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  1. Thanks for the advice, I’ll investigate. Presume neither will invalidate the warranty?
  2. First try this evening with an Az GTi on Gitzo mount and Mak127. Quick and easy to set up and seemed to take the weight of kit (circa 5kg) in its stride. Tracked moon and Mars very accurately. Only criticism, there was a small but distinct judder every couple of seconds like the ticking of a clock as the unit tracked. Presume this is down to damping of the tripod (lightweight series 5) rather than the mount? Hoped it would track more smoothly. Thoughts?
  3. Finally had a gloriously clear night for some DSO viewing. Decided to dust off the 18” dob, OVNI-B night vision goggles and Televue 67mm convertor / 55mm combo, all rested recently due to the poor weather and, when ok, exciting planet action. Also the fIrst time trying a new filter wheel, which is cheap, built like a tank and not easy to use/rotate but does the job allowing a quick comparison between filters; a 642 Astronomik pro planet, 12nm Astronomik and 3.5nm Antlia. I really struggled with the latter last time out back in Autum thinking there was far too much scintillation. But in hindsig
  4. Background: Very happy with my “grab” kit for lunar and planets (Mak127 on Gitzo). But the “go” bit is driving me nuts. Three times this week I’ve put the scope outside to cool under what appear to be clear and still skies only to check 10mins later and be met with cloud and rain. So I really need something that doesn’t require any cool down or collimation and is good to go pretty much straight away inbetween breaks in the cloud. I currently get great high mag views through the mak or big dob with a Binotron, 24mm pans and powerswitch on medium and high settings (circa x150 and x190 I bel
  5. Appreciate there are a number of similar threads but struggling to find a consensus on a reliable and lightweight, portable power option for the AZ GTI mount (mine arriving next week). Have narrowed this down to; a) Panasonic eneloop pro rechargeable AA batteries (or similar) but one or two comments suggesting these may not provide consistent/adequate power all the time for tracking and Wi-fi beyond a few hours? b) TalentCell Rechargeable 36W 12V/6000mAh 5V/12000mAh or the smaller/cheaper 3000mAh version (are these safe to keep in the house / not prone to get damaged or combust if le
  6. Some absolute crackers here in Edinburgh. Managed 20 minutes viewing with the family in the backyard seeing around 10 in that time. One in particular I genuinely thought was a firework someone had let off with an ultra bright head and very long tail. Incredible. Just about made up for the appalling weather we’ve had here since end September.
  7. Finally had a chance to try out a pair of Denkmeier D14s in a Mak127 and Binotron binoviewer. Very happy with my current 32mm plossls and 24mm panoptics but always hankered after something with more magnification. Targets were the moon and Mars. All I can say is wow the D14s were fantastic. Lunar views were noticeably brighter on all three power settings compared to the other eyepieces (was not expecting that). I was also anticipating high power to be a little washed out, as can be the case in the panoptics but they were actually the highlight of the evening. Apollo-like views. Eye pos
  8. I feared you might say that about the Feathertouch. Which model FTF did you go for?
  9. Anyone had any success using these together (obviously not all three at the same time!)? Having experienced the joys of true grab and go with a Mak127 the other night I’m looking for something equally portable for night vision (a 4” refractor) but also something offering wide field views with a binoviewer. If I’m reading the various posts on SGL correctly, the DC needs an adapter for the focuser to accept 2” kit, e.g. 55mm plossl for afocal viewing with an OVNI-B or the 2” Binotron. Appreciate upgrading the focuser is an option - but prefer that to come down the line. I’ve always u
  10. Interesting, I had to fit a Mak to Sct adapter to use my existing 2”diagonal which attaches to the Binotron. Challenge I have is the Binotron only takes 1.25” eyepieces. No fear though as the 32mm plossl’s used last night were great. Just need to work out if I get the Televue extender eyeguards or something similar with wings (I have some flexible rubber wings on my NV goggles and they completely block out all surrounding light like suction pads or a divers mask and they totally transform the viewing experience in my mind as you don’t notice the small FOV as everything is black!).
  11. Fingers crossed for you, am sure you won’t be disappointed. While you’re waiting I can recommend getting a finder scope as the red dot one supplied as standard isn’t great and with the scope having a small FOV it can be a bit tricky to centre items. I just need to decide now whether to get a 9x50 or 6x30. The latter appeals to help keep the weight down with a wider FOV but not sure if that then means it’s more difficult to spot your target? Also, regarding the 32mm plossl, does anyone know if these would fit? https://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=158 I bought a pair a
  12. 3rd night out with the new grab and go kit (Mak127 left outside to cool 1 hour, Binotron and 24mm panoptics). Four targets this time, something not previously possible in the backyard as surrounded by other buildings. Saturn - wow, best views ever. Crisp and clear on both low and medium power settings. Have previously viewed through a large dob and looked like a very small white ball with ears! But this was on a different level. No atmospheric wobble, ultra bright, with nice magnification. Jupiter - quite disappointing. Could just about make out some of the bands, no subtle red spot,
  13. Some great responses here (but a lot to take in!). Looks like different scopes depending on viewing objectives. a) Have big dob in back garden for DSO with/without NV goggles (and great with binoviewer for lunar and planets when in view) b) Have Mak127 for grab and go for lunar and planets (but not NV). Great views but small FOV so may have to add some fine tuning knobs or tracking (not fun nudging around). c) Perhaps a lightweight refractor for grab and go NV. I’ve seen a lightweight apo (4kg) in the 102mm F7 range. Is that the wrong speed for NV even if I’m using the 67mm Te
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