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  1. Am sure this will be clear once I’ve removed the spacer but when you say “adjust the screws until the spacing at each screw is the same” does this mean they’re all finger tight (wondering if the distance can be the same but for very levels screwed in)?
  2. One day possibly. I know I’ve said it before but the little mak is so good. Crystal clear views of the moon straight away. No cool down, no collimation etc…I’ve also found with the Binotron if I take out the OCS from the diagonal I get 3 more powers (much lower mag) so that’s 6 with just one eyepiece pair. Like having a panoptic 60mm… One thing I need to check on the mount is which side to fit the saddle. At present it’s on the left which I think Rowan recommend if having just one heavy scope but the fittings for viewfinders etc are then upside down. Hoping it’s ok to swap sides. Onl
  3. Trialled the scope tonight for the first time on the new mount/tripod. Doddle to set up and balance but, as expected collimation a mile out probably a result of recently fitting Bobs knobs (moon didn’t focus at all, but not a focuser travel issue). Can I check the above technique. When I look down the scope from 3m away am I trying to line my eye directly opposite/in front of the centre of the mirror? I tried this but wasn’t sure what concentric circles I was looking for. Are there any pics of this? Naff view of what I was seeing below.
  4. First light with C11. Steady as a rock, motion buttery smooth but collimation a mile out and need to work that out…
  5. Planning on using my C11 this evening for the fist time as clear skies are forecast and the moon should be in a good position. Only problem is it doesn’t get dark up here this time of the year so I won’t have any stars to use for collimation. Do I have any other options? I fitted Bobs knobs per instruction (one at a time) but am pretty sure the scope will now be out of alignment. Have just googled “C11 collimation” and difficult to know which of the many methods to follow. Any advice much appreciated.
  6. Here’s the bag I’m using for the mount. I’ve left a piece of the dense foam that came with the AZ100 to line the bottom. Highly recommended plus plenty of pockets for other bits and bobs. The photo is a bit misleading as it makes the bag look much larger than the mount but in reality there’s just a couple of inches spare all around.
  7. I bought one for my C11 but to be honest the movement is so smooth (fingertip/no effort) I think it’s going to be surplus to requirements. The scope and mount are on a planet tripod. Rock steady. The slow motion controls are also fantastic, so much so that the Mount zero I also have feels “stuck” in comparison (need to work out how to adjust that). I came close to getting the tpod (which looks like a work of art) to save a few pounds in weight but have no regrets with the planet: no grating noise when you extend the legs, no counterweight required (a big win for me) and it’s actually more
  8. The big surprise with the mount is how smooth the slow mo controls are even with a big scope onboard. I have a mak127 on a zero mount for genuine grab and go which is fantastic but didn’t realise how stiff/tight the controls were on that until trying the Rowan this evening. Need to read up on the zero mount forum about loosening that a bit.
  9. I’ll get some pics on tomorrow. So far am using the alt only. Feels rock steady and hopefully not a tip hazard (famous last words!). Certainly not a grab and go set up, but the three main components are just about easy enough to break down and carry separately to the car and set up is around 60 seconds only. Certainly think I’ll be more inclined doing that than taking a truss dob apart and back up again which is closer to 10 minutes plus another 5 trying to find dropped wing nuts. Once collimation sorted looking forward to trying the NV goggles in this at a dark site.
  10. New set up for dark sky trips slowly starting to come together (used C11 on AZ100 and planet tripod). The latter arrived today. Bigger than expected but very stable and a doddle to fit the mount on so am glad I went with that rather than the lighter tpod which would have needed counterweights. The AZ100 is a serious bit of kit. Stuck the C11 on it. Rock solid and movement in all directions, once balanced, was sooo smooth. In hindsight didn’t need the tilt handle as easy to move using the grab handle on the C11, but hey ho. Observing time next few weeks likely to be limited with poor weat
  11. New toy arrived yesterday. Lovely piece of kit, beautifully engineered but does weigh a bit and wouldn’t like to drop on my toes! Has anyone found a suitable padded bag/case to store and transport? I’ve seen a few Oklop bags that may be ok. Not sure if something like this would work (need to get the tape measure out -EQ5 or 6?). https://www.firstlightoptics.com/telescope-bags-cases-storage/oklop-padded-bag-for-sky-watcher-eq6-r-mounts.html
  12. Am looking to potentially use a very light skywatcher finder scope which I already have (same as the first link below) on my C11 rather than the nicer but much heavier stock Celestron version that came with the C11. Assuming this is possible with an appropriate shoe plate? Not sure if the second link below would work? I might have to rely on one screw only as don’t want to be doing any drilling. I use a rigel and Nexus DSC so the finder scope is really just there for initial alignment and nothing else. Visual only. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/finders/sky-watcher-6x30-right-angled-fin
  13. Thanks Jeremy, can I ask do you use counter weights with the planet for heavy scopes? I’m hoping not as that’s already 3 heavy items to carry out and back separately to the car (C11, AZ100 and likely the planet tripod). Not sure my knees would take a fourth. I had discounted the tpod as, although materially lighter than the planet, weights are definitely needed for that. All of this is supposed to be giving me something more portable than the 18” dob I already have; I can’t lift the mirror box for that even when broken down and after 2 years use in the back garden I’ve never been tempted
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