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  1. Nice heart but imbet theres a lot more to come out of this great image pat
  2. Hi all whilst sat with the binos and the moon almost full a cloud drifted pass and hung just under neath the moon and then drifted of the moon was,almost a platinum white very bright i no what your thinking but i tried ro catch the cloud more than the moon pat
  3. Nice image starting to get some detail in tjis one and nice colour pat
  4. Great stuff and thanks looks even better now and imcan easily seemthe milky way coming out a bet amfew dark frames would make this great image even greater but keep up the great images i look forward to more pat
  5. Great image great to seemone like this couls you also,post one with out the names pat
  6. A great looking moon here tonight 

  7. The only reason i suggested it was because when i look up on a dark sky it just seems odd to,draw on white paper has its a black sky ,i found it easier to do this thats all keep up the great sketches .
  8. Hey. Leave things as they are your sketches are brill and youmhave a great style pat
  9. Thats some great images you have the rhanks for sharing pat
  10. Great capture looks brill you must be pleased great work Pat
  11. Before you put the laser in could you see all three mirror clips (you may have four ) on the primary ? As wookie sugested do that first and then check with a sight cap/ tibe to see if you can see all the clips that hold the primary in place ,if you can not see,all three clips a,ter thenscrews on the secondary till you can also google astrobabys guide to colamination pat
  12. Great sketch some imagers my be thinking about this image and wonder why you see so much detail ,am sure if they to spent a good hour looking at any dso they would see the same but most dont because they have a ccd doing that ,sletches give a more at the eye piece view and is more realistic of what you will see as a three hour image with a ccd gives a more technical view that we will never see great image keep sketching pat
  13. Hi there nice sketch i prefer black card and white pencils ,but this iis a great sketch pat
  14. Some times tricky to find other times easy but you got pat
  15. Nice to see some one getting day time images great work , Pat
  16. Nice image i never could get a full image with lots of images great work pat
  17. Nice detail thermgreat work patn
  18. todd8137

    Messier 56

    Great sketch nice detail pat
  19. If any one is interested and have Skype or FaceTime I could show you some easy tips and how I do things let me no and will pm Skype details ect Pat
  20. Thanks but I have tried sketching on white parper and card it's not the same as the sky is black not white and it is easier for me this way and it does in my eyes look better . trust me there's hundred s,of sketches that have not made it ,as a kid the moon always made me want to go there and a telescope,gets me a little closer to it as long as your drawing and sketching for your self and to record what you see even if it's a few dots on a bit of paper it's personnel to me and the next time I view I no what to look for ,take Richards great IC 4665 sketch above if I had never seen it and was looking for it .I would no what to look for and exspect to see . I would also like to stress the point that there's never a bad sketch I often get told by people that they feel worried to post sketches because they do not look good but let me tell you this for every sketch posted there's hundreds out there that do not get posted here as people think it's not good . This to me makes no sense has art as no right or wrong trust me it's easy to point a image rig at a dso and let the mount and camera do the work to me that's a technical achievement as some one once told me but a sketch ,that comes from a persons hand and mind and represents what you will really see . keep sketching Pat
  21. Before I even brought a scope I spent ages just learning the constellations ,goto for me is to easy,,and what tends to happen with goto is you will look at may be 20 things in one night Thats cool and all but you never really look. It's a whoooo seen that and then on to the next button press ,spending 25 mins is the norm for me with goto am sure it would be a five minutes and move on have seen this many times and when the battery dies so does most people's viewing because they do not know where to point the scope but goto as it benifits but there not benifits I want or care about having owned a cgem pro I never used it once to view only to image pat
  22. Pencils contes of Paris . ( they around £1.25) mixed charcoal £8.99 china graph for whiter than white detail black card book around £4.99 of Amazon sorry for the poor quality pics the ipad,cam is rubbish cotton balls to blend and ear buds https://www.amazon.co.uk/Conté-Paris-Drawing-Pencil-White/dp/B0028DADBS pat
  23. Richard I could not agree more ,sketching is brill and once you find a target the constant nudging the scope to keep it in the ep and you never forget where it is after that I,started with clusters as there nice and they get you in the swing of things the moon is where it's at for me the shadows are brill I look forward to more of your work and I love to watch people's work progress it was the big shadows cast where out of this world pat
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