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  1. Nice work glad to see more people sketching because any one can buy a image rig and take a dso they all look the same bigger or smaller they all the same but a sketch ,now that's some thing to be hold keep up the good work pat
  2. todd8137

    Hi All

    Hi Paul and welcome from me pat
  3. Great image and work you must be pleased I am pat
  4. Seeing is always the killer but to be honest sketches give a more accurate image of what you seemed the ep that's why I to,love to sketch as a sketch is me personal and although I love these great images posted on sgl it's not what we really see I look forward to more of your sketches pat
  5. Nice sketch am suprised that the filter did not kill the view esp with a 40mm the ring takes lots of power great work pat
  6. todd8137


    There plenty to sketch the planets are a good start ,there's a lot of open clusters and other dso targets I look forward to,your sketches pat
  7. Hi there am not going to do the 1,2 ,3 thing but when am going out planned, or unplanned I usually revert back to the diary sand notes I have kept from previous years ,I,will check what I viewed from from my diary and so on make new notes ect if any thing from day one is get your dream scope first because it takes around three scopes,to,get settled with a scope and take notes in a decent note book even keep notes on the days you do not view ,temperature seeing ect should,always be noted ,and on your nights of cloud you can read notes you had ,and also check and note stuff to view that ps coming into view pat
  8. Hi and welcome from me Pat
  9. Hi and welcome from me,enjoy the lounge pat
  10. Hi ,I use my filters all the time I do not mind taking it of one ep on to another but i have a reflector you could plan you night around your filters and remember some filters will kill the views in little scopes but shine in big ones keep that in mind pat
  11. Hi and welcome from me pat
  12. Hi,and welcome from me pat
  13. todd8137


    Hi and thats how i feel when i sketch now ,watching mars drift across the fov of the ep you realise where on a planet spinning in are solar system,when i image mars its just a image on a pc screen that stays centred its a art in its self but sketches give me time to take in the full glory of it moving pat
  14. todd8137


    i think next time i will just use white paper i wanted to see as well what they would look like once cut out and glued in place ,also next time no crayons, pat
  15. todd8137


    Hi and thats a great Qs because i also image but not of late ,i find when i draw any thing i see at the ep is a moment in time and a record for that time ect ,from another point if sketched over a few nights at diferent times they will show diferent things ,as already said when you sketch you tend to look a little harder and for a little longer .and you see more detail on mars the longer you look, i love images also by a shutter but every one can get the same sort of image but every one processes diferent ,with a sketch its a one of so to speak.cameras see the same image but the human eye and brain see diferent things and detail that can only be caugt with a sketch . the other thing about sketching is as it drifts in and out of view theres times when the detail is so sharp and the inky black back ground makes it almost pop out the ep i get to record that moment i can now have a record for next year and see how he looks (Mars) then . pat
  16. todd8137


    Hi all well it was a great clear night here and I put the dob out and I had rolled the roof back,a few hours before ,never sketched Mars before and it was around midnight I was about to pack away and I caught a glimpse . what a sight the detail,was really crisp at around x100 mag I,did push for better views at x225 ,but not as crisp but not bad,I,was,not sure how to tackle it so I,drew,some circles on white later and would,cut them out later it worked well,till I tried to take a pic to post the crayon I used for the orange just sent my camera crazy and would not let me capture as is,any way I feel it's what most of us,might see and I did see pat
  17. Another moon convert ,my main target is the moon it's always around and always gives great views the shadows always get me every time I image and draw ,but just looking at medium power is still a thrill pat yy
  18. I think the first time you shine a torch don a tube it's like ' what !' I've been to star parties and seen scopes that you would think are so bad you would not think possible ,but they see just as good pat
  19. Hi sounds like a all round good night ,I find at least thirty minutes per target is plenty but the more your eyes adjust the more you see great write up pat
  20. todd8137

    I'm home!!

    Hi and welcome sounds like you need to hide your wallet ,I feel you will soon be getting scope number two ,enjoy the the night sky after 10 years I still get wow moments pat
  21. todd8137

    Hey all

    Hi and enjoy the the lounge Pat
  22. Hello and welcome from me pat
  23. todd8137

    Hi everybody!

    Hello and welcome from me pat
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