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  1. You would need the EQ5 Synscan UPGRADE kit, around £300. Ian
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir Patrick, here's to many more.
  3. Hi Mark and welcome, I originate from Basildon as well, first 27 years of my life, now living out in Great Wigborough, sky's so much darker out here. If your willing to travel, the causeway across Abberton Reservoir is flat, wide open and very dark for an Essex Skyline. Ian
  4. Get well soon Sir Patrick, and a Very Happy New Year.
  5. IanC11

    Hello to all

    A warm welcome from me as wall john. Ian
  6. IanC11


    Hi there Tex and welcome. Ian
  7. Cheers Steve, Looks like I'll put the other £80 in and upgrade to full goto. Thanks for your input. Ian
  8. Hi there folks, Just a quickie, but the other half is offering to buy me a skyscout for Xmas, just wondering if anyone out there has any exerience with this product ad if its worth the cash.
  9. The best company to service Leica bins in actually Leica themselves, you should be able to find a contact number on their website. I use them all the time as being a birdwatcher as well I have Leica bins and scope, wouldn't trust anyone else with 2 grands worth of optics.
  10. Hi Tony and welcome, live in Great Wigborough myself so not to far away, hope you enjoy your new hobby. Ian
  11. You do know that Orion do a 20" Dob for around six grand, they also say they have a 24" in the pipeline. Dobsonion OD500
  12. Hi there Andy, I've got the same scope as you, got it in August so I'm still pretty new to all this, think you'll have a great time with it. Nice to here from someone local ( I'm down in Great Wigborough, so not to far away.). Anyway hope you have fun with your new optics. Ian
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