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  1. hi, put the sun filter on for first time today, impressive, 2 sun spots might take this further with filters etc & try some imaging, amazing viewing anyone give me a starter for ten & suggest some filters cheers all
  2. put a sun filter on for the first time today, 12:00 midday, did see 2 sun spots close together
  3. thanks for reply pibbles, 2-3 days warning is reassuring, just hope all the plugs get pulled in time should a big one occur in any case, there's no harm in being 'prepared'
  4. no electric means no : power water fuel communications food medical law & order ....................the list goes on
  5. thanks for the reply yes, i understand the consequences - for us 'modern types' it's the likelyhood of it happenning in the very near future that i would like to find more info on as with 99.9% of 'important info' it is not disclosed to us one of our mp's, chris huhne released an article via 'the mail' newspaper on this subject basically saying why do we not know more about this, the US seems to i'll keep digging
  6. hi all for a little while now i have picked up pieces of information regarding a future solar storm - powerful enough to knock out our national grid power or worse nasa recently issued a statement to it's employees & families re 'be prepared' although did not state exactly why 1859 i think was the last powerful storm, though no technology to disrupt, only to fizz out the telegraph wires my question - has anyone any thoughts, ideas, info regarding a near future event.......is it a real possibilty thanks in advance
  7. a bit like a point & shoot camera, but if you want to set it up in manual you could, assuming you know how, which you should
  8. hi andy, this is such a great forum, welcome "...........you'll never leave"
  9. slimfb


    hi dmac & welcome to a very interesting, helpful & informative site.........from another newbie
  10. hopefuly saturn for us too, but is it getting a 'wrong' time of year ?
  11. cheers adz, i was pleased when my son said 'dad, lets do manual & learn what's out there & where it is' that's my boy :-)
  12. thanks, just ordered 'turn left..............' getting into this now & still without a scope !
  13. well done, hope you have many clear nights ahead, i'll be joining you soon
  14. like the moon shots, the last one......great pic i would have that on the wall
  15. will be interesting what your decision is, i'm in similar situation, although it feels like i change my mind everyday
  16. noob questions i'm afraid * can the FOV calculator be used as part of the decision making process for choosing a scope ? to retain a 'like for like' resulting image do i have to change the EP's according to the scope ? i just want to compare what i will eventualy see with different scopes is a bigger image better ? thanks to the poster for the original link........interesting http://www.12dstring.me.uk/fov.htm
  17. we've decided against a motorised mount for our first scope, we want to find & learn
  18. glad i'm not on my own...................the 'list' always there, always will be..............& always with the grotty job on it that keeps getting pushed to the back of the list but at the mo, i'm still without scope (not too long) so i'm busy busy busy......happiness is a short list
  19. interesting, can see myself in a similar situation soon, good luck with it all nigel, keep posting
  20. tell me about it.............i've still not decided yet ! the birthday has been & gone & we're still thrashing it out...............maybe next years pressie ;-)
  21. slimfb

    Hello everyone

    hi dave i haven't even got a scope yet & found it a wonderful site.......scope soon :-)
  22. slimfb


    hi rich from another newbie..........a very helpful & friendly bunch
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