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  1. Not a bad idea but that will be too much of a hit, I am far too familiar with who those transactions favor and I am not that desperate for an easy sale. I will give it a week on my chosen site and see how I get on. Not sure I will hit any newbies though
  2. well after getting hit by card fraud the first time I started thinking and then I got hit again (thankfully for a lot less). Both at Christmas - to the extent that the wife and I have an account just for card purchases and we transfer money we intend to spend into it before we shop and all other cards that we currently have, have not even seen a cash machine. It is easy to mock others for how strict they choose to be with their personal data but after a Christmas with no gifts to give and money for food you soon take a different stance on selling and buying online. If the payment dont fold then by me it will not be sold. Anyway - going off topic - thanks for those that have helped me out and especially the person that sent the pm
  3. thanks for a couple of tips where to sell. I have had contact via pm with some good sites to look at also. I will just have to sell all the bit separately and tweak the prices as advised - bit of a pain though as I was hoping to get an idea on the value as a complete set, taking a small hit on cash value, in return for much less hassle and having the funds for a new dob much sooner. Time to spend a bit of time on one of the recommended site. Sorry dont want to advertise where i will eventually list to avoid any confusion as to my original intentions that were taken incorrectly (although I can see why)
  4. thanks Cjg - I am going to read through ABS to see what it entails and as long as I do not have to hand over any bank details I will likely give it a go. I guess I will have to go for individual listings on there rather than work out the all in price. I loved the selling area on here and got some great deals - I was hoping my kit would end up being worth enough to find a site I could swap for the dob I am aiming to get.
  5. again - no experience of the site and I have had bank details hacked twice in the past - the first time to the tune of 14k right before christmas. Hence why I tend to prefer forums and meeting people as opposed to non mainstream sites. Unless you sign up there is not that much info. My kit is pretty standard but with some non standard bits so just working out a percentage did no seem like the best way to calculate price.
  6. I have come across astro buy sell and imo it looks a bit risky to the uninitiated.
  7. Hi, yes I have but it is a bit grey as there are clearly pro sellers on there which I am not - plus some of the bits are not. Most of what I have actually came from this site and I never felt ripped off. I was (and still am) gutted by the decisions made last year with regards that. Whether I like some of the attitudes conveyed from what are clearly stressed out and under appreciated mods - I am still a member looking to use the forum for the right reasons.
  8. OK - I have had a thread pulled for violating rules on selling on this forum. I need advice on pricing kit I wish to sell to ensure I do not get ripped off. As I cannot ask for advice on equipments value so I can sell it elsewhere - can somebody point me in the right direction for a site that can help. My work days and hours change too frequently for me to join a club and I barely get enough free time to get out with the scopes as it is. If there is somebody that is able to assist in me in any way it will be greatly appreciated. To be clear (again) I am not looking to sell kit on this site or to members here. Anyone who contacts me to see what I am trying to value, in order to buy themselves, will not be sold to. I will not sell to anyone that comes to me as a result of this post. I am hoping that is now within the rules and if not I guess I am just going to risk getting fleeced.
  9. ok - I put up a post asking for advice on how much to sell my kit for - clearly stated that I was not looking to sell on this forum but need help getting the right second hand money for what I have to sell so I can get something I will actually use. I apologize din advance if I was breaking any rule about buying \ selling on the forum (neither of which I was trying to do). The thread has been pulled. Fair enough as this forum seems to have gone a little strict. (I was once told off for being sexist by referring to my wife as the wife. Despite the fact no one on here knows her and she is in fact my wife, my only wife so to me she is the "one and only" wife). At least have the common decency to drop members a message when a thread is pulled stating the exact reason why so it can be edited and reposted within the ever changing rules specifications. The whole point of a decent forum is to ask for advice, sometimes that will include the value of what you have. That is not selling - it is using a forum for one of its many uses.
  10. It has been a while since I got the scope out due to life getting in the way. I usually go full digital in my set up for taking pictures but decided to go to plain old observing mode. You need to appreciate things with your eyes before you start mucking about with cameras and precise tracking etc. I managed Venus (not as good as Jupiter) followed by Mars (better but Jupiter still better) and was waiting for Saturn to arrive when the clouds decided to come in. I was just rising above the roofline of my house when the clouds ruined play for the whole night so I will be making a greater effort to view Saturn for the first time. Hat trick missed but a very enjoyable session.
  11. plenty of galleries but picture of the week appears to have gone te same way as the buy sell section. Just head over tot eh imaging section and you will find lots of pictures taken by members
  12. watch the time lapse video - awesome New Time-Lapse Gives Rare Glimpse at Atacama’s Starry Nights – News Watch
  13. maybe not - get them on our side and just ban cars at night. Even less pollution
  14. BBC News - Road lighting 'could be dimmed' sorry if it has been posted before but I just came across the above link and cannot help but think that this will open up a few observing sites if it ever happens
  15. I install wired and wireless networks for a living and can honestly say that running a cable is by far the best route and requires no extra networking knowledge. Cat 5e will give you all you will need
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