners. I should have done that a long time ago when the roof was just a frame and not so heavy.



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Regarding the armoured cable terminations.

I think the brass bits should be covered by the boot on an outside installation.

Might be that internal kit has been used?

Otherwise looking good, getting electrons is a definite milestone.

Good luck


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I now have Gigabits in the obsy! ;-)

I caught the flu so feeling a bit weak but managed to connect up the house side of the network cable to the obsy and install the switch and an old router as a WiFi access point.


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From a rough patch of ground with a tree stump in the way you have done a brilliant job, just the details left.

There is a big temptation to get the optical gear up & running again, I'm trying to resist that & get the obsy finished first but it's not easy!

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Today I put the 2nd desk in the warm room. This will be the telescope control desk.

The original size of the desk.


The corners of both desks are too close to each other. Not as bad as I thought but still too close.


So I shortened it a bit


Now I can get into the room comfortably


I didn't remember that this desk had a board at the back. It was a perfect fit under the sockets! :D


I've also installed the mount. I'll probably need a different pier adapter at some point but this one will do for now.


I can see the scope through the window from the scope control desk.


Earlier this week I installed some shelves


It's hard to take a picture of the whole room. This is the best I could do.


Not long now. I just need to tidy up and then vacuum clean the floor and I'll be ready to install the scope. Probably next weekend.

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Few more things done today.

Plugged in the patch cables (as an easy start :D )


Rounded the corner of the scope desk. I used my belt sander. I'm a bit reluctant to round the corner of the other desk as that would destroy the edging. I'll leave that for now and may reconsider when I hit that corner the first time ;)


Removed the tube heater again and re-installed it a bit further from the wall. This thing does get quite hot and I wasn't comfortable having it so close to the wood.


The internal door didn't close properly as the floor rises a bit towards the scope room. Had to sand a bit off the bottom. Not much though, so this is how I did it


Then I vacuum cleaned the warm room.


Then I installed the outside light, a 20W LED flood light. It fits just in between the front door and the window. I ran out of little junction boxes so it's not connected yet.


Then a bit of tidying up in both rooms...


Our cat already feels comfortable here... ;)


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Looking really good Chris, very professional.

With all the cloudy nights here with the odd hour or two clear spell late in the evening, I'm very jealous of anyone with an obsy that they can just pop out to and fire up their kit and then close everything down when the clouds roll in again. Rather than have to play a guessing game early on as to whether the rain is going to hold off and it's worth putting all the kit out to cool down on the off chance that the clouds might clear later.

I hope you get some clear skies when you are finished and ready for first light.

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Hi Chris.

Great build. Now the project is entering the final phase(s), have you had time to sift through all of the receipts and see if you were within budget....or was there no budget when you kicked this off (+/-10%?)

Take my hat off to you...I would build one, but just had some builders put up new bungalows 18 feet from my rear fence....such a shame really....

Hope you gain many happy hours observing and imaging from your obs.


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Hmmmmm, the budget. I had a rough idea of how much I would spend. It was more like a guess than an estimate. I thought about £1000 - 1500.

I went waaaay over that. Things just kept adding up, especially small things that I had not even thought about before starting the build.

I started an Excel spreadsheet from the beginning and listed everything I bought (so no fiddling with receipts now ;) ). It added up to about £3400. This includes everything you see on my pictures, except for the Ethernet switch and patch cables (this is "gear", not part of the build) the desks (the corner one was free from work and the straight one is my old desk from the house) and carpet flooring (which I also got free from work).

This may sound a lot for an obsy. But in my case the warm room will also be my electronics workshop and general DIY tinkering room, i.e. my man cave. :D

For example I ran a lot more cabling (mains and network) than would be required for just an obsy. This has added quite a bit to the cost and also to building time.

By using the "shed" for more than just the telescope I'll get a lot more use out of it, especially when it's raining! ;)

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