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  1. Again Derek well said, we have had the luxury of Lesley and Ralph's welcome and amazing surroundings for years they have to make a living same as everyone else, and I believe she had to turn away some regulars this time , not sure about others but I would rather be down there than stuck on some take it or leave it go as you please location, at least you know you can safely leave your lit out and it will be there when you return. Maybe ranting a bit but some people just dont appreciate the efforts that go into this amazing event, that makes it a great venue for us all.
  2. a post that was needed though Derek, come wind rain or clear nites were all there for the duration. I have to move a few days about in spring cos holidays were messed up, still be there from the tuesday onwards though. hope you and annette are keeping ok, catch up later
  3. Come on man, I can't get everything rite , the strip down was fairly easy, made a wee tool to remove the lock ring, then marked orientation of first glass removed it removed sealing ring and spacers, the same for inner glass, used the usual camera cleaning solutions with lint free clothes etc, slow old process but worth in the end.
  4. Stripped down the front objection glasses and cleaned, all back together now and nice and crisp, took a couple of hours getting the crap off the glasses.
  5. Hi all that's us back home and all unpacked, another great star camp it was good to see old and new faces, and sad that a few of the regulars couldn't make it, there's always the spring one to look to. Hope you are all keeping well, and stay safe out there. Again a big thanks to all who attended for making it another memorable star camp.
  6. Still blowing, but skies looking bit more promising, over cast at present but slowly clearing can see some blue sky now, field squigy as expected with over nite rain, defo looking better than it was this morning hopefully clear up later and wind drops.
  7. Windy .com?? Thought you old sailer just used a wet finger, a at least the scopes haven't blown over
  8. At lesleys now , got the place to ourselves just now, no chance of setting up yet that's for tomorrow. Lesley was saying any cancellations won't be offered out due to covid, keeping us as spaced apart as posible. Safe trip to all comming it'll be a strange one the year.
  9. So then Mike only half a car full this time hmmm
  10. You all ready to go Mike, took everything to bits and packed away my kit and now clear skies here coudnt write it.
  11. Testing a derren self contained oxygen mask, man its awful
  12. Hi I got a nice little ZWO mini guide scope from first light optics comes with a base, mounted it onto my dove tail works a treat.
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