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  1. I am the chief cook (who keeps spoiling the broth), Damian is the chief washer upperer
  2. Booked , well, verbally confirmed my already assumed attendance
  3. Still here Derek . Hope all is well with you and Annette. I actually had my 1st dose of the vaccine just over 3 weeks ago.
  4. Hi Jim & Dawn, good to hear you are both keeping well. Did you have a few halfuns when in the obsey, to simulate being at Galloway . I better make sure Leslie knows I am coming, I reckon she has her suspicions .
  5. Hi, Thanks for your interest. I am not planning to split wheel & filters, I wish to sell as a whole package.
  6. This sale is for the following items:- 1. Starlight Xpresss EFW – SXUFW-1T 2. #7 Position Carousel to take 36mm unmounted filters 3. Baader 36mm unmounted filters LRGB, Ha, Oiii, Sii 4. Starlight Xpresss Off-Axis Guide Head with variable guide head extender. I have all the filter cases, except for the Luminance filter. These are included in the sale. There are several different adaptors included with the EFW. Currently fitted to the EFW are, front face, M48 x 0.75mm, rear face is a M42 x 0.75mm. This was to suit connection between a QHY9 Mono and a M48 17-29mm Variable sp
  7. Please see photos of camera and cables. I am more than happy to provide further images, on request. I have just noticed that there are a couple of scuffs on the outer ring of the optical window. These will have no affect on the operation of the camera. I did not use the optical window as it affected the backspacing when connected to the filter wheel.
  8. For Sale QHY9 mono CCD camera. KAF8300 sensor 2 stage set point TEC cooling. In excellent condition with a new DC-201 controller purchased from Modern Astronomy on 9th November 2020 Set point cooling to -40deg below ambient. Pixel Size: 5.4µm*5.4µm Camera easily achieves desired temperature as I was able to quickly get the camera to -20deg C, inside a heated house, to take dark frames. I have saved -20deg C and -10deg C darks in the following Dropbox folders:- https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ukg9c9rbzcb99yl/AACVgW8DZ8yUkXhq-cPM7lfDa?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/sh
  9. Hi Derek, Thanks for letting me know about the cancellation. Not an easy decision to take but a necessary one, given the current situation. Its not good that Drumroamin will not be permitted to open until at least April. I feel for Leslie, Ralf and other business owners across the British Isles.
  10. Well done Alex! That is crackin image. The focus looks really good, you must have had really short exposure times
  11. Welcome back Ian, I met you at GSP in Oct.
  12. Yes, I heard Richard Darn on Radio 4 Today & TWAO talking about the Yorkshire Dark Sky sites today. He spoke very well and informatively about the benefits to all and highlighted the stress relieving benefits that come from being on your own, by choice to enjoy the wonders above ours heads. I have met Richard on a number of occasions at Galloway Star Party, he even mentioned Galloway Dark Skies site during TWAO interview. You can find more about Richard and the work he does here:- https://gostargazing.co.uk/organiser/richarddarn/
  13. Hi and welcome to SGL,, The first scope you linked to has a spherical primary, which means that this scope is what is generally referred to as a Bird-Jones telescope. That means that it has a correcting lens at the bottom of the focuser tube. It also means that it is very difficult to collimate. The 2nd scope you linked to has a small aperture on a very unstable mount. The 3rd scope appears to be better, slightly, but still not brilliant. I am not sure how to advise you purchase equipment in Latvia or exactly what equipment is available and prices relative to the UK. F
  14. Well said Derek, totally agree with the stance Leslie and Ralph have taken.
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