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  1. Very nice indeed ! I might have to give that a go at some point (probably too late now I would imagine).
  2. Well its a start . I never said I was any good at math of course kind of makes sense though looking through it all.
  3. I like the Red to be honest but this is part of the fun....
  4. So the seeing was not to bad at all (though Jupiter is still way too low) really. Managed to actually use a barlow though (2.5x powermate). Usual kit in the signature. Did also connect the mount via wifi and get all the starsense working over it all..so thats a positive as well.
  5. Never bothered with an ADC (but I did buy one), and I have a 174mm...I guess shooting with a colour whilst they are low is ideal and the ADC is beneficial... Jupiter is around -20 degrees below the celestial equator even at the meridian. Probably why I have not been out for two years or so!
  6. Not sure what they are....though it is a gen 1 WO star71....I think it will need tuning unless anyone else has any thoughts?
  7. Ok @knobby....here it is. a cropped view...tried to keep it natural, but not done this in a few years!
  8. I will have to have a look at it over the weekend. Think it comes apart once the knobs are off I would think. You ever taken one apart? what dew controller are you using?
  9. HAHA...ah yes I now remember the joys of astro imaging. I am waaaay to tired! I finally took my shoes off at 2:25. I decided to take a few more subs (due to the odd car going past, and also a few more satellites). I also had the DSLR battery drain, so had to stop everything to change that. Once the first part of the imaging plan was complete, I thought about your comment on the guiding assistant....so I ran that whilst I waited to take the last 5 subs (once all the street lights went out)...it was just after that the battery died :-)....typical....and guiding then started to have a problem with a low snr alarm....so had to re-start that. Oh and found my Hitec astro 4 port dew controller now has a dodgy / loose cable somewhere (anyone know how to take these things apart?) As knobby pointed out, there were a few issues, and I am grateful for his assistance, though as stated, I guess these are the times you learn the most! I am going to re-check every setting today just to make sure they are right. I now have quite a few subs, darks and bias...that I need to do something with! I will post it back (might not be today though, as I am still working here ;-)) So grateful for your guidance on this stuff. I was also messaging another friend who was out. he had a power cable issue, guiding issues, then a massive power cut knocked out most of his area, then all his gear came to life, and he now had black skies to work with, so I guess the sky gods do give a little back every now and then I will try not to muller the data I got, it looks promising for my first stab at M13...
  10. What guiding setup have you gone for John?
  11. Thanks Guys. I will do. The next test is to get plate solving working, then I might actually take a snap of an object! I think if I can crack this, then I will be ready for the Winter months with ay luck. I can't wait to actually catch some data at some point...though then its going into the murky world of processing! I do need to do some reading up. @knobby, perhaps you already have some data I can use to practice on? I know we used to share a few bits and bobs over cloud drives etc? maybe we need a folder on here to share data?
  12. Well it is a little quite on the ECD pages, but thought I would say what a successful night it was last night. Managed to get all the new software, and guidescope camera and mount talking...and guiding at the first attempt....though did not take any images (that is reserved for now). Was glad to have Knobby on the end of the phone when there were a few 'funnies' that showed up. Still great to start getting my hobby back on track.
  13. First new kit in a while. Re-worked the guide scope on my WO Star71 for a new WO 50mm version, and on the 120mm handle bar. Was a little tight to get it to fit, but seems to be very stable. We will see how it goes when it goes onto the CGEM.
  14. Shame to see our once busy forum not as active. I guess life has got in the way for many of us. Hopefully this year I can get all the scopes out a bit more...Anybody get any astro stuff for Xmas? I was after a few bits, but Santa was not on the same wavelength! Hope all the dodgers are well...
  15. Well done Knobby! Good to hear the shoulder is on the up (so to speak) as well
  16. haha yeah. I think having that chat made me step back and review what it was thats actually stopping me getting out (excluding the weather). I guess I just needed a chat
  17. Looks great. I really need a lighter weight rig....though what to go for...? I could go back to an AVX as well, but so many more options (and prices) out there at the moment. Should be able to pick up a second hand one I guess quite reasonable now.
  18. The weather is awful...and now heading back to work from the 17th. Lets try and get out at least once a month I say. I wanted to continue on the lunar and planetary, as well as try the guiding etc. Might need a new lighter mount. What's is the playing field now in terms of small mounts with good guiding. AVX or CGX or Ioptron?
  19. haha..bit late. Well 2019 is very quiet by the looks of it! When did you get the gpcam?
  20. I'm here every now and then....I demand we head out....will give you a ring tomorrow?
  21. Wow...sounds like a good holiday! We are alright. Knobby is on the mend, and we have got out a couple of times. Weather has been shocking though. any pictures from your travels?
  22. Cheers Knobby (and Mrs K ;-))....I will have a look at APT. I guess this is going to take a while to figure it all out. I think I might need to look at whats needed in terms of any other kit (filters etc) for the DSLR. Not sure I want to spend anything extra though a the moment, just use what I have access to to get it nailed is my current thought. So lets try and put a night in the next month?
  23. Hi guys, Not been around in a while..kind of lost my way a little (life getting in the way). To remedy this, I took it upon myself to force Knobby out (therefore forcing me out) to go and try to start looking at my pathway into DSO imaging. I do a lot of Lunar (favourite), planetary (2nd favourite) but DSO's have been on the back burner for a while. I had started to get the equipment together a year or so ago. I bought a WO star71, pole master etc, borrowed a DSLR (from my daughter)...but have never had the impetus to go out and use it all. I remedied that this past week....and found it to be quite an interesting path from a technical standpoint. Making sure the equipment functioned, setting up & configuring the alignments. choosing the targets, then configuring the camera, focusing etc. then planning the shoot. Obviously there were a few mistakes....as you would expect. The camera had been used previously for terrestrial imaging...and I forgot to change the format (so no RAW files for me)...a few other things as well. however this all leads to greater understanding (and the creation of a checklist in future). So the efforts from the nights imaging (and remember even though darks were taken, they were not much use with JPEGs)...i give you M45 & M31....my second attempt at this aspect of the hobby. These are around 13 light frames of 60 seconds each. Iso 800 for M31, ISO1600 for M45. Stacked in DSS (with no darks or other bias), then finished in photoshop. Taken on a Canon 600d mounted to a WO Star71. No guiding (something I really have to nail...) Maybe next year I will try again ? I also know now I need to practise my DSO processing skills....any advice greatly recieved.
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