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    Hello from Hawaii

    Hi James... & welcome to the forum
  2. Hi... & welcome to the forum
  3. The UHC is probably the better bet with an 8inch
  4. I use one of these for a 400p... http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0045TTBAM/ref=asc_df_B0045TTBAM12666177?smid=AN686FK1SRNI7&tag=shoppingmp20862-21&linkCode=asn&creative=22218&creativeASIN=B0045TTBAM it sits on the turntable at the front under the eyepiece holders & came with leads...
  5. Hi Rich... & welcome to the forum... As stated above... you'll need an EQ mount with tracking for long exposure pics... the 250 can be a breeze catcher...have you looked at the 200pds ? seems to be a popular weapon of choice
  6. Hi Paul... & welcome to the forum
  7. Hi Ben... & welcome to the forum
  8. Yep... the Prodigy seems to suit http://www.firstlightoptics.com/celestron-skyprodigy.html
  9. Hi Jeffro..congrats on the 'scopes... Before buying why not try to find a local 'observing-group' pop along & see their set-ups & what they use with their 'scopes..make some friends & pick their brains for free, maybe try their eyepieces in your 'scopes...see what suits your 'scopes best & most importantly... your eyes
  10. DOBBY

    New Stargazer

    Hi Sean... & welcome to the forum Good choice on 'scope... a good freebie download on the web to help is... http://www.stellarium.org/
  11. Hi Jul... & welcome to the forum... Good luck...
  12. The 'MA' & 'MH' are given away as 'freebies' with 'scopes... & therefore worth the price of the postage...depending on the make of the barlow...it might well be worth the £12 At least you have choices when viewing now though... Good luck...
  13. Hi Richard... Swampy says it all... go for the Dob ( non-biased opinion) lol As for future astro-photography...you need an Equatorial mount for that with tracking... the 8 inch dob can be mounted on the HEQ5 Pro at a later date for that when you have extra funds
  14. DOBBY


    Hi Ben... & welcome to the forum
  15. As Cantab says..you need to start with the mount when thinking about astrophotography...for use with a dslr..you need an Equatorial mount...& it needs to be ultra sturdy.
  16. Hi... & welcome to the forum
  17. Hi... & welcome to the forum
  18. Hi... & welcome to the forum
  19. Hi Jim... & welcome to the forum
  20. Hi Steve... & welcome to the forum
  21. DOBBY


    Hi... & welcome to the forum
  22. DOBBY


    Hi Colz... & welcome to the forum
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