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  1. Nice detail from the 40mm pat
  2. I wonder if all get a number if it's a big enough AR might send them a mail and ask them direct seemwhat they say pat
  3. What. Ep did you use,to get x500 ?,on a clear night in the winter with 1,710mm of my,sixteen inch would never let me go much above 300 does the 250p have 1200mm fl ? pat
  4. Nice sol i was just looking on the sdo page and they got the same shots as you ,i wonder how big a,sunspot as to be before they give it a number ?, i took these of there web site i wonder what there two million a year budget gets spent on Pat
  5. Hi wheres the high res image the title suggests ? These are good images do not get me wrong but the focus looks a little soft to me ,imtried more or less same thing with an C 9.25" and got the same results does this camera shoot in hi res ? Pat
  6. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge keep looking I bet there is a club local to you Pat
  7. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge Pat
  8. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge and welcome back Pat
  9. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge , Pat
  10. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge ,looks a bit cold Pat
  11. Hi and welcome enjoy the lounge Pat
  12. Hi nice wild duck all im have is clouds pat
  13. For me pointing a telescope in te dark is a mixture of imagination,time travel ,and the what ifs when looking galaxies if you after to ask your self why do others do it,your most probably already at that point pat
  14. Hi great image and a good bit of your time pat
  15. Hi and here starts the problem ,getting data is at times easy to get ,now the real fun starts because with processing also comes what will it look like when ive done ? ,what tends to happen is because your going to post it on a forum after you have processed it part of you will be processing it for others to look at and not your self , theres as suggested lots of videos to go at on you tube,find some software and learn to use it good luck and the moon is a great place to start .because its as many dark and light areas also as a rule of thumb leave all,sharpening till the end use layers have fun pat
  16. Hi and welcome from me enjoy your scope and sgl pat
  17. Not bad go a bit bright but all the same great image pat
  18. Hi dave looks good enough from this end and a great first go with some nice detail you a better man than me i would not post a image till i got the guiding working some nights it all works fine ,others its just a pita but you made the best out of the night pat
  19. Looking great glad you got some thing you must be pleased pat
  20. Slooking great so far and great ro see some thing diferent as it wont belong before we flooded with the orion neb ,seeing this abel image is great pat
  21. Hi a great set of images and some good detail in all i prefer the 4th lone out the set patn
  22. Hi and welcome,from me , great first moon image and looks like the first moon pic thatnevery one tries ,and you gotmamgood one there its always about focus with the moon ,what i do and did the first time round was get focus and then take a couple of shots leav things for a minute or,two and then take another . at that point i would take a dark pic with themend cap on,take it of and slightly move the focus in or which ever and do the same and try it again move the focus slightly make notes in your log book. Or computer of all settings ect now comes the tricky bit editing your fine image Thats down to you one tip tho is to leave all sharpening till the end and dont be tempted to do to much to it , a great first of many great imges pat
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