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  1. I think you underrate your photographic ability slightly, very nice image. I too found myself up a hill, imaging on my own, overlooking the River Dee and Merseyside when I noticed Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. I don’t think I seen 4 planets at the same time. The icing on the cake really.
  2. Whatever his belief was, does this tragic death really warrant such satirical ridicule from members and moderators. If so, please remove my account as I’m not sure I want to be part of this group anymore
  3. Hi I did but now mainly use a manfrotto tripod. I originally purchased it as it was light weight and would be useful for hill walking/hiking as it keeps the weight down. I found the legs to be quite loose and would always lose polar alignment until I tightened up the Allen bolts at the top of the legs. I will no doubt use it again, just not for outside in the garden. Andy
  4. Try searching for a programme called Darktable, its free and quite a 'powerful' (sorry been watching too much astrobackyard) photo editing tool that opens CR2 raw files, the equivalent to Adobe Lightroom (subjective statement) more or less, that's free. However, with most software, there is a learning curve but you can view plenty of tutorials on YouTube. https://www.darktable.org/ <----heres the link
  5. Outstanding image and a quality level of detail I’d love to achieve, great to see what can be produced with 11+ hours. Im lucky to get 2 hours of clear weather in a week at the moment. well done.
  6. A bit off topic but what a fantastic Flickr page you have. Superb!
  7. I use these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-mini-finder-guider-asi120mm-bundle.html, same sort of spec and cheaper, but I will be using it with the Asiair pro, eventually, so needs to be a ZWO guide camera. Doesn't come with a mounting base thou, what software will you be using for PA? There is also https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/sky-watcher-9x50-finder-adapter-zwo-asi120mm-bundle.html as a cheaper option. HTH E2A: Id check out FLO's clearance thread on the home page. there's a couple of guide scope offers.
  8. The comical value is on par with the songs of praise programme.
  9. F5.6 I believe, its probably my processing - still learning.
  10. Moon & Venus conjunction 28/1/19. Needless to say dinner was delayed. The dogs were not happy.
  11. aye for the time being, keeps the dew of the extension lead and me away from the local but distant A&E. As for the patriotic flag, its on all carrier bags from Tesco's here in Wales. You certainly wouldn't see a cross of St George on bags in England, can you imagine the offence it would cause lol.
  12. Beautiful lovely colours ive literally just purchased a 50mm f1.4 super takuma yesterday (I took a bit of your advise you gave to someone else a few days ago with vintage lenses), I so cant wait to get it now. Thanks for sharing
  13. Imaged last night about 34 minutes worth of 60' subs, setting up guiding etc. Rather pleased when my mount slewed to the target as I was expecting it to be way off. I did manage a few 5 min subs but along came the rain Canon 6dMKii, Whitecat 51, Eqmod heq5 pro phd2 guiding.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished image Mr. Kat, one question thou how can you check the log file have? Have I missed something on the beta version.
  15. I actually had 3 hours of almost clear skies last night. A rare occurrence around these parts. Ive been chopping for on the bit to get a guiding rig up and running after an unsuccessful first attempt last week; and last night it all came together. Battery fully charged, mount polar aligned; laptop behaving, EQMOD behaving, star aligned perfectly, guide scope focused, phd2 and guiding working(eventually) and first target panstar dead centre. Over the moon literally then a huge rain cloud came and put a dampener on everything.
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