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  1. Was good to see you Steve, reminiscing about Jura, and the time you left our tent sideways. A memory not to be forgotten. One of those classic moments in time Hopefully see you next year for a good catch up and a small sherry David
  2. Hi Andy, this phone has Astrophotography Mode. You stick it on a tripod, it takes 15 second exposures, over 4 minutes and stacks them on the phone. That's it, point and shoot.
  3. Google Pixel 4 phone picture in Astrophotography mode. Taken at Galloway.
  4. Lesley is considering attaching an extension for Mike's ancillary equipment
  5. This is text from a Facebook post I made, I hope you allow. Apologies for a short disjointed report last night. I had prepared for our meet up, albeit it was going to be a wee tribute to Al whom I reported had passed away. I decided to use all the equipment as a tribute in my own small way. So car was packed with all his stuff and I decided to do an old school evening, no goto, no power, just a manual, find it yourself type of night. I arrived around 7.30 to find John McRobbie with all his kit assembled. We unpacked my car, thanks John, and set up the kit. Sky was looking great, and we were waiting for Martyn and Scott to arrive. After setting up the kit, we headed to John's stuff, Star Adventurer with a Nikon camera and a Howitzer of a lens which John uses with great skill shooting wildlife. I'd schooled John the night before on the setting up of the S.A. so decided to ask him to have a go himself, between us we were there. 1st target was the Double Cluster, framing was a bit out but focus and subject on a test shot looked great. Martyn arrived with Scott not far behind, they had other plans with Ham Radio stuff. They were erecting a huge 7 metre aerial in the hope of catching the ISS going over. We heard some stuff - garbled speech but I'm sure I heard Neil Armstrong . Or maybe Tim Peake. Anyhow back to John and his amazing lens. We tried various things, but kept hitting snags and eventually his Star Adventurer clutch had locked up, we all tried knocking, unscrewing swearing, tapping with things we shouldn't have tapped with, to unlock the clutch to no avail. John's night was finished, almost! Martyn and Scott were swapping around cameras and scopes and Scott saw some targets, Mars in probably 5 different eyepieces. He was suitably impressed. I showed the Pixel 4 Astrophotography Mode, and he was blown away, such things from a phone are unheard of until now. Me, I'd seen Mars, Andromeda, Double Cluster, Vega, all thanks to Al - cheers man, I know you were looking down hoping things would go belly up, it did on several counts - oh and John shot off to Newburgh to catch Aurora, but nowt. RIP ALAN FORD. Your kit will continue to inspire others, and as you did, your kit will be passed to others. Sleep well big man.
  6. This may have been posted before, but really like the look of this Star Adventurer wedge. Can't find it anywhere else but AliExpress, good price also. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32822479423.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6a0665faBLCKhh&algo_pvid=8c442aef-eeb0-4eb8-a0fa-0c0bfbfb51f7&algo_expid=8c442aef-eeb0-4eb8-a0fa-0c0bfbfb51f7-11&btsid=0b0a182b15977908541533550e111a&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  7. Some videos in my screen shot
  8. Lesley posted this pic on Facebook, site looks amazing.
  9. Hi Ships and Stars, if you do Facebook, we have a little group called Astronomy Scotland with almost 700 members from all over, not just Scotland. You'd be made most welcome. Some of the folk on there meet up at weekends at various venues around Scotland. As Adrian mentioned we had a mini Star Party at Powrie Park in Abernethy a few years back and were blessed with 3 clear nights which was a huge bonus. Best wishes David
  10. Oi you, of course we do! "tumbleweed rolls across forum floor" If nothing else, we enjoy our stay, that seems to rub off on others, we have a laugh, a dram, chat to anyone who'll put up with us. And, when the weather permits, get some great skies and pics. We are like marmite.
  11. Wondering who you could be referring to here Adrian. Thanks for the kind words - I do hope you guys get something sorted and weather plays ball. Hoping to get down for the winter meeting. David
  12. Just heard that The Astronomer Royal for Scotland, John Brown suddenly passed today - so sad, a true legend that remembered Mike only a few days ago. David
  13. Just heard that The Astronomer Royal John Brown suddenly passed today - so sad, a true legend that remembered Mike only a few days ago. David
  14. For those who didn't see the poem, here they are, last verse was changed - 1 for Mike, 1 for Lesley and Ralph. Amazing Buffet, Thanks to Lesley and Ralph. GALLOWAY 10TH ANNIVERSARY poem - lesley.pdf mike.pdf
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