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  1. Optically Polished Black Plastic I thought it was an April fools joke. At £30 I guess they will be laughing all the way to the bank. What next, A white lens cap for flats!
  2. If you need to get more back focus, unscrew the barlow lens from a 1.25" barlow and use that as an extension tube. Thats how i mount my lodestar on my orion 50mm finder/guider.
  3. I think you have started a run on those truss clamps - out of stock at Phase One If anyone else is hunting them, then have a google for Rhino Narrow Truss Clamps. Terry
  4. Lots of cloud and drizzle. OK lets take a closer look at those bottles of whiskey Sent from Mike's drinking den.e
  5. Just honk if you see a mobile astro/camping shop heading up the M6
  6. Hi All, I've got everything together and I'm looking at it all thinking "How am I gonna get this all in the car!!!" To be sure the Jaffa Cakes and Talisker will not be left behind. Google says its 5.5hrs, but im sure we can shave a little off that so hope to be onsite around 3ish tomorrow. See you all soon
  7. What will jafa cakes buy me on a Wednesday when I arrive? My tent helper (Jane) probablly wont arrived until Saturday.
  8. Oh it is very expensive and as you say you often need a custom adapter made to fit it in the focuser as it pushes the focal point intra focal quite a bit. That said it does have a nice large back focus of 75mm in most cases which gives lots of options for kit in the imaging train like a decent oag which would be a godsend compared to the TS oag. I'm tittering on ordering one, but I'm having difficulty commiting given how much I've spent recently
  9. Did you get the riccardi reducer in the end? If so I would be interested to see how you get on with it.
  10. Hi What scope do you have? If its a newt/mirror based scope an OAG will help eliminate any mirror shift and flexure. The TS 9mm OAG will fit a cannon and still leave room for other accessories in the chain like a flattener, etc. Not the best quality OAG in the world, but it does work.
  11. I have been assured by Markus at APM, that the lens spacing is the same, just the back focus required is different per scope.
  12. Hi All I'm in the process of considering a x0.75 Riccardi Reducer/Flattener for my AA115/805 F7 which would bring the scope down to f5.25 and give me a slighly larger fov on my 460ex. They are relatively new on the market and quite pricey and was wondering if any one has had any experience with them, before I take the deep dive? Im not sure if this is true, (im currently asking APM) that there various models with different internal lens spacings optimized for different focal lengths? Regards Terry [forum has mucked my siggy up!]
  13. Hello, Stupidly I dropped my EFW2 filter wheel the other night (eek). Luckly there is no visible damage or than a scuff on the base and it works fine. I'm still trying to fix a spacing and tilt issue, and have determined that its definitley my filter wheel that is not a 100% true, Whether it has been like this since day one I will never be sure of now. In fact running a laser through from back to front, i can see it pushes my laser off center by around 3/4 of an inch at the objective - no such issue withouth the filterwheel, but with all the spacers and adapters in place so its def the EFW2. Anyway, as a solution I need to get a M48 female adapter machined, that I can screw on to the front of the ATIK EFW2, This could be about 2.5mm thick push pull arrangement or just a ring which could utilise the existing grub screws holes and could be shimmed, which I think would be a neat solution . I dont have room for the TS tilt adapters which are 11mm thick and the 460ex doesnt have a tilt adjustment. Does anyone know a machine shop where I could get this made (cheaply) in the midlands/redditch area or any willing memembers with the facilities? [Edit: Typo ]
  14. Thats good to hear. How weird are you guide star images - seagull like? Any chance of a phd screen shot just so im not chasing gremlins that I cant do much about.
  15. Anton, I had an TS OAG from Bern the other day, and can state it is "exactly" like yours - Yes the prism was the wrong way round based on the flat on the stalk. Took me a day to notice the screw was against the oval edge of the stalk. Im just suffering from seagull shaped stars at the moment. And i do whole hearted agree that the build quality does not merit its cost. Hey ho, I'll stick with it for a while yet, im sure i'll get there.
  16. Jam jar rubber grips! I was holding off on getting some of them until I was 70
  17. I've recently had the great pleasure of using Ian King. I was looking for an Atik CCD/EFW2 and Baader LRGB Filter package and some advise on my setup regards spacing and adapters. Ian responded to my request very promptly and we exchanged several emails and calls before I placed the order. This arrived the following day. Unfortunately one of the LRGB seals where broken and the filter was missing. I contacted Ian who apologised for the mistake and arranged a complete new LRGB set to be shipped and the originals collected for return at a later date. Again this was done over the next few working business days. So in summary, a great guy to deal with exceptional service, and when things do go wrong as they sometimes do, quickly resolves the problem. 5 star.
  18. Flo have for there most part given me and many others on here very exceptional service, so I was a little dismayed at my recent experience. I opened a helpdesk request #15486 on the 6th of April to get some advice on my product requirements and costings. This request was initially picked up fairly quickly, but the follow through failed miserably, having been forgotten about once and then ignored on a further two subsequent bumps. I gave up and closed to the request on the 9th of May, leaving some feedback! and taking what I would consider a sizeable purchase elsewhere. The helpdesk is a nice idea, but unless someone actually actions requests through to a conclusion then its a fairly useless service and will just cause customer frustration. Next time I'll stick to email and the phone next time. This should not put you off using flo in anyway what so ever. I will continue to use them as always, but i'll just forgo the helpdesk.
  19. Hi Adrian, Yes im really looking forward to this one. Thanks for the info. I'll only be using it to charge the power tank and oh yes the warm air heater for Jane
  20. I find this "add a mm" biz quite interesting. I've also read a slightly different rule which is add a 1/3 of the filter thickness. But no-one ever seems to mention the thickness of the glass window in front the CCD camera ???
  21. I dont know if fits liberator can read osc fits, but it can also give you some useful stats regards the image levels. Like you Im just getting to grips with a ccd, so would be interested in a good reliable method.
  22. I thought this might be a useful tip as it often effects imagers! Have you ever got to extension tubes stuck so tight together you can undo them, I've just spent an hour trying to separate two! Get two fat elastic band and wrap one around each of the two parts. Then wearing latex or rubber gloves (borrow your wifes ) grip them firmly and twist apart. If they still wont budge soak them in some wd40 for an hour and have another go after wiping them down dry. Mole grips and pliers are a complete no starter and will end up doing more damage than good.
  23. Yay. All out cooling down. Just waiting for the sun to clear off!
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