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  1. I got tired of it and intended to put at least 50hrs of luminance but the whole week of cloudy weather and 3 ZWO ASI183MM came, so I will top for a while and will continue with all luminance again.
  2. M31 - Anromeda in HaLRGB - 97 Hrs over 8 nights Luminance = 579 x 120s / 19.3HrsRed = 167 x 300s / 13.9HrsGreen = 172 x 300s / 14.3HrsBlue = 169 x 300s / 14.0Hrs H-Alpha = 432 x 300s - 36Hrs Scope: https://flic.kr/p/2gAfKn7 Higher Resolution: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vcs2prt_4VntF8jYRi8KX7OId5lXZMoN/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_Lj-cpsp6CuFfLv-pVQUdn1QB9MLwUBJ/view?usp=sharing
  3. I got these from Agena Astro(Mono) last month Aug 2020 and Highpointscientific(July 2020-Color) so still under warranty. Comes with everything as bought. $15 shipping in ConUS $599 - Color Cooled (SOLD!!!) $699- Mono Cooled
  4. Imaged over 7nights, 93.6Hrs integration Filters used: 3x Astrodon 3nm OIII 3x Astrodon 3nm H-Alpha Exposure Info: 336 x 5min = OIII 340 x 10min = OIII 54 x 10min = H-Alpha Telescope: https://flic.kr/p/2gAfKn7
  5. Thanks to all and thanks to work from home Covid thingy LOL
  6. Added more to a total of 65 Hrs on OIII, very small difference and I think tonight will be my last attempt for this...
  7. After the first night when the smoke no longer in the east coast I was able to add more for a total of about 35hrs on OIII. 571mm @F5.6 on Bortle 6. I will add more tonight and excellent seeing and transparency on the forecast. Most likely another 15hrs will be added tonight. 336 x 300s OIII 47 x 600s OIII
  8. We have similar style and I love the yellow to cyan transition. We both can agree that when we image 3 different channels, we should get 3 different colors to separate..
  9. I accepted defeat on this object last year when I tried it and I went back on this last night with my new configuration, my previous was a triscope @F5.6 400mm canon lens and the 3hrs OIII only barely shows the outline on the tip. Now with the new configuration 714mm F7 reduced to 571mm @ F5.6 and 3x 3nm OIII and in one night I was able to make out the squid with 3.5hrs of imaging time (or about 10.5hrs data) in single night. The tri-scope is equivalent to F2.8 single scope. Tonight I have another 4-5hrs of clear sky in the forecast so hopefully I will get more detail. I have bortle 6. Telescope: https://flic.kr/p/2gAfKn7 121 x 300sec Gain=200 Offset=45 on ZWO ASI1600MM
  10. I did build an RPi 3+ a year ago to make my triscope completely wireless in case I moved to a different house. Without any complicated setup I loaded Indigosky on it. Everything works, 3 cameras simultaneously, dithering, PHD2 all worked. I use APT which support Indi bridge. This is how I set it up.
  11. I have Astrodon 3nm SHO and LRGB, even though they say it is parfocal, I find it still slightly out of focus and I think this is probably due to manufacturing tolerance. This is why I turn to a tri-scope to eliminate changing filters many times during a session.
  12. Taken with Lunt 60mm Pressure Tuned Double Stacked telescope. Full image was taken with ZWO174MM and the close up prominence is taken with ZWO ASI290MM with powermate 2.5x.Exposures: Full disc: 5,000 best frames out of 10,000 in AVI formatClose up: 1,000 best frames out of 5,000 in SER format
  13. Interesting, color matches with my iphone which I use for reference.
  14. Finally got a decent data but I think I can get more tonight. So far this 2-panel mosaic has about 25hrs of data taken on 08/21 and 08/24.Telescope: https://flic.kr/p/2gAfKn7Camera: ZWO ASI1600MMExposures:Ha = 201 x 300s (G200/Off 45) SII = 53 x 300s (G200/Off 45) OIII = 54 x 300s (G200/Off 45) All processed in Pixinsight.
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