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  1. Welcome to the AP Rabbit hole and well done .
  2. Nice Image Adam, how are getting on with Sharpstar 94? I bought one about the same time as you. Due to the weather mines only been out the box for the occasional admiring glance and daydream.
  3. Have a play around with the system settings bottom right on the game pad confirguration screen uncheck POV ENABLED and have a try, let me know how it goes. Andy
  4. Have a read of this link it covers issues with this type of controller towards the bottom EQMOD MOUNT CONTROLLERS (sourceforge.net) Game Controller continuously reports "POV_N" as being pressed. This can happen with some gamepad controllers that do not provide a POV control - the solution is just to diable the reading of the POV data in EQASCOM (an option on the gamepad configuration screen)
  5. It looks like you’ve selected the same button POV_N for each configuration you want. Can you confirm that you are selecting the individual button configuration on screen then pressing the desired button on the controller to assign that button to it?
  6. Have you tried just using the default settings to see if there’s any better functionality. If not what other game controller did you use, was it the same type? I think maybe the usb cabled Xbox or PlayStation type controller would be the type to use as this has more buttons. I’ll have a quick look at the video again
  7. I’ve seen colour when observing the blue snowball planetary nebula (NGc 7662) with a 6” SCT. I think it’s in the constellation of Andromeda so it’s still visible in the early evening sky. It was one of the first DSO’s I observed and was blown away by it.
  8. Thanks Richard, have you seen the Alyn Wallace youtube video of how he edits his HDR moon images. I didnt use his method on this but may try it on the raw files to see how it comes out. If you havent have a look at his channel, he posted it about 5 months or so ago. Andy
  9. Yep I was experimenting that night it’s either exposure bracketing with high speed continuous shoot mode or two different exposures manually set. Blended in photoshop and tonight in Lightroom I changed it to monochrome, 1:1 crop and radial filter to add a vignette.
  10. Going through Lightroom the last few days editing various pictures from last year (clouds, snow, rain and lockdown what else is there to do). I completely forgot about the shots of the super moon taken back in April, I was hoping to image it rising behind a few village buildings but as I recall the clouds rolled in just as it was due to rise. Anyhow, I kept my camera setup and shot the following a few hours later. Canon 6D mkii & WhiteCat 51
  11. @tooth_dr“I’ve a0.8x FR also on order.” May I ask where you’ve ordered it from please. Andy
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