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  1. Once I reach focus and happy with it I use a small piece of decorators masking tape (low adhesive and leaves no residue when removed) across the focus ring and zoom to hold focus. I then use a coowoo lens heater/dew band which runs off usb.
  2. The Pleiades, M45, Severn Sisters, Subaru or "that bunch of stars that look like a little saucepan", as I use to refer to it, when I didn't know any different. I love the star cluster and the reflection nebulae it creates, One of the first DSO's I imaged last August and one I will always try to improve on. Went for a widefield image a few nights back, just short of 2 hours of data taken with an unguided Star Adventurer, unmodded Canon 6D mkii with the kit lens @105mm, ISO800 210' subs. 25 darks, bias and flats. Stacked in DSS processed in StarTools.
  3. Lovely detail in there, yes the weather sore subject!
  4. Found this thread really useful thanks to everyone's input, as I too have just started to setup my mount, ascom/eqmod and stellarium with no previous experience. Managed to get everything talking and working then my graphics card let the side down and kept crashing stellarium and my laptop. Its 8 years (windows10 upgrade) old and I think the graphics card doesn't supports opengl3.0 or the other spec requirement or both. anyhow I downloaded and ran Cartes du ciel and truthfully I was up and running slewing to targets in 2 minutes without researching how or when. It may not be as graphically pleasing to the eye as stellarium but its has my vote for newbie usability. Right im off to research APT now.
  5. 29/12/2019 Widefield picture Rosette Nebula region, stars not the most pin sharp due to random strong gusts of wind causing vibrations on the camera/mount. I will probably process again with less subs but I thought I'd give it a go with what I had. Plagued once again by camera going out of focus every now and then (even tried a bit of low adhesive masking tape across the focuser&zoom). 63x210' subs, 25 darks, flats and bias. stacked with DSS and processed in StarTools, tweeked in Photoshop. Can anyone recommend any astro plugin they use? 85mm (x1.6 crop factor) canon F/F kit lens ISO800 F5.6. Ta for looking.
  6. 20/12/2019 31 x 240' subs, 20 darks, 25 bias and 25 flats. ISO 400 @F5 Modified Canon 600D - Full frame Kit lens 24-105mm @ 24mm (*1.6 crop factor) unguided Star Adventurer & WO wedge. Stacked in DSS, processed in StarTools v.1.6.383A
  7. I Found its tough going a few weeks back, 130 minutes of data and it could of done with a lot lot lot more. I was using a unmodded full frame DSLR with a whitecat 51 & the next night I tried a modded DSLR, messed it up the framing with the crop factor thou and cut half of it off. Im still playing around with the data in StarTools but having problems trying to tease out the Nebula. I will however try with photoshop but I don't expect any better results. So the only advise I can give is collect as many hours of data as you can and use Rigel to frame your images. That said Im still new to AP so ill be looking at what other members advise too. Good luck.
  8. I keep my visual & imaging setups indoors, in the dining room, ready to go at a moments notice. I don't have a shed, and if I did it would of long been blown away. I do however have a 20' storage container but due to a rather large false widow spider population and slight dampness I find the idea a little off putting. However its a growing collection and sooner or later the lesser used items will have to collapsed and moved upstairs.
  9. Thank you Bryan, I think I will be attempting the Rosette & Cone Nebulae next time around with the same lens at a higher zoom. I've took the plunge this week and purchased Photoshop so I will no doubt attempt to process the data again using this, just for a comparison. Andy
  10. Also worth considering is buying used/secondhand. I bought a well looked after Heq5 pro mount & tripod last week, its not as beefy as a Neq6 (smaller payload) but still a capable mount for starting AP etc. Plus the money I’ve saved will go towards a suitable triplet refractor/guiding setup.
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