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the yesyes observatory - the build

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yes yes YES! It has finally happened! Some of you may have wondered what ever happened to my observatory. The thread had gone quiet before any reports of first light. The weather has been awful. Hardl

Yes. Imagine the disappointment.. photons have travelled thousands or even millions of years only to realise they arrived a bit early before my obsy is finished...

Thanks for the nice words. ;-) I'm also particularly pleased that my wife finds the obsy nice looking and has given her final approval. (I should probably get this in writing ) I guess she expected s

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progress this weekend

Got a custom size double glazed sealed unit delivered and framed it in as the window between warm room and scope room.



Then I carried on putting ply sheets on the warm room walls




Then the internal door



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Haven't measured it yet. It's not yet fully insulated. Still have the ceiling to do. NOT looking forward to doing that... ;)

Oh, and the dividing wall isn't insulated yet either.

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Yes, if I'm building it from scratch, I might as well do it properly. ;)

According to the planning enforcement officer there was no enquiry as to the use of the outbuilding. So that's not it either... ;-)

I'm really curious what this was all about but I better not stir things up and hope noone else complains in the next 4 years ;)

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Possibly. That leaves only the new-ish neighbour at the back. He's the only one who has not seen the massive tree I had felled to make room for the obsy that has blocked A LOT more light than the obsy. ;)

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There was a thing in the news recently where people were building out-buildings and having lodgers stay, charging them cash rent, not paying tax and ducking the system. According to the report the local councils were using helicopters to view and list any buildings in peoples back yards where they might be trying to just that. It may just be that no one reported it but they were checking you weren't using it for tax free money making purposes.

Its certainly its big enough to live in :grin:

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I think at this point Chris I'd forget the whole thing and concentrate on finishing it, I've no doubt its frustrating and your curious but i don't think you'll ever really find out besides......

were all waiting on more pictures :grin:

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I agree - get on and finish it :D  Won't be long before I start my second one :)  Somewhat smaller than the first one though so I won't be needing any help this time :D

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My latest rig is a pretty close fit in mine too but I'm not rebuilding :D  The second pier will be for widefield only and the "obsy" over it will be just a box :)

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The usual progress report from last weekend...


Finished the internal door: put last board on the scope room side of the door, installed lock and door handles (bit of wood broke off but I was able to glue it back on)



started insulating and cladding the scope room side of the dividing wall


connected the first few sockets in the warm room



connected more sockets (power and network) in the warm room so I can use that corner for temporary storage



Installed a plastic box on the wall where all the electronics will go that will control lights and later more, basically integrating the obsy into my home automation system



And finished insulating and covering the dividing wall scope room side


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What are all those wires for.  There's more going to that junction box than I have going to the one in my house ! - I know you have loads of sockets, but most houses are ring fed and thus only have two entering the fuse box !!

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