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hello everyone

the reason i have just joined ......... initialy........is to pick your brains.

my son, 20, would like a telescope for his birthday ;)

he is very interested in 'everything out there' of which i would like to encourage

please could you help me in deciding what telescope to buy

location - nr peterborough, far enough away from the lights

to be set up in the garden most of the time

what's important to me : optical & build quality

thanks in advance for any advice

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Hi Slimfb and welcome - very difficult question to answer, and i think your son should have an input - what would he be looking to do? Planetry/lunar observing? Deep sky objects? Astrophotography? The list goes on - and what about portability? and probably most important, from you view at least - what do you want to spend?

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If you dont want to give away that you are buying a telescope for him, then try asking him what he likes. Planets, the moon, the sun, deepsky objects. Ask him if he knows the constellations, or wants to (GoTo or not).

It will give a good idea of which scope fits him the best.

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Hi Slim and welcome to SGL :eek:

Any questions you have just pop up a thread in the beginners help section and someone will come with an answer soon. I'd suggest you state a budget and any info you can give about what you want (eg size, weight, viewing preferences, portability, etc).

All the best ;)

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thanks guys for the welcome & advice.........esp MorningMajor just because of your avatar ;) the first record i ever bought....& the best :eek:

look forward to chatting on further threads

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Hi Slim,

Welcome to the forum.

It really depends on your budget to some extent and whether you think your son will stick with it, which may influence your initial outlay.

Another consideration as previously mentioned is whether your son know the constellations, from my own experience a goto mount can take some of the initial frustration out of finding things in the nights sky.

I would certainly recommend looking at the skywatcher line which give plenty of bang for the buck, but bear in mind everything looks the same size on the internet until the boxes arrive!

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