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  1. It's not on earth it's in the sky,sounds like a,crazy night pat
  2. Hello and welcome from me pat
  3. todd8137

    Hello all!

    Hi and welcome to the lounge ,your scope will get you going and show you things you have never seen before it's a great start point ,and it's better to start the way you have ,because if you decide it's not for you ,you have lost nothing pat
  4. No No No ,buy a water proof cover stick her out side and wait for,the gaps pat
  5. the moons not interesting when full ermmmmm being a moon addict that's rather strange you would say that and it's not iinteresting wow just wow ! Pat
  6. Hi sounds like you had a,great first light with your new scope , pat
  7. Thanks all again I intend to do the other side next time ,if there is a next time with this cloud pat
  8. Ermm not sure,because you may do doodle out side and get back inside to either redraw or touch the image up and turn it into some it's not ,that said I draw,sketch loads and what I would say is get a pencil and paper and practice ,and remember your drawing for your self and no one else keep that in mind because what people do,is,draw for other people to look at I draw to rcord things I usually do the moon because for me I love shadows that are cast . thers to types of drawings,one is where you sketch what you see I do this ,the other is drawing to create what looks like a photo ,give the ipad app ago and I look forward to your sketches also try this ,put any object on a table Apple ,a shoe a cup and put a lamp on the table so it casts a shadow ,try and draw it , repeat this a few times and do not compare your drawings till you have at least three and see how you go pat
  9. todd8137


    Hi,and welcome from me pat
  10. Hi john and welcome pat
  11. Thanks for your kind words, pat
  12. Thanks for,your kind comment pat
  13. Hi all after a couple chats with a great artists/teacher mr ken jones a local guy and great advice on sketching I decided to get the sun rise over the Vallis Alps,I used the charcoals and conte pencils as I waited a few hours for the shadows to take the shape they did I was amazed by it yet again the valley being 110km long and around 10km wide I took a few,snaps,to get diferent contrast my chats payed i did not get to finish it as the temperature dropped and the cold got the better of me keep looking up pat
  14. Always the case but I'll wait till,Saturn appears in the evening pat
  15. todd8137

    Messier 1

    Nice drawing not been out for awhile here pat
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