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  1. Im sure an exchange will be the order of the day....... Hope the skies are playing fair tonight, forecast is encouraging.
  2. My arrival has been set back till Thursday work dictating the order of the day , forecast not looking too good until Saturday when a carpet of stars has been promised, I will be bringing a rather nice and unusual malt at this occasion and you are all invited for dram ... rationed on course !!
  3. Watching the reports now daily, Adrian is da man! All going well I’ll be down Wed-Sat . Looking forward to some banter and good seeing. Just need to decide one scope or two..
  4. I will call Ralph and Leslie tomorrow to book up, the thread has been unusually quiet as mentioned above, I know a couple from my club Tweedale Astronomical society are booked,... so Mr Demon Barber... have we any idea of numbers yet for this stargazers extravaganza ?
  5. Colin we were at the observatory at Kielder a couple of years back and used my binos at the scopes were busy, i found the beehive cluster and Pleiades particularly good bino objects. Here is a pdf of some interesting stuff, skip past the first pages on torches and dress code ...http://carolrpt.com/astroguidev9complete.pdf
  6. Sounds like I made the right call, It can be a great place when the stars shine but when the wind and rain comes in .......Looking forward to Autumn already on the first day of summer ... with snow forecast next week.....
  7. Count me out, nothing going right, and not worth the migration trek for a single night, see you in the Autumn. Thats all folks!
  8. Watching the forecasts... not so good, work is manic at the moment so no point stressing out and leaving it to sit and watch rain, still hopeful for maybe a Friday and Saturday night .. keep some of the gold stuff...and Keep up the excellent reports Adrian and Andy K...
  9. Well all going well and with some luck thrown in I hope to arrive on Thursday and leave on Sunday morning (all weather permitting .... dont mind the cold or frost but pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze none of the wet stuff) , will be slumming it in the van... playing with tents and especially drying them out is not my idea of fun....looking forward to it, the last visit had great skies on the last night.(as usual..)
  10. I see there is a good ISS pass around 19:26 in the southern sky on the 4th October.
  11. Here is my Takahashi FC-100 with an 80ED on piggy back. Taken at the last Galloway star camp in November 2017. I'm in the white goose jacket, dont know who the other numpties are ... The 80ED has an upgraded moonlite focuser fitted and in this shot a QHY8-L CCD
  12. Sorry for the Delay on reply Ian, The four other amigos were Dave Millar, Pete Miller, Martin Oz, Martin Sey and I.
  13. Cheers lads a few of us clubbed together and took Demon Mikes Static and the skies played ball 2 out of three nights, much whisky was consumed on the Friday ...much snoring was heard much of it in stereo format and a few breakfasts at the Glaisnock cafe were gulped down... looking forward to Spring camp now.
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