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  1. Thank you for this. I haven't used masks yet in PI (I am relatively new to it still) but will have a go later on. I can't promise it will be any better though!
  2. So........ I finally had a play in PI although as previously mentioned i'm not convinced that my phone hasn't done a better job than me! I will let the audience decide! I'm not very good at making the background darker without impacting the galaxy.......in PI at least. Any pointers?
  3. Hi all, I thought I would give NGC2403 a go last night. I didn't get as long as I would have liked. 20 x 300s lights, 25 x 300s darks, 60 flats and 60 bias stacked in APP. My only confession is I haven't strictly processed this yet other than using my phones default editing functions. I'll have a go in PI later in the week. Although to be honest my phone probably does a better job of it than me!
  4. Mine was initally ordered early Feb but then I postponed the decision until early March. Although I noticed a few days after I placed the order that the expected wait time jumped from 15-20 working days to 40-60. Not sure whether that means I just made the shorter timeframe or whether it is a blanket 40-60 across the board! Anyhow....back to the topic, yes it would be good to share guiding figures.
  5. Yes that is absolutely what I intend to do....just see how it goes. I was just looking for initial thoughts just in case I need to make the decision in the future. Hoping that the heq5 will do me proud though.
  6. Hi vlaiv, To be honest my only rationale is that I will be very close to or even just over the recommended maximum payload, so I have just assumed that I won't achieve the best results. Not to say that they won't be good. My current rms error is between 0.7 - 1.0. However I have recently achieved a 0.44 which I was very impressed with. I think that was a fluke though! I believe with my 533 and the soon to own 100ed I am looking at 1.41"/pixel resolution. I'm not really sure how to calculate the appropriate rms error from this?
  7. Thank you for this. I have been eyeing up the CEM70 also. Nothing like a bit of night time window browsing! Absolutely agree though - I'm not going to do anything for the sake of it. I'm going to wait and see how it performs and then make a decision from there. I do really like the HEQ5 Pro so hoping I can stick with it.
  8. Thanks Steve, This is useful to know. How do you rate the CEM60? I have been browsing the 45 and 70. Re: other equipment - I have a evoguide 50ed with ADM rings. A 120MM mini guide camera and 533MCPro imaging camera. All powered by an ASIAir Pro. Going by the weights specified on various shops it seems the total weight will be circa 9.5 - 10.5kg (depending on which site/sites you look at). So very close to the max recommended payload for imaging. Again I may be absolutely fine and if push comes to shove I can swap bits over to to make the setup lighter and/or remove things.
  9. Hi all, I am currently waiting patiently for my Esprit 100ED to arrive albeit it could take a while. However whilst waiting it has got me thinking about my mount situation. I currently have a belt modded HEQ5 Pro which I am fairly confident will cope with the 100ED and my other AP gear, however i don't believe I am going to get the best out of the scope with this setup. So what are my options? Spend circa £80-£90 on upgraded bearings, quality grease and a few hours of my time to fine tune the mount. Or just upgrade to a better mount at significantly more cost? Something like a e
  10. I remember seeing this on the BBC weather site and thought it summed-up the beautiful British weather rather nicely..... It was as if they were trying to squeeze in as many weather systems as possible!
  11. I've been expecting you Mr.....Astronomer.
  12. I would certainly welcome any comments. Being fairly new to the hobby I, probably like most newbies, may not necessarily spot an issue or if something is wrong assuming it os down to lack of experience etc... perhaps private message the individuals in question. I am sure they will welcome the pointers.
  13. I've never seen trails that bad before. I took 10 x 10 minute subs last week and 50% of them had 1 or 2 trails in. That's on another level though. I guess this is what we have coming in the not so distant future.....potentialy worse!
  14. Thanks all for your responses. So perhaps some of the posts I have seen where the 'single' dark image example is a nice uniform dark grey/black - I assume they are referring to the single master dark as opposed to a single dark frame in the literal sense.
  15. Hi all, As above - what should they look like? The reason I ask is that i have seen a few people post up dark frame examples that they say are stretched and look like a smooth grey colour with no noise whatsoever. Mine however are a rather different story. I have attached a FITS example from my latest set which were 600s @ 150 gain and cooled to minus 10. Camera is a 533MC Pro. Unstretched the image is totally black however when i apply a stretch, whether it is in PixInsight or via ASIStudio - the image becomes incredibly noisy and tons of hot and cold pixels everywhere. So
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