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  1. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    and this is an all sky image at 22:34 (13 minutes later) on the same night severely stretched to try an find some stars. So it is not surprising there have been so few starry images.
  2. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Well here is a 1 min guiding test shot of M45 from Tuesday 20th at 21:21 unfortunately EQDIR locked up and I gave up as the sky was not promising. Andy
  3. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Nice to see the field is filling up . Could not see Adrian or Julian or Di is that a field of view issue?
  4. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Well this is what the sky looked like on Tuesday night around 10:15pm albeit with a little stretching . North is at the top but east is on the left and west on the right. Andy
  5. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Quick update. Sandra and I have just been outside for a quick look at the sky using our mk1 eyeballs and she said she had never seen so many stars. It is dry but a little windy and very cold. A promising start so tomorrow will unpack the scope and get set up.
  6. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Its now looking good for Saturday Sunday and Monday but its going to be very cold -2 degrees
  7. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    Well on the 22nd March there should be about 7.5 hours of astronomical darkness. There will however be a 30% moon which sets a little after midnight (00:40). So there will be 3.5 hours of real A.D. Excludes clouds rain etc. Surely The weather has to be better than the last 6 months. Andy
  8. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    I was keeping well til you asked. Within 24 hours I was in an ambulance to the RVI. Excellent service from the many NHS staff involved during the period. Diagnosis was Septicemia and I am now back home convalescing. So I hope to be fit enough by March
  9. Galloway Spring Gathering 2018

    That’s where we normally stop and pick up “fresh sandwiches” as well. Sandra and I willl be arriving on 15th March and leaving the following Thursday, So let’s hope the weather is better this year. Andy
  10. I would second this choice as I have been using it very successfully for over 2 years with my canon camera. I use both local solving via Astrotortilla and occasionally nova.astrometry.net. Have a read the whole thread you should find it enlightening. I can now get polar alignment to better than 30" in a couple of iterations. Andy
  11. Galloway 2017 Spring Gathering

    Hi James and Gav Your timelapses are great and remind me that some good astrophotography can be achieved by capturing the wider picture. How do you covert your stills to a video? James I too have been to the hacienda but never thought to record a time lapse. Guess I will have to go back and try again Andy
  12. Galloway 2017 Spring Gathering

    Hi Gav What is your verdict on scope nights? Andy
  13. Galloway 2017 Spring Gathering

    Well I unpacked all the astronomy bits from the car yesterday and managed to get the rig up again. After polar alignment I only managed to get 11 usable 4 minute frames out of 16 before the clouds rolled in. I guess this counts as the Mesu's first light so it shows real promise after an EQ6. It is just a shame that it was from the light polluted NE skies rather than Drumroamin. Leo Triplet wide angle and a crop. PHDLog reports polar alignment error of 0.52 arc minutes. Only processed in DSS and cropped in Photoshop elements. Until next time. Andy
  14. Galloway 2017 Spring Gathering

    Well home safe and warm now. Drove through some pretty squally weather around Gatehouse of Fleet. Hope that conditions do improve for those staying over tonight. As for the weather over the past 24 hours it ranged from sunny, calm and settled to a raging gale that dropped lots of water on our tent. Looking at it positively the tent stayed up and no guy lines came loose and I slept through most of it. But my wife was terrified . Still over the journey home she suggested that maybe she just needs to work on her fear as the tent did seem to stay up. Heres' hoping that by the next star camp she is looking forward to camping again Many thank to Mike for his assistance in erecting the tent. And to Derek, Stuart, Damien and Ian for their assistance in taking it down and helping to pack it away. Now if the weather forecast is right I may get first light from my Mesu tomorrow. Ever optimistic Andy
  15. Galloway 2017 Spring Gathering

    Well off to bed now in hope that tomorrow show promise, Car is still packed so it will be a quick decision after breakfast and a BBC weather check. Just had a look at the BBC site and it is looking good for you guys after midnight......... assuming the spirit has not got you first.