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  1. I've had one for a few years but have for one reason or another not really used it in anger much. I did have the Darkframe tune up last year though,i t took 2 months but the RA motion has definitely benefited from the work carried out, the DEC less so but still miles better than from factory. I've recently found a website in the states called the MacObservatory (when researching the Redcat51) and he seems to like it. Hope that helps a bit? Mark
  2. I totally agree. SpaceX has made some fantastic contributions to spaceflight, but Starlink and any projects that follow (hence why I know longer purchase anything from a certain online retailer!) have no regard whatsoever for those of us who view the night sky, professional or otherwise. I've just read a post on Scientific American that they have plans for up to 30,000. The link is here if that does not break site rules? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/the-fccs-approval-of-spacexs-starlink-mega-constellation-may-have-been-unlawful/ I'm just coming back to the hobby like yourself and already I'm wondering if it was a wise decision... Mark
  3. Hello all Thank you for the warm welcome. I hope to be more of a participant on the forum than I was last time - I was rubbish! Cheers for now. Mark
  4. Hello to all, I'm a returning member having been quiet in the hobby for a while and just starting to find my way back. The first time I was a member I never said "hello" so I think it's only polite of me that this time I do! - so hello to all and a Happy New Year. Cheers for now. Mark
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