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  1. Try having a look at GIMP for editing too. it’s free and there are tutorials on YouTube for AP image editing. it’s not the best but certainly better than a kick in the teeth, failing that as spillage says StarTools does a free version just have a research for best DSS settings to use for best results. Nice solar/lunar images btw
  2. Thanks for the advise and source linkI’ve added it to my bookmarks. I will download the update and yes I am feeling adventurous. Clear skies all
  3. Hi thanks for taking the time to view and comment, very much appreciated, details as follows:- I used a CLS filter on a IR modified Canon 600D on M31, M33 & North American Nebula. As for M45 is was taken on a unmodified Canon 6D mkii with no filters all attached to a Whitecat51 with Star Adventurer unguided tracking mount NAN 21 x 30' subs iso 1600, 10 darks 30 bias, no flats due to newbie mistake,, forgot to take them. camera got wedged on scope. deleted a lot due to cloud and start trails M31 76 x 90' subs iso 3200 37 darks 20 bias, no flats due to newbie mistake, moved camera position on scope M33 100 x 90' subs iso3200, 40 darks, 60 bias, no flats due to, yep newbie mistake removed scope from camera M45 139 x 30' subs iso2000 57 darks, 30 bias, 38 flats. All stacked in DSS {Kappa sigma clipping if enough subs} I'm under bortle 4 mag 20.52 but light pollution dome from Merseyside to north & east. the subs & darks etc are a bit random but still learning. Thanks again Thank you all for your advice and heads up, very much appreciated and all taken onboard. I think ill stick with Startools for the time being and is certainly worth every penny. The laptop was financed by the new EQ mount fund. Its a very expensive hobby but worth it. I have a half read copy of making every photon count but is currently missing in action somewhere, ill have to make more effort to find it. Well im off for a tinker again Andy
  4. Hi all I've been imaging since August, collecting data on a few targets but I've never had the computing power to properly process the images. I have mainly used GIMP and Ipad apps which is ok but not a not ideal. I bought a half decent laptop and a license for Startools yesterday and have tried my luck with it. There is quite a lot to take in but im getting there I think. Anyhow any pointers, advise or criticism would be welcomed, are my stars looking ok? All taken with a DSLR and Whitecat 51 Thanks
  5. Being new to astronomy I've had a fair few wow moments over the past 12 months. From Andromeda filling my binocular field of view, seeing Saturn's rings to capturing the N.American Nebula on a modified DSLR. But seeing the Milky Way on a moonless Bortle1 night sky over twenty five years ago has always stayed with me. More of a mouth gaping fly catching moment than a wow moment.
  6. Hey next time im out in the wilderness ill drop you a message and see if you want a trip out with me. im started imaging lately so im not so much observing but im still learning. I've been Moel Famau a few times and Llyn Brenig. the latter being better as its darker and not so many nightime idiots. Andy
  7. Clear skies forecasted from Elevenish tonight. Greetings from up top of the hill.
  8. Do you drive Glob? There’s plenty of dark areas to view the night sky locally to you. Andy
  9. 02/10/2019 231 @ 25 second subs stacked in startrails, processed in Gimp Canon 6D mkii with Samyang 14mm wide angle @ F4 Special mention to Liverpool, Manchester & Dublin airports for sending so many planes my way.
  10. Cropped image of North America nebula 21x 90’ lights at iso 1600, 11x darks (should of been more subs but camera jammed the tracking mount and I lost a lot oops). Canon 600D Ha mod, CLS filter, Whitecat51, Star Adventurer tracker unguided. Stacked in DSS (first time) processed in GIMP (first time) and buffed up in Lightroom IOS.
  11. 27/9/19 Only two subs totalling 18mins. X1 10min @ iso200 & x1 8mins iso 400 before the clouds came again. Layered and blended in PS. Just experimenting as it was my first attempt. Doubt I’ll get another chance during the new moon phase. Thanks for looking
  12. Andy R

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Same as you Flintshire, I’m not far from Mold. And yourself?
  13. Andy R

    Hi from rainy Wales

    Hello from North Wales, not much chance of clear sky’s at the moment. When there is thou its great viewing. Welcome.
  14. The level of detail is amazing. I’m starting to see the moon in a completely different aspect.
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