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  1. Superb data as always. Pleasure to have a go at processing it specially after 6 weeks of cloud. Processed in photoshop as HSO palette.
  2. Zoom lens at 200 or 250mm or so, at 350mm you might get star trails without the guiding, with the crop factor you should get a nice full image in your field of view. Keep a eye on your focus too. That said have a go at the Milky Way early evening with your 12mm
  3. M45 The Pleiades, easy to see and frame in the view finder, 60 second subs so no guiding required. Lovely blue grey nebulae in front of the cluster. Nice object to practice your processing on too. Hope you have the weather for it
  4. Sorry guys I stripped my rig down a few weeks back to add a EAF and spacers for my back focus. Not seen the stars since. Nice image thou
  5. You keep producing these fantastic images Göran, Makes me want to part with some cash and buy a RASA. Looking at your kit list thou, is it your preferred imaging setup?
  6. I bought a dimmable one for about £18 pound works ok, I suppose it’s about build quality and size, just make sure the light panel covers your scopes aperture. E2a what he says
  7. Andy R

    Back for good

    Well then a 6 month belated welcome back..................for good. Not sure if i have the Bee Gees or Take That in my head now.
  8. Congrats and well done to the winners.
  9. 2nd and final attempt, same workflow as before except no star reduction and HOO palette instead Thanks Andy
  10. Great picture, I like it very much. Very easy to loose yourself in the detail when zoomed in. 10 hours well spent Thanks for sharing
  11. Well I don't think I've had as sweaty palms as I had when I first looked at the Data after stretching the images, thank you SGL/FLO for sharing. lovely data. I stuck with the SHO Hubble palette and approached the processing with little idea as to how i was going process it in Photoshop, still learning the dark art, and to be truthful I still dont. I think it was along the lines of:- After initial stretch and combine colour channels Masked out the Nebula from background (Object selection tool tidied up with lasso tool) and selective colour on background. Inverted mask and selective colour on Nebula Kept the same mask and performed dust and scratches on background blended the Nebula edges in with blur tool Used Ha copy and pasted as luminance layer on top reduced opacity a couple of curve adjustments and star reduction in there somewhere., blurred the stars on the Nebula with a small diameter blur tool. and I think thats about it, Bit of noise reduction ah and a Hipass sharpen, layer set to overlay 25% opacity. I shall do a more orthodox image maybe, Thanks Andy
  12. I had plans for a few locations up in the hills back in spring while the Milky Way was low in the sky but the lockdown put those on ice til next year, saying that the weather has not been good either. Maybe I’ll stay local and get a few winter constellations and sheep lol. Thanks Andy
  13. It’s more a case of whether your guiding setup is suitable for your imaging setup. In most cases this is a good guide camera/scope set up. You can check your imaging setup against guiding by going to Astronomy tools (in the drop down menu) and scroll down finding the guiding suitability calculator. I’ve use mine on focal lengths from 250mm upto 1500mm.
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