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  1. Tried the “legendary” RKE 28mm eyepieces on the moon last night. Not sure if I’m doing something wrong but no floating effect. Actually found them tricky to use with precise eye position required. Went straight back to the panoptics for a more comfortable view. Should I persevere? Perhaps need to be at a dark site?
  2. Hi Stuy, the mirror is by Oldham Optical and F3.9. Unfortunately with the virus restrictions I’ve been unable to take it out to the dark sky site. But took a peak at the moon last night from the back garden and it was great. Very stable image pretty much straight away with minimal cooling and just the fan on. Was a doddle to collimate and pretty sharp on all 3 powers with the binoviewer. Viewing chair arrived today so looking forward to trying that out.
  3. Any advice on a cover to limit the amount of dust and creepy crawlies getting onto the primary mirror? Thinking of some form of microfibre cloth under the wooden Mirror cover then surrounding the whole thing (base and truss arms but not OTA) with a large bin bag? There are a number of access holes in the rocker box so never going to be completely air tight. Also, what about a grab handle on the end of the OTA when I’m navigating from one position to another (at the moment just grabbing the end of the scope near the spider vanes)?
  4. First, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well from the virus. Finally picked up my new pride and joy last weekend after much saving of pennies, research on this forum and time in the field. Settled on an 18” Lukehurst ultra portable 2 having previously progressed (with varying degrees of success) from an 8” skywatcher to an Orion Optics VX12 and finally settling on an 18” truss dobsonian figuring that’s was big as I could go without a shed redesign, larger car and new back! Service from David Lukehurst has been fantastic. Highly knowledgeable, quick to respond to questions and happy to customise the set up for me. He was also more than happy to contact Russ Lederman to get help maximising the set up for a binoviewer and Serge from Astrodevices fitting a Nexus DSC (I had the pleasure of meeting Serge back at the IAS show in October which seems like an age ago). My brief being as follows: Main interest DSOs having discovered some great darks skies within an hour of my home address Binoviewing only Some portability (single person set up) Object guidance capability given the relatively short viewing windows north of the border Spec as follows: Feather-touch focuser to take the heavy weight of my kit Nexus DSC Dew heater for the secondary Fan for the primary Tracer battery Glatter and tublug for collimation Binotron 27, filterswitch and powerswitch Wheelbarrow handles for movement Panoptic 24mm In a very brief break between clouds last night I managed to get a quick peek at both Venus and M42 from a very heavily light polluted back garden. Venus was fantastic. Much larger and clearer than I’m used to. Like comparing a peach to a pea. Clear and steady having allowed the mirror to cool for an hour or so and with the fan on. M42 was a revelation. Can’t wait to get some filters In the filter switch sometime down the line, but plenty to keep me busy in the coming months before that. Pictures to follow. Will also be looking for some advice please on a suitable/lightweight observing chair, replacement wingnuts for the truss (I keep dropping the ones I have) and storage options to protect the mirror when in the shed. Can’t wait to get the kit set up and out to the local dark skies!
  5. Looking forward to it tomorrow also. A long trip down from Edinburgh!
  6. Have recently ordered a new dob from David Lukehurst (next 3 months will pass very slowly...) and need to finalise where to place the Nexus DSC unit. Looks like I have two options, either on a separate stalk or some form of ball joint mount near the eyepiece. Any experiences / thoughts on these?
  7. Unboxed my new toy today and have a few questions: The focuser is fitted with a brake system (thumb screw A in the photo below). How do I use this? Do I back right off and then adjust until there is a little tension on the draw tube (I’ll be using a heavy binoviewer). Or do I get tension via the two grub screws (B) or a bit of both? I believe the other grub screws should be left and not adjusted (C to F). Thanks Thanks
  8. Are there likely to be vendor discounts on the day? Looking to purchase a feathertouch focuser.
  9. I will try a repeat of this tonight in my smaller 8 inch skywatcher (that works a treat on all settings and has never been collimated).
  10. Too excited to wait for a test this evening (I so want this to work as have £££ ready for related kit that I’ve been holding off for months) so tried in my lunch break. Interesting results. The laser centred nicely in the donut on the primary with the hotec only. When I put the binoviewer in place and swapped one of the eyepieces for the hotec with the focuser fully in, the dot was about 1-1.5 inches away from the donut . When I then moved the focuser fully out there was definitely some drift, not much (around 2-3mm I’d say) but you could feel a little play, even with the various screws tightened up. So definitely need to try a new focuser. Guess what I don’t understand is how the dot can be so far out in the first place??
  11. Eddgie suspects the weight of the binoviewer is causing the focuser to sag a little when fully extended (it is very heavy with a filter switch, two eps, ocs and power switch) and has suggested I try placing the laser first in the focuser on its own and then repeat with the laser in the binoviewer when fully extended to see if the dot on the primary moves. Will try tonight and report back.
  12. I left a 3cm extension tube in between the ocs and power switch (see photo) as this seemed to do the trick with the 8inch skywatcher. Will try removing it for the vx212 to see if it makes any difference (Rob, not sure if you have this on yours?).
  13. Apologies yes an F4 so appreciate smaller margin for error. Presume this is more critical the higher the magnification (fine on low power, stars shine nice, bright and pin sharp but not if medium or high).
  14. I have a denkmeier OCS A45 which I believe should address this?
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