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  1. Well I've spent the last 12 months just trying to find out who actually own my street lights !!!! Suffolk County Council are implementing a switch off program to turn off lights between 00:00 and 05:00, great I thought. That was supposed to happen on the 23rd February last year. The 23rd came and went and nothing happened, so I e-mailed the highways dept at S.C.C. and was told that they had set the lights to dim down the high street ( approx 200yds away ) but the lights on my street and the surrounding housing estate fall under the control of the local district council. So I then sent an e-mail to the district council and they replied they controlled the lights on the local recreational ground but not on the streets or pavements on the estate, those lights belong to the parish council. OK, e-mail sent to the head of the parish council and hey presto......nothing to do with us, you want the County Council.................AAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHHH !!!!!!! 12 months down the line and the street lights are still on and no one can tell me who actually controls them. Politics gone bonkers is what I say. Ian..... :mad:
  2. I have to totally agree with skir's reply. Astro-Baby's guide is a fantastic piece of easy to follow instruction, like you I didn't have a clue when I purchased my polar scope for a eq5 a few years back. Just followed A.B's guide and it was a breeze to set up, just take your time and follow EVERY step. Good luck... Ian
  3. Mezolitik did the guide suggest which variety of Watermelon it is ??? Jupiter having a yellowish hugh to it would suggest Sundew, but I could be wrong !!!
  4. Try this one out for size. A few years ago, just for a laugh I got the wife one of those name a star packs for a novelty Christmas present. When I mentioned it to a senior work collegue I got the following answer, " What do you want to do that for, if you move up to Scotland or somewhere you won't be able to see it !! ". He genuinely thought that the night sky is divided into little squares and unless you where under that particular grid you would be able to see the other stars, he was gobsmacked when I showed him that the stars in the eastern sky at the start of shift where over in the south by midshift and where setting in the west before end of shift, he never realised they moved across the night sky like the Sun does. Ian
  5. Lucky you, as per usual there's nothing but thick cloud cover here....AAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!! Ian :mad:
  6. After playing with it for several hours I've decided that as I have a Polarscope version 3.32 ain't for me, reverted back to V3.27 as it gives you a R.A. setting as well as a rough clock position for polar alignment. Hopefully the next update will reintroduce the R.A. setting, until then I'm sticking to V3.27. For anyone WITHOUT a polarscope then V3.32 is probably the way to go as it allows for small adjustments using the bolts and then slews to star, center using controller, read error margin, adjust bolts again then re-slew and repeat whole procedure again and again until error margin is as close to zero as you can get.. Ian
  7. Works ok, but still prefered it when it gave you a R.A. reading. Ian
  8. Ignore this post, need more sleep...lol . Just worked out what it means, its the same function just worded differently.
  9. I've just updated my SynScan Fimware to version 03.32 and I have a question to ask !! Is it just me or is their NEW polar scope alignment feature a dud. Locate polaris at the 07:20 position for example when the old firmware gave you a precise setting in degrees, in my opinion a far more accurate way to do things. Are SynScan just dumbing everthing down to make life easier for beginners ???? Ian
  10. They were the " If I won the pools " birders scope back in the 90's, back then the 3.5" would set you back nearly £3000, haven't a clue what they retail for now...... Ian
  11. R.I.P. Sir Patrick, you'll be sorely missed.
  12. If I remember correctly when I last saw this being advertised, the eyepiece at the vertical position is 17, yes that's one seven, feet in the air. Ian
  13. If I'm correct the ISO rating isn't how much light is allowed through the lens ( that's the " f " number ) the ISO number was how light sensative the camera " FILM " was, now on a digital camera I assume its how the ccd chip reacts to the light reaching it. I'm no expert so I stand to be corrected. Ian
  14. Sorry Peter, I don't know if the design has ever been updated but the upgrade kit I fitted last year just won't fit on the EQ5 the wrong way round, its physically impossible, don't know about on an EQ3 ( its the same kit ), but to fit it on the EQ5 the wrong way round you'ld have to drill new mounting holes into the motor housing bodies....... Ian
  15. Your welcome, glad to be able to help for once, makes a change from asking for help........LOL Ian
  16. As for attaching the gears incorrectly, YOU CAN'T, the motor housing only fits one way round, bolt holes don't line up correctly otherwise. Ian
  17. I got the kit last year, fitted in no more than half an hour, never looked back. Well worth the investment. Got the 200p mounted upon it and it has no trouble. Hope this helps....... Ian
  18. I use the small parking area at the end of LODGE ROAD, Walberswick. very little light pollution. Trees can be a small problem towards the NW, but not a major problem... Anyone want to meet up PM me...... Ian
  19. The Estates all right for the scope on its own but for Family trips out i.e. SGL7 the trailer will be needed, had one stolen from out side my front door last year, so I'll only be replacing it. As for the size of the scope, I know its very large and unwealdly but I've got a once in a lifetime opportunity coming up and if I don't take it I'll be kicking myself in a few years time, this will be a long term investment not a short term apature fix.....lol. Ian
  20. Flextube 400 GOTO, hopefully next month, in time for SGL7. Then a new car trailer to carry it, plus new tent as our last one died at SGL6 ( it was 12 years old ). Ian
  21. The thread under the eyecup is for the camera adaptor ring that thet come with. Ian
  22. I#ve got 6 Hyperions and not one of them has TWIST UP eye cups, they just fold down to allow you to affix the dust cap when you'e finished with it. When you use it again you just remove dust cap and unfold it. if the ruber is a litter brittle you could try removing it from the eyepiece and soaking it in warm water for a few minutes, that would soften the rubber. Ian
  23. Can I take two, so i'll have bino-viewing ......... Ian
  24. Repeated on bbc3 or bbc4 on wed and again on bbc2 saturday lunchtime. Ian
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