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  1. And pencils is your prob with neb a set of white to black charcoals would do wonders ,your rendition from your pic is brill for a imagers point of view i find white charcoals work wonders for sketching nebs heres what i mean with a pic see below if you using pencil that are the blend type ones are fine ,but they are exspensive give some white charcoals a go with a bit of cotton wool you can put a shape down easier and to me looks like neb whispy like ? pat
  2. Nice image what are the detils of the image ? Subs lenght ect great image and some wild colors pat
  3. Great stuff i always find every time i atempt this target it goes pear shaped but you caught it well and you caught the whispy nebula well pat
  4. Hi there thats a big staement to make wjhat brought you to this conclusion ? Im interested in what people think makes a good sketch ,and the best sketch marios as some fine sketches and i admire his work so am sure he womt mind me asking you this ?
  5. What eps do you have what make is the scope ? pat
  6. Looks good to me with out the spikes ,nice image with some neb popping up, pat
  7. Great image i love the spikes on the stars looks retro ,great work pat
  8. Depends what you want to use the diary for ? I Usally record what i see most of the above temperature as well ,also,any thing that went right or,wrong and i have around 3 diarys and about six note books there great to,look back at and compare tjings year to year pat
  9. Nice image with the dslr thanks for sharing pat
  10. another technical master piece you must be pleased looks brill pat
  11. Looks pretty cool here nice capture pat
  12. Looking forward to,the main event now great work
  13. todd8137

    Hi there

    Hi and welcome from me pat
  14. todd8137

    Hello Everyone

    Hi westie and welcome from me enjoy the lounge pat
  15. Very nice great image with some fine detail pat
  16. Great work and hard to spot asmwell pat
  17. todd8137


    Hi and welcome from me pat
  18. Hi and welcome from me pat
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