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  1. Excellent news Darren. Be good to see you after all this time. You should recognise some of the other monikers on here from PSP 2012 - they know who they are
  2. Derek, Don't think you can bribe people to attend by offering them paint stripper - AKA Macallan
  3. I fitted a Kendrick secondary dew heater, added a fan to the primary, dew bands for the EP and both ends of my RACI . All run off a small leisure battery
  4. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was holding off until plans this end had been confirmed. It now looks like I will be able to attend. Looking forward to it. As Damian says, I would not be adverse to setting up my tent without taking the car onto the field.
  5. Must be the "new" organiser that's putting people off I will join you all, if it keeps you happy
  6. You could create a dew shield using a foam camping mat or fit a dew heater - such as the Kendrick ones. I went for the latter option, works a treat
  7. Oh no, that’s terrible news. Deepest condolences to family and friends.
  8. Great images, well done on capturing them and being able to capture them. Each to their own but I personally prefer the WL images.
  9. Well captured. Could you tell us what equipment you used and the processing you did? Completely clouded out here. I was going to take a solar scope to work but between the wind, clouds and rain it would have been pointless
  10. Great time lapse Damian, will hopefully upload some stuff soon.
  11. Hi, Glad you and Christina made it home safely. Good to see you both and eat some cake .Bit of a bummer having your original crossing cancelled.
  12. Well done, very impressive. I am not arty at all.
  13. Arrived back at 1645, uneventful journey. Gratitude to Mike for all his efforts over the years, here’s to many more. Thanks also to Leslie and Ralf for the very generous banquet and for running a fabulous campsite that is always welcoming. Great to see new and old faces. Damian, What was that galaxy that eluded you, UGC7490? I was told that 2 people on site on the Saturday, bagged it
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