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  1. And one other big tip. get yourself 3 pieces of wood, 6"x 6" x 3/4"+ , put these under the base feet and it stops the feet sinking into soft ground.
  2. 1st thing would be a shroud, then probably a Telrad or Rigel, both a far easier to use than the supplied 9x50 finder, especially when observing anything near the zenith when you may end up on a step ladder ( depending how tall you are ). The head of a 2Kg lump hammer and magnet may be useful as well if your planning to use any heavy eyepieces and you can stick it to the mirror end to balance the weight out. I also fitting a cooling fan to help speed up mirror cooling ( approx £20 at the time ). Dew prevention and eyepiece choices can wait until your used to your set up and know what your likely to be targeting. Ian
  3. Shipping weight for 12" GOTO is 33KG, So allowing 3KG minimum packaging the base won't be more than 30Kg
  4. I've got the 16" GOTO model and the base for that only weighs 35Kg, I had the 12" GOTO before this and the base was a lot smaller and lighter so there's no way the base will be 46Kg
  5. Skywatchers site says shipping weight is 21kg + 23kg with the tube weighing 21kg so that would make the base around 20Kg ( the smaller of the 2 packages when shipped )
  6. Tele Vue are designed for fast scopes across their entire model range.
  7. Welcome back from another Suffolk resident
  8. If the panels are hollow you could try polystyrene beads, the type they use to stuff teddy bears etc. They also used to use it as loft insulation
  9. Can't get any worse than last year. Check out the posted videos
  10. I should be ok with the caravan then. Still thinking of hiring a hovercraft after last year
  11. I take it there's still no sign of a pitch plan ???
  12. Any news on pitch allocation yet ?
  13. I use a Neodymium magnet with the head of a 2.2lb lump hammer attached on my Flex tube 400. Works a treat on my heavier Eyepieces. Just put a small piece of felt between magnet and body to stop accidental scratches.
  14. Neo magnet and head of a 2.5lb lump hammer on primary mirror end. Works for me.
  15. Booked Thursday to Thursday. Hopefully the scope will actually get some use this year.
  16. I fitted one to my 200p without any problems. Now got the triple version fitted to my 400 flextube.
  17. Amazon ship one for £30. Orion 7816 Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes
  18. All home now. A big thanks for all the organisers for putting in the usual fantastic event. Now we know that SGL actually stands for STORMS, GALES, LAKES....lol. Hopefully next year will be a little drier
  19. Think a pontoon or raft might be a better idea...Raining again
  20. I'm still here in a tent..lol
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