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  1. Awesome image bob! I can't help with the colour issue but maybe you could try posting in the image processing section and see what comments you get
  2. Congrats John, great image!
  3. Absolutely brilliant Rob, awesome work and i hope you are feeling better soon!
  4. Awesome work Rob, so subtle but incredible in what it shows, nice one
  5. Great stuff Davide, makes a big difference not having the moon to contend with! Cool that you had another crack and improved your image, nice one
  6. Thats good going with that mount and the conditions! I really like this galaxy, i look forward to seeing your next effort at this!
  7. Great pics! We had a small display here last night and tonight too, not all clouds are unwelcome!
  8. That turned out great Leveye! Were the lights taken at f2.8?
  9. You must be chuffed with this Rob! Awesome image The starless version is interesting to see too
  10. Lovely image Arno Does anyone know the name of the faint grey neb at the top right of this image please?
  11. Brilliant Manuel This is probably the most detailed image of this region I have seen posted on SGL
  12. I'm a bit mad on Owls so to me the sound of Tawny Owls calling while out looking at the stars is the most awesome sound to hear. But when I was out watching the Lunar Eclipse just gone I kept hearing a sound which I have no idea what could cause it, sounded like if you took a thin stick and whipped it through the air, whatever was doing it kept doing it randomly all night. I couldn't hear any other movement apart from this whipping sound, does anyone have any idea what it could have been?!
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