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  1. Sunday night looks like our best chance at SGL 2018
  2. 25+mph winds rules it out for a 16" dob, far to much wobble from an exposed site.
  3. Basically it's the quality of the glass used and build quality.
  4. You may still have the eyepiece rubber rolled down. After you remove the eyepiece cap there is a rolled down rubber that needs unfolding, that will increase the distance between your eyeball and the actual glass lens.
  5. Bob's knobs do an upgraded bolt set ( or they did 5yrs ago when I did mine ). or try these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HEQ5-Pro-Mount-Latitude-Azimuth-Bolt-Upgrade-Set-/280722549248?_trksid=p2054897.l5660
  6. Shame your in the Netherlands as I've just gone from a 12" to a 16" and the 12" needs to go.
  7. By the looks of everything else around them I would say their a pair of Naval binoculars.
  8. Booked Thurs to Tues. Pray for clear skies
  9. Mine was fixed using the sticky pads around 4 years ago and is still fixed solid. positioning is just a personal preference but I put mine at the very top ( it's a dob so no tube rotation )
  10. Wash with either distilled or de-ionised water but use Isopropyl Alcohol for rinsing. 1 ltr tins available from Maplin Electronics. Once rinsed just allow to stand for 5 mins as it evaporates away leaving a dry, clean mirror. Also to help the cleaning try to get hold of medical grade cotton wool balls. Only use each ball for ONE gentle pass across the mirror face then discard.
  11. The difference is the mount. For £200 you'll be lucky to get a Explorer 150p with a mount unless second hand. The Skyliner is a Dob so mount is included a is easier to use for a beginner.
  12. I've got the SW300 flexi and don't have any problems with it. I've fitted an Orion fan to it and am awaiting a Moonlite focuser to finish it. Great optics and solid build.
  13. Have used the car park where you park to walk down to St Peters in the past. A few trees and shrubs around but nice a dark there without to much interference from traffic.
  14. Took a fair few months to decide exactly which to order. I think I've got a collection to cover all bases now.
  15. Father Christmas has come early this year. Just taken delivery of these.....now for 3 winter months of complete cloud cover....lol
  16. Mountain survival bag. Cheap, rugged and bright orange so you cant miss it. Fits my 300 flexi scope with ease.
  17. I've got a 12" Flex tube goto dob. Over the last month the mount has started to stick when turning under motor drive. It stops for a few seconds then goes bonkers catching up. Does anyone know if it is possible to grease or lubricate the turn table and if so what's the best thing to use ??
  18. The HA / Clock reading tells you where polaris will be in the polarscope. To set up the polarscope you remove scope and counter weights ( makes it safer ). Looking through the polarscope rotate the axis until the circle for polaris is in the 12 o'clock position, lock the clutch at this point. Next rotate the RA circle to the zero position. Now enter the required information into the handset, Long, Lat, time, daylight saving time etc. Then when it gives you the HA / Clock all you have to do is release the RA clutch, turn until the RA setting circle matches the HA setting, then lock the clutch and when you look through the polarscope the polaris circle should be in the position of the clock reading you got, i.e. 2 o'clock position . Then adjust long, lat bolts until polaris is within the circle. Then carry out alignment process. Ian
  19. Don't forget to check that your polarscope in correctly centred with your mount as well, Astrobaby's site will show you how to do it. Ian
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