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  1. Hi Stargazer31, I won't give you any advise on telescopes but will recommend a book: Turn Left At Orion it will help you out a lot: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/books/turn-left-at-orion-book.html
  2. Lovely images Nigella, keep them coming when you can please.
  3. Might have been a Meteorite, but does not explain the ground shaking does it?
  4. I have WO Binoviewers with my NexStar 8se and love using them, I have the two William Optics 20mm SWAN Super Wide Angle 72° 1.25" Eyepiece that cane with the Binoviewer. Also a pair of 32mm Omni Plossl's which are great on double/globular clusters. I find it very relaxing sitting down and viewing with both eyes, and view a target for longer than I would if mono viewing. You might have a problem reaching focus using the William optics zenithstar z73 ii but the supplied 1.6x barlow would help I think. Hopefully some with a refractor can help better than me.
  5. I agree with others about viewing Messier's around full moon. A good book to buy is Turn Left At Orion, which will give you seasonal targets. This was taken from the online source. One of my favourites is M13 in Hercules, but not visible until late spring I think. I use a Telrad on my 8se and it is quite large, you might be better off with a Rigel Quick Finder on your 6" scope.
  6. Gabriel said (who was from Yorkshire) "There's a babby boy been booarn toneet, a reight special babby, who's liggin in a manger, wrapped up in swaddling bands, ovver in tut Leeds. God's own lad, Saviour o' World, Christ the Lord, the Messiah.
  7. Sooooooory, I read that in a Tiny Clanger voice.
  8. I think the religious institutions stole it off the Pagan's, as they would drink fast quantities of alcohol and eat food have fun be merry, and then start arguing. Move on too the present time it's the same as the Pagan's.
  9. I once tried it and followed it across the country from Norfolk to Wales, I ended up in a field full of sheep. Not impressed. "Baa"
  10. Might not be fancy Geof, but lovely all the same. Well Done.
  11. Well I live on her, but she is still a hobby. (you can't say that to all girls). Just a thought how are you powering the scope? Maybe the SkyPortal is broken, did you buy it from new? Do you mean SkySafari? As SkyPortal app is not a Mac os x application.
  12. Yep just launched CFM. Edit: I did not get that CFM Jar file could not be launched. Try downloading CFM again. Yes it is mine, she is a 1948 converted R.N Lifeboat.
  13. It took me awhile to get it working, but I got there in the end and only used Access Point Mode (connecting to home network). A lot of problems with Direct Access Mode is other networks interfering. I take it you are trying to get it to work in Direct Access Mode with the switch on the side pointing up on SkyPortal, Then open the settings for the WiFi networks on your iPhone/iPad and connect to the WiFi (Celestron-###). You cannot use Access Point Mode until you have used Direct Access Mode, don't ask. But Access Point Mode is better when you are at home (more stable).
  14. Andy, you need to double click on CFM.jar file in the downloaded CFM folder, it will probably say cannot open jar file as it is from unauthorised developer. Then you will need to go into System Preferences and select Security & Privacy, unlock as seen in pick then choose open anyway when asked.
  15. Hi Andy, I think you need Java installed to run CFM. I got it running on my MacBook Pro.
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