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  1. Hi Ships and Stars, if you do Facebook, we have a little group called Astronomy Scotland with almost 700 members from all over, not just Scotland. You'd be made most welcome. Some of the folk on there meet up at weekends at various venues around Scotland. As Adrian mentioned we had a mini Star Party at Powrie Park in Abernethy a few years back and were blessed with 3 clear nights which was a huge bonus. Best wishes David
  2. Oi you, of course we do! "tumbleweed rolls across forum floor" If nothing else, we enjoy our stay, that seems to rub off on others, we have a laugh, a dram, chat to anyone who'll put up with us. And, when the weather permits, get some great skies and pics. We are like marmite.
  3. Wondering who you could be referring to here Adrian. Thanks for the kind words - I do hope you guys get something sorted and weather plays ball. Hoping to get down for the winter meeting. David
  4. Just heard that The Astronomer Royal for Scotland, John Brown suddenly passed today - so sad, a true legend that remembered Mike only a few days ago. David
  5. Just heard that The Astronomer Royal John Brown suddenly passed today - so sad, a true legend that remembered Mike only a few days ago. David
  6. For those who didn't see the poem, here they are, last verse was changed - 1 for Mike, 1 for Lesley and Ralph. Amazing Buffet, Thanks to Lesley and Ralph. GALLOWAY 10TH ANNIVERSARY poem - lesley.pdf mike.pdf
  7. I did, sorry mate - Winters went a down a treat, as did your company, sorry buddy, I try my best, but occasionally forget someone like Colin and Alan. We hammered the Winters Gold when you left. I really should have remembered you xxx
  8. We had a great time at Drumroamin, Wednesday was clear, the rest was poor visually. As usual we had a great time , many casualties, Lee was our star, never seen a lap dancer at Drumroamin. So many great folks to meet up with. It's not all about stragazing, but if you get that, it's a bonus. Friday was incredible. Lesley put on a feast bettered by none. We had a video presentation by the Astronomer Royal, recognising Mike, bet you wont beat this. It was emotional, incredible, and the best session I have personally seen. Thanks must go to Steve for this. I hope you guys had a great time in Coll, and a personal thanks to The Astronomer Royal for setting this up. What a great time, Damian, Lee, Ian, Derren Kelvin, Steven, Adrian, Haydn and Christine, Martyn, Pete , Les, Chris, Phil, Jim and Dawn who broke a finger. THE THINGS we do for stargazing.. If I forgot you , I was probably drunk. Get well soon Dawn xxx David x
  9. Hope you don't mind Damian, I copied and shared a couple of those on our Astronomy Scotland Facebook group with credit to yourself. David
  10. To be clear folks, it wasn't phone numbers I suggested it was just numbers i.e. me 1, next person 2, next person 3, at the moment, next person should be 8, hope this makes sense, Damian is 6, Calvin is 7 etc. feel free to remove phone numbers for privacy. David
  11. Might be interesting to do a head count by just adding your name to this thread, at the last count we had 17 coming From Astronomy Scotland Facebook group. So I'll start by adding my name and number, just add a name and whoever is next add number 2, then 3 and so on. David - going 1
  12. That was interesting, had a video call from the director of the production company. New linen required. She asked many questions, and asked how was I in front of cameras, I said well I'm here now. So looks like possible 40 minute Galloway Documentary. She also wants to meet before the event to get my background. Drunk old fart with some astro knowledge. Canny wait, This could be huge for us guys.
  13. Hi Folks, exciting news - a film production company who work with the BBC are coming to film Galloway Star Camp. David McLean and myself have been chatting with the guys for a few months now and it's finally been given the green light. They aim to make a mini documentary highlighting amateur astronomy in Scotland. Fingers crossed for clear skies. Purchasing new kit is now forbidden lol.
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