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  1. I got to see this in all it's glory! It was so cool because just about 06:00 we had a massive power outage, it was completely dark out! No street lights, my neighbors 24/7 porch lights, and the haze from the city were gone. I only wish I could have known it was coming and had my stuff set up...it was awesome!
  2. I was wondering what that is to the upper right? Looks like a string a pearls....a contrail? I've seen some really bizzare colors in clouds around sunset but they were made by contrails. Could it be something in the vapor trails leaving strange looking formations? Just a thought.
  3. I agree, especially the farther out one goes. I'm amazed at those double stars that seem so close together only to find out they're fifty zillion trillion light years from each other...it still boggles my mind.
  4. I guess what caught my eye with this one was; it didn't appear as a satellite, it was such a faint light a solid white light with no shine to it. And it appeard to be way out there, but I'm not an expert at judgeing distances.
  5. Great! It's nice to actually be able to make sense of something out there for a change...This is something I wasn't aware of...cool!
  6. If this was a satellite, how could it be this slow. I mean...a satellite went through my field of view as I was watching this and it went by so fast that I barely got a glimpse of it. This object took twelve seconds just to go through my field of view and about 8 minutes just to go through a little opening in the trees in front of my house. How could a satellite go this slow if it were orbiting our planet? Also...it was a tiny point of light, not at all like the light emitted from the satellite that whizzed through my field of view. I don't know what the heck it was but it seemd to me to be out in space, far from our atmosphere. I'm wondering if anyone else has seen anything like this?
  7. Last night I was doing some lunar viewning with my dob when I saw a small dot of light going North/South, I locked onto it and followed it for several minutes. The crazy thing about this was; I was looking at the moon through the trees in my front yard, it's not a very big opening and I can only observe the moon for about 45 minutes before it's gone. As the moon was slipping behind the giant redwood trees, I spotted the small dot moving slowly. It took 12 seconds for the image to go from one edge of my view to the other, I was using a 30mm ES 80 degree ep. As I was watching, a normal satellite whizzed through my view but this little dot of light just meandered along, I watched it for about 8 minutes. A few hours later I saw another one at another set up location. Again, I'm scratching my head as to what this could be? It wasn't visible to the naked eye and if I had to make a bet on it, I would say it was a deep space object. I've tracked satelites many times with my dob and it's a real chore to keep up but this was going so slow that I was able to have my daughter come over and take a look at it without losing it. I hope someone can shed some light on this one.
  8. I've spent a lot of my summer nights hoping to spot this (whatever) again to no avail. I've seen ISS and smaller satelites a thousand times since and payed close attention to them all. What I have seen three times appears to be the ISS at about 3-4 times the speed...I'm left with a mystery but I'm almost certain that this was not a conventional aircraft. I purposefully paid close attention to everything in the last few months even zooming in with my telescope on several different aircraft. I have yet to find anything even close to what my wife and I observed. I guess I'll never know but it was kind of fun trying to figure it out.
  9. I don't know what to think of this anymore, I was out tonight ready to capture it on video but all I saw was the normal air traffic. This object almost has to be outside our atmosphere or it "would" leave one heck of a sonic boom. This has been near commercial air traffic lanes and near the local airport all three times I've seen it but it has no anti-collision lights. No red no green no strobes, if it were anywhere close in altitude it would have these lights. It kind of freaks me out when I think how big ISS is; this appears every bit as big or bigger...so if it "is" reflective light?!?!?! My wife and I spent a good amount of time talking it over the first night we encountered it and we're still puzzled. She is much more analytic than I am and we've had more than our share of disagreements (after having been married for almost 40 years) but this is something were both completely together on. We will probably never know what it is that we've witnessed but it's caused us to be even more appreciative of our awesome night sky.
  10. A person just a few miles from where I live has also reported this object and like "me" he's an avid sky watcher for many years, he described it exactly as I did. If I thought for a minute that this was an airplane I wouldn't have even mentioned it. I've observed aircraft at night my entire life and this (I would bet my life on it) is not an airplane. I've seen planes coming up from LA that are extremely bright when their lights are aimed at me but this craft is as bright as Jupiter as it fly's "overhead". I have never observed a plane with one large steady light on it's underside with no other lights anywhere else. If this were a jet aircraft (and it would have to be at this speed) it would have to be at a relatively low altitude for it to be so bright but there is no engine noise...it's totally silent. I have no idea what this is but I'm pretty sure of what it's not...! I believe people are often misidentifying things in the night sky because things happen so quickly and most aren't well versed in routine night sky objects. After seeing this three times I've been able to record a steady and accurate description each time I've seen it. I know it's not a natural phenomenon and I have never bought into nuts and bolts alien spacecraft thing so I'm leaning very heavily toward some sort of new secretive technology. I'm going to keep trying to film it but so far it's eluded me when I'm out with the scopes set up. Two of the encounters have occurred as I was stepping out to my shop and I wouldn't even have time to get the camera out of the bag and of course when I "do" have it set up and ready to go...nothing! I doubt getting video would avail much anyway, unless I could zoom in as it went over at dusk. I would most likely just have another video of a light in the sky that proves nothing. I am glad to see that some others are reporting this on the forum as well...maybe more sightings will help shed light on what this could really be!
  11. I've seen this again night before last in almost the same orbit as the last! My curiosity is really peaked now. This has every appearance of ISS but I know it isn't because I have the program and watch ISS every time it passes, also the speed that this object travels. This thing goes from horizon to horizon in about 2 - 2 1/2 minutes. I'm hoping others have seen it and have some idea's!
  12. I was able to get out last night for a few hours and really use this ES 30mm I'm so impressed with it! It's really heavy (2lbs 4oz) and I've already had a few OMG moments when people see it! While I was down at the park setting up one guy said "I have a little telescope at home but the ep's are only about an inch around" he was blown away. (when ever people see my Dob they think I'm setting up a cannon !) I think I got him interested in astronomy all over again when he saw Saturn through my Barlowed Nagler T4 12mm Anyway...the 30mm has very little loss of light even though it has quite a pile of glass in it. It's sharp through 90% of it. I doubt I'll use it that much (mostly to find things) but I did find myself touring the heavens enjoying anything that popped in to view..."that" to me keeps the hobby fun...I love this eyepiece!
  13. My aim is to be set up and try to get a shot of it with my dob, I've seen some pretty good detail on the ISS but as fast as this is...it will be a challenge to say the least. I just love the technology today...being able to not only see which satellite is going over but the get alerts as to when they're coming...is just awesome! I love tracking satellites almost as much as peeping through my scopes.
  14. I wish I had known this years ago...I'd have fewer gray hairs!
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