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  1. As Derek said very impressive. I suspect this was about 1am. What exposure was required and did you have to do anything special to stop star trailing? Andy
  2. Does the Hitec Astro cable work if it is plugged into the handset controller? As far as I can see from some quick research here https://www.celestron.com/blogs/knowledgebase/what-are-the-aux-ports-on-my-computerized-telescope-for the only RS232 interface is in your hand controller. So I guess to answer your original question the driver you need is a Celestron handset. You asked your question in an EQMOD thread about Hitec Astro’s EQDIR adapter. Now that adapter replaces the HC. Because the EQMOD software replace all the functionality of the HC and lots more besides. You
  3. OK it seems the cable is being recognised and windows is using an FTDI driver. So it should work. The question now is what is different between this cable and the others which have worked? I have had a quick look at the stellarium user guide and it would appear that you tell it to use com 6, I do not use stellarium so that is the limit of how I can help. Have you had Stellarium actually controlling you scope with another cable? Andy
  4. It was the same for me last month with a new 4G router except I had to drive back home to pick up a screen and keyboard before I could get the imaging rig to work Still it was a nice 300 mile drive !! Countryfile weather forecast seemed promising for Tuesday onward albeit a little cold as the week progresses. Hope you all get lovely clear skies. Andy
  5. OK the property box is a drop down. Could you select hardware ID rather than description and take another image please. I can see from your cable image that it is an FTDI chipset. Need the hardware ID to confirm that That is what w10 recognised it as. Does com6 only appear after you plug the cable in? If so can you also screenshot the driver tab as well. TIA Andy
  6. Can you upload a picture of your cable please. Hitec Astro used to use Prolific chips and some were unsupported by W10 So the consensus was to use the FTDI 232R chipset . So the question is what chipset does your cable use? If you look in device manager at the port devices and then plug your cable in how does it identify your cable? If you right click on the description and select properties Details tab what values are listed? This image is for my Hitec Astro EQDIR cable. A little later I plugged in my FTDI cable by which time W10 had updated the
  7. You need to provide more details about your hitech Astro cable. It is a long time since I controlled my C8 using the Avx predecessor the CG5-AS-GT. My recollection is that it used an RS232 interface and Celestron had its own app to control the mount. I also had a USB to RS232 adapter as most computers stopped supplying a native RS232 interface. What OS are you running Stellarium on? Andy
  8. No Derek I meant the week in which past camps have been held in November. Winds, tents flying about the place spring to mind but there may also have been some stunning viewing as well. Andy
  9. Thank you Derek , Guess there are few stars showing this week so good for you to plan so far ahead Any chance you can post past weather statistics for that week? Andy
  10. It looks lovely and calm, are there many others staying this week? Hoping to book a van for next month in the hope that Sandra will be able to walk without pain by then. Andy
  11. You could just take the mount down as all you want to do is set the altitude so that you have a reasonable start point for drift alignment. Have a look on the net for illuminated tent pegs. They work great on campsites to stop people walking into the scopes and they do not ruin your night vision.
  12. Hi Mark, I faced your problem last night when setting up my equipment at a very dark campsite in Dumfries an Galloway. I was just setting alignment via the polar scope when the clouds rushed in but there were a few stars visible to the south so I had to complete the task with drift alignment using PHD2. I only went for one iteration of each axis but that was good enough or 2 minute subs with less than half a pixel movement in either axis between subs. My advice is place your scope where you will get the images you want, learn drift alignment, as Olly Penrice would say, it is
  13. That's really nice Mike could you give exposure details and which lens/scope you used. Ta.
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