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  1. "I haven’t noticed this before it’s only the 3rd time I’m going to use it."... remember? You started about that yourself... It was just really good advice to not do what you did. Mein gott i remember just fine, if you ‘read’ the post again it was clearly stated with reference to a Di-electric star diagonal which is a upgrade to the standard diagonal thats supplied with the majority of beginner scopes. Which incidentally I have used a few more times for both daytime (nature watching/village life observing) and nighttime observing with no wobble issues. I guess the issue is more build quality than my actions With regards to lens cleaning, I keep my scope erected by the back door at all times(no pun intended) minus lens and diagonal. However if friends or family visit it’s a good conversation piece and usually I pull out the lens and standard diagonal and give them a look. On this occasion my lens had been human handled and had acquired a smudge from a stray finger and hence required a clean. Without appearing to be too horrified and obsessive I put the lens away to be cleaned at a later date which just so happened to be the other night. I’m a strong advocate of search and research before asking repetitive questions on forums and so well aware of do and don’t with lens/scope cleaning but not so with the internals of said star diagonal. Anyhow I thank you for your advice and is duly noted
  2. Hi yep it’s prob stripped thread, I’m seeing a wee bit of fine swarf on the mirror that wasn’t there before. I’m thinking of asking if I can send it back or I may just glue it in place thanks anyhow. How do you know how much use my EP has had I asked for advice on my star diagonal not for my lens cleaning to be scrutinised
  3. Hello, right looked out out the window tonight and noticed it was clear sky’s whoop whoop, grabbed my scope and its currently cooling down outside. Started getting the rest ready gave EP a quick clean, got my diagonal out (it’s a star-watcher 1.25 Di-electric) and I noticed the shaft that the EP fixes into is wobbly. I haven’t noticed this before it’s only the 3rd time I’m going to use it. Has anyone any knowledge of these diagonals, and if so can I open the back and tighten it I’ve tried winding it clockwise but it doesn’t tighten so I’m thinking maybe there is a compression fitting inside? Anyhow I’m off out to see if the view is affected thanks all.
  4. Hello Erik and welgome What is the light pollution like where you live? Enjoy the site!
  5. Aha the graphics make all the difference, nice link thanks.
  6. Hi john its a basic nexstar goto mount at the moment. However the HEQ5/6 looks great piece of kit maybe in a year or two I’ll upgrade to a equatorial mount with a new scope. I understand what you mean by the WiFi adaptor thou. I’ve just downloaded the skysafari pro app and that has the same sort of function (I think) just need the WiFi adaptor. Alas cloudy tonight and the wind is getting up Cheers all
  7. Well I had my first real session tonight, I’ve had two previous attempts using my telescope with varying levels of success. Mostly with the weather being a major factor; ie too windy to focus properly due to bufferting(I live on a exposed hill) or sub zero temps. Anyhow on both occasions my goto never aligned properly after stating it had successfully aligned. Anyhow a bit of research on here I realised we’re not in daylight saving yet d’oh(a common newbie mistake) so my setup was wrong. Anyway I’ve not had the weather for the last two weeks but tonight it all came together and aligned correctly. Ok it was a little bright with the moon, blinding in fact, but the detail of the surface and shadows in the crators beats any binoculars view. Anyhow observed the Orion Nebula and andromeda without too much difficulty tonight and loads of star doubles Rigel castor Polaris to name a few which I’ve never seen before. I scooped out a few sites around the Denbigh moors today and can’t wait for darker sky’s. So just wanted to say SGL is a great website with fantastic advise and to any newbies not to get too disheartened if things don’t go to plan. Thanks all
  8. A goldmine of astronomical info for sure. Enjoy
  9. I’m definitely upgrading my SkySafari thanks stu
  10. Thank you I’m in awe of your night sky btw. Nothing has ever come close to the amount of stars I saw when travelling round oz.
  11. Added to my favourites. Fantastic link found it very useful (for a complete novice) especially if and when I choose another scope.
  12. I’ve just subbed, bad weather tonight thou. Last night was clear and had some fantastic views.
  13. So much to research and learn thanks all looks like il be buying a few more apps
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