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  1. Today, an extremely rare celestial event took place. The moon passed in front of the planet Mars, obscuring it from view for around 1 hour. This event was only visible from a small part of the world, around southeast Asia I was able to capture the reappearance of Mars from behind the moon at 7:11pm local time! An absolutely incredible experience. My first planetary occultation. Last night there were thunderstorms in my area, so I was trying to keep my hopes down for the big day. But fortunately, I lucked out with clear sky. I have waited for this event since 1+ year, so I’m extremely glad I was able to capture it. Mars has moved away from the earth and is quite small in the sky now, hence the surface details aren’t as good as last year end. This image is a blend of two videos, processed and stacked to compensate for the relative motion of the moon and Mars. EXIF: GSO 8” CC CEM-40 Neximage 5 Best 5% of 10,000 frames for mars best 10% of 2,500 frames for moon AS3, Registax, Lightroom 17th April 2021, 7:11pm
  2. GSO 8" CC Neximage 5 best 5% of 6,000 frames Hope you enjoy! I love the long shadows
  3. Very happy with this image! I've wanted to do an HaRGB image of M31 for a long time, and I finally got some good data by travelling to a bortle 4 sky. Hope you enjoy! - Shivam Canon EOS R sigma 150-600mm skyguider pro ISO 6400 45" f6.3 RGB: 232 x 45s = 2h54min 1600mm pro + Ha filter Ha: 120s x 19 = 38 min total integration: 3h32min DSS, PS, LR Jarar, U.P, India (bortle 4) 12th and 14th December 2020
  4. thanks thanks! yep I did blow it out a bit, couldn't fix it later. thanks
  5. Very pleased with how this one turned out, considering the moon and light pollution. hope you enjoy -Shivam EXIF: William optics Z61 OTA ASI 1600MM pro ZWO EFW & 7nm filters CEM-40 w/ ipolar no autoguiding 120s x 120 = 4 hours Ha 120s x 120 = 4 hours Oiii Gain 200 temp -2C 8 hours total integration darks, flats, dark flats N.I.N.A, DSS, PS, LR 2,3,4 october 2020 Avg moon phase: 96% Agra, India -bortle 8
  6. Hi All, here is my best narrowband image yet. Just got the new cam last week. WO z61 ASI 1600MM pro ZWO 7nm filters CEM-40 w/ ipolar no autoguiding 60 x 162 = 2h42min Ha 60 x 100 = 1h40min Oiii Gain 200 temp -2C 4 hour 22 min total integration darks, flats, dark flats N.I.N.A, DSS, PS, LR 30 sep, 1 october 2020 Avg moon phase: 99% Agra, India - bortle class 8
  7. I travelled 135km to watch my third ever ISS transit, and got my best photos yet! it transited in just 0.76 seconds. Canon eos R 150-600mm sigma lens + solar filter Skyguider pro 4K video at 25fps Frames extracted and stacked in AS3 to make the background sun image LR, registax, PS 1:28pm 1st October 2020 Northern India
  8. Here is Mars with its two small asteroid moons Phobos and Deimos! I’m really surprised I was able to capture these very faint moons. I overexposed the image and barely detected them near mars, in the correct positions according to my app to confirm I identified them correctly. The first image is a blend of two exposures to show both mars and the moons. GSO 8” CC CEM-40 Neximage 5 Canon eos R Best 5% of 22k frames 1:53am 23rd September 2020 Agra, India
  9. Got good seeing couple of nights back and got my best image of the North America Nebula yet very pleased with this, considering captured in bortle 8 light pollution from the middle of my city. EXIF:William Optics Z61 Canon EOS R UHC nebula filter CEM-40 (unguided) ISO 3200 f5.9 120s x 125 = 4h10 min integration Darks, flats, bias DSS, PS, LR 23rd September 2020 Agra, India -Bortle 8
  10. thank you! Bortle 8, in the middle of a city. Light pollution is a real challenge here
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