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  1. Jolly good thanks for tips and pointers for the batteries and lens. -30 you say now that’s cold.
  2. Hello all, with forecasted lows of -2/3 c expected over the next few days for where I’m located, which usually means clear sky’s (touch wood) is there a minimum temperature not to exceed for using your telescope. sorry if it’s a silly question but I don’t mind the cold but my telescope might not perform well on frosty nights. Thanks
  3. Andy R

    Moon filter

    Thank you all for the great responses. Much appreciated , being new to astronomy there certainly are many factors to take into account, much food for thought I’m hoping for a break in the clouds tonight so I can try the scope on the moon.
  4. Hello my first question (takes deep breath) I’m looking at buying a moon filter I have a nexstar 6se, now it’s possible I’ve had an information overload but I’m sure I read or watched a video that said SCT type scopes dim the light of the image because of the design with that said the standard density of a moon filter I’m looking at (Baader Neutral Density Moon filters) is 0.9. Because of image being dim (if that’s correct)would I be better off getting a filter with 0.6 density to avoid the image being too dim. i know the filter is there to help your eyesight etc ive had the scope for a couple of days and haven’t actually used it during the night yet so I have no idea how bright the moon would be. Any advice would be much appreciated even to tell me I’m barking up the wrong tree Andy
  5. Andy R

    Helo from North Wales

    Hey thanks for the link I’ll certainly pop along sometime soon. And thank you all for your friendly welcome, SGL has a wealth of knowledge I hope I can take it all in. Andy
  6. Andy R

    Helo from North Wales

    Hi all, Well Im new to astronomy and I finally went a bought a telescope after moving from lightest brightest Essex to North Wales. I’ve been interested in star gazing for twenty five years after experiencing the night sky in Australia. On seeing the milky way for the first time I was glued to the spot looking up, opened mouthed, arm raised, finger pointing for about 3 hours, a humbling experience I won’t forget. A stary night where I did live would be about 10 stars However up here there a quite a few more but quite a bit more cloud too. So I’m looking forward to my first clear night and learning the sky Well that’s me done I’m off to read some threads Thanks all

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