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  1. Blazar

    The learning curve....

    Cheers Knobby (and Mrs K ;-))....I will have a look at APT. I guess this is going to take a while to figure it all out. I think I might need to look at whats needed in terms of any other kit (filters etc) for the DSLR. Not sure I want to spend anything extra though a the moment, just use what I have access to to get it nailed is my current thought. So lets try and put a night in the next month?
  2. Hi guys, Not been around in a while..kind of lost my way a little (life getting in the way). To remedy this, I took it upon myself to force Knobby out (therefore forcing me out) to go and try to start looking at my pathway into DSO imaging. I do a lot of Lunar (favourite), planetary (2nd favourite) but DSO's have been on the back burner for a while. I had started to get the equipment together a year or so ago. I bought a WO star71, pole master etc, borrowed a DSLR (from my daughter)...but have never had the impetus to go out and use it all. I remedied that this past week....and found it to be quite an interesting path from a technical standpoint. Making sure the equipment functioned, setting up & configuring the alignments. choosing the targets, then configuring the camera, focusing etc. then planning the shoot. Obviously there were a few mistakes....as you would expect. The camera had been used previously for terrestrial imaging...and I forgot to change the format (so no RAW files for me)...a few other things as well. however this all leads to greater understanding (and the creation of a checklist in future). So the efforts from the nights imaging (and remember even though darks were taken, they were not much use with JPEGs)...i give you M45 & M31....my second attempt at this aspect of the hobby. These are around 13 light frames of 60 seconds each. Iso 800 for M31, ISO1600 for M45. Stacked in DSS (with no darks or other bias), then finished in photoshop. Taken on a Canon 600d mounted to a WO Star71. No guiding (something I really have to nail...) Maybe next year I will try again I also know now I need to practise my DSO processing skills....any advice greatly recieved.
  3. Blazar

    Owner of Site

    look whose in charge now need to put some new wallpaper up
  4. Blazar

    Action required to move to new 'Clubs' location

    I still think we need it though...we will start getting more active again once the darker nights return I'm sure.
  5. Blazar

    Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Hi Ed. Yeah I got chatting to them last year about it. Its fairly good, with glow to the south (as you would expect), and a little from the north of the river. I have tried to get access to other areas, but that is ongoing. I have managed to email them in the morning, and travel out there. There must always be at least two of you, with either one or both of the persons signing the memorandum of understanding also present. She will also ask to be present the first time you go out there (usually). You will find that it is of course fenced off with a gate code. You must not allow anyone else to know the code, and also that sometimes there are other cars trying to get in there (youngsters)....so you must all enter and then the gate gets closed behind you. The site only has the road as hardstanding, otherwise you are on the dusty type 1 material. They have had electrical contractors on site recently hence the bright security lights.
  6. Blazar

    Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Yeah...that makes sense. Gives us a little bit more time to natter and perhaps still use the scopes
  7. Blazar

    Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    Sorry to hear that Dan, but it appears everything has worked out! I will be off on holiday for a week or so, but if the weather co-operates then perhaps we can all get out again soon after. I can stop by and get Gary and then whomever else wants to join us can also turn up...:-) Yeah I was jealous of the aperture...still want a larger scope
  8. Blazar

    2017 scout evening

    Well I am on on holiday, but will be up for getting out soon. I have been looking at another site as well....though needs more testing during the winter to make sure its good enough. Happy to head out and meet up if once it starts getting darker.
  9. Blazar

    I am back

    Oh yes....Good to have you back
  10. Blazar

    Where have all the Essex boys gone ?

    DAAAANNNNN! Good to hear from you mate! as Gary say's we were out the other night and we spoke of the good ol days NE london...so not too far then. Last time I heard you moved over to Kent? I thought you were setting up an observation over there. All ok on the non astro side of things I hope!? We should do a reunion over at MR....:-)
  11. Blazar

    Saturn 28th June

    Welcome Knobby.....even though my night was possibly one of the most frustrating. Nice shots mate!
  12. Hi Andy. Quick question for you about the TAL 100RS focuser. I had one of the TALs start to play up, and having taken the focuser apart found one of the 4 small bearings has come apart. I have ordered some new ones (after I found the link on an old thread), but is there any other modifications / refurb I can do whilst its apart? It had started to slip a little, so did hear comments referring to roughing up the draw tube surface to aid grip? Thought I would ask an expert having drawn a blank searching on line. Hope all is well!





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    2. jock1958


      I had some issues with my Tal 100RS focuser drawtube where it wasn't running true whilst racking in and out.

      Turns out there was a discrepancy on the flat of the draw tube,  one end measured 54.60mm, the other end was 55.04mm, that was enough for the focuser to slip when fully racked out.

      I flattened it out with a carborundum stone and removed the discrepancy and improved the grip (took some time though and constant checks with a  vernier gauge!!)

      Got all the above info off SGL member Moriniboy who had the same problem, he sent me some really good photos as well, I would contact him.

      PS No probs with the Tal focuser since. 


    3. Blazar


      Thanks Gents. one last question. Where do the shims go? Two came out when the draw tube was removed, but cannot see an obvious place for them to reside. Any assistance greatly appreciated.

    4. AndyH


      Shims? Mmm. Only thing I can think of is that they came from beneath the curved metal piece that holds the bearings.


  13. Blazar


    I also find Ventusky to be pretty cool....you can get a per altitude wind speed view (just change the altitude scale). https://www.ventusky.com/?p=48.5;-3.2;3&l=wind-10m
  14. James, A few more bits of info on the system I have that is experiencing an issue with OAc 1.4.1. I am using a Mac Air 6,2 & have upgraded to High Sierra (macOS 10.13.4 (17E199) kernel version Darwin 17.5.0. I have also tried using a 120mm-s camera and the same behaviours occur (app will start with no camera plugged in. Plug in the camera still fine. Rescan (finds the camera), select camera and application will shut down). Happens with both the 174 and 120. I tried it then with OAc1.2.0 and the same behaviour also re-occured. Regards
  15. Blazar


    Jupiter is very low at this point (like most of the planets), so looking and imaging through more of the atmosphere. Then you also have to consider the Jet Stream playing a part in the imaging nightmare we have at present. I have yet to get a good shot this year. I was looking at the transparency for my location and I think tomorrow night is meant to be good....but you never really can be sure ;-)

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