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  1. Blazar


    I also find Ventusky to be pretty cool....you can get a per altitude wind speed view (just change the altitude scale). https://www.ventusky.com/?p=48.5;-3.2;3&l=wind-10m
  2. James, A few more bits of info on the system I have that is experiencing an issue with OAc 1.4.1. I am using a Mac Air 6,2 & have upgraded to High Sierra (macOS 10.13.4 (17E199) kernel version Darwin 17.5.0. I have also tried using a 120mm-s camera and the same behaviours occur (app will start with no camera plugged in. Plug in the camera still fine. Rescan (finds the camera), select camera and application will shut down). Happens with both the 174 and 120. I tried it then with OAc1.2.0 and the same behaviour also re-occured. Regards
  3. Blazar


    Jupiter is very low at this point (like most of the planets), so looking and imaging through more of the atmosphere. Then you also have to consider the Jet Stream playing a part in the imaging nightmare we have at present. I have yet to get a good shot this year. I was looking at the transparency for my location and I think tomorrow night is meant to be good....but you never really can be sure ;-)
  4. Blazar

    End of feb viewing

    Hi gents....Im back as well now, so can always swing by and pick up Knobby. Tomorrow night is looking quite nice funnily enough....
  5. Wow...Thanks All. Pretty excited to get a place. That 1st place is a cracker, and not bad for a first post!
  6. Blazar

    2017 scout evening

    H Happy to help where we can....the legends return ;-)
  7. Blazar

    New Star Gazer in Essex

    Another Essex lad...excellent. You can of course pop over to the Essex cloud dodgers page on this site....https://stargazerslounge.com/forum/157-essex-cloud-dodgers/ I'm just down in Hockley....
  8. An image of the mighty Clavius. One of the larger craters at 225KM in diameter. A very impressive walled plain that contains an arc of addition craters diminishing is size from 55KM (Rutherford) down to 12KM (Clavius J). Moretus is further towards the pole, and is around 114KM. It has a great central peak rising to 2700m) and numerous terraces. The tops of other craters can be seen towards the horizon, and the south lunar pole. Captured with a ZWO174mm (using a 642IRBP filter), on a Celeron Edge1100HD and CGEMDX mount. Image capture was via OACapture, stacked in Autostakkert2, Sharpened in Registax, finished in photoshop. This is an inverted image, as I find I can make out more detail this way. Full Size viewable on Flickr
  9. A shot of Tycho (to go with the other close up) and an exaggerated partial view of the ray system that surrounds this young formation (you can see the lines of ejecta material which form the rays moving away radially from the crater). This image was captured on the 28th December at 19:12:57 and comprised of a single capture of 2063 frames, of which only 236 were used in the stack. It was captured using a ZWO174mm camera (with a 642IRBP filter), and a televue x2 barlow). This was mounted on a Celestron Edge1100HD, in turn held on a Celestron CGEMDX mount. It was captured using OAcapture, stacked in Autostakkert2, Sharpened in Registax6 and finished in Photoshop. The full size version is on Flcikr
  10. One of a few shots of Tycho that were ok. One of the youngest formations on the surface (in terms of millions of years), it is one of the brighter objects to image. at 52KM its not the largest of course, but it has made quite an impact on our local neighbour. The crater is starting point of the largest ray system on the surface, and is easily seen in binoculars. This image was captured on the 28th December at 18:31:56 and comprised of a single capture of 3080 frames, of which only 285 were used in the stack. It was captured using a ZWO174mm camera (with a 642IRBP filter), and a televue x2 barlow). This was mounted on a Celestron Edge1100HD, in turn held on a Celestron CGEMDX mount. Flickr link to full size image.
  11. Blazar

    Over the 'Edge'. Blazars Lunarcy.

    Blimey it shows how poor the weather has been....that and no time. Anyway.....I have been going through images from January and found a nice feature. I have had to crop it slightly but needed to try and keep a balance between showing the feature, and the slightly over done processing. It is still a little soft though. This is a cropped image to point the viewer towards an interesting feature well worth having a look at. This image was taken back in January this year (5th) and this shot shows the Sun rising over the craters in the South Eastern quadrant (within the Arzachel region). The main craters in view are Purbach (centre..still heavily in shadow)) & Regiomontanus (South of centre, and you can make out Regiomontanus A which is the peak of the wrecked formation). La Caille is at the two o clock position when looking at Purbach, and then you should be able to see the crest line of Delaunay. This is a central ridge within the crater which is high enough to catch the light and cause additional shadowing within the northern part of the crater. Delaunay itself is around 28 miles in diameter, and rises to a height of around 5800ft. Captured using OAcapture, using a ZWO174mm / Mounted on an Edge1100HD / CGEMDX mount. 177 frames were stacked from over 2000. This is a cropped image so is slightly soft. Thanks for looking. Flickr link
  12. Blazar

    Cloud Dodgers New Equipment thread

    Where did you pick them up from...UK or US?
  13. Blazar

    Observing sites in Dengie Peninsula

    Hey dark star....so did you ever make it out to MR or Dengie? Apologies its all gone a bit quiet on the forum. Now its getting darker people might start venturing out a little more for a few meet ups.
  14. Blazar

    Cloud Dodgers New Equipment thread

    Only just seen this! I was going to go and get some for the Edge1100.....how did you get on installing them? look awesome! I have the front mounted college...though was going to add these as well.

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