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  1. Hello all My scope currently sits in an unheated veranda by the patio. Quick and easy with not much cool down time. My wife now wants the space so it looks like I will be putting a new shed up the top of the garden. There are some surrounding trees and bushes to cut back and a patio burried in garden waste (looks like a skip is needed). Does anybody else keep their scope in a shed? I have a cover for it. Are there any modifications I should do? A roll off roof is probably beyond my DIY skills! cheers
  2. Great capture. Can’t beat an eclipse.
  3. Nice and clear here tonight - nice bright moon too unless I stop up until 2am.
  4. I've only made it there once, I think it was 2008. Such a great day, Ha solar viewing outside and great speakers that included Patrick Moore and David Levy. I'll put myself a diary reminder to try and go next year.
  5. M31 can be seen naked eye from a dark site but I have always found it a bit of a let down in scopes. A very dark sky and good pair of bins is my preference.
  6. Great post Dave. I was just going to check my list of what to look for tonight as it is actually going to be clear. Living in a light polluted area means galaxy or nebula hunting is very limited. There's only so many times you can look at M13 etc! Tracking the brightness of variable stars gets me outside to look at something that changes between sessions. Submitting to AAVSO and BAA feels like I am contributing too. I'm a basic visual only.
  7. Well done. I wouldn’t be without my bins. They get used more than my scope and I always take a pair on holiday if I am going to be away from cities.
  8. I used to make sketches as a youngster. I regret that they went missing years ago. I started keeping a written log and making sketches about 12 years ago. I've started up various spreadsheets and lists as an offshoot but think I probably spend too much time on it now. My writing is so scruffy that I feel the need to type it all up. I do refer back to notes and sketches on occasion which justifies the time in my mind.
  9. Perfect sky conditions at a very dark site. At least a 10" scope (although people have seen it in smaller) and Hbeta filter. Even then don't expect to see something that resembles a horse.
  10. What a great report. Your set up is a killer on galaxies - I bet M51 is a real jaw dropper.
  11. Just don"t let any observing get in the way of a good drinking session?
  12. The Cambridge University Press is a good place to look for good in depth books. They can be a bit pricey if you don't find a used one though.
  13. Thanks - I need reminders these days!
  14. Well done. I haven't counted recently but am still a way off. Not enough dark sky trips!
  15. Hello all, Does anybody know of a list with the magnitudes of the Virgo galaxy cluster? I have charts but would like a list of mags to save flicking through books when I am outside. Of course I could type one up but it would save me some time. thanks
  16. Just had a look but couldn’t see it with my 15x70s. Could be that I was at the front (street lights) of the house, whereas as the last few times I was in the back garden (no direct lights).
  17. I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago. I was out scraping ice off the car, but at least had a nice view.
  18. Great job Stu. Having tried a bit of this myself I know how hard it is to get results like that (I haven't managed it!)
  19. Same here. The moon was behind a thick hedge and the gap in the cloud very clear and the right part of sky. With 46p now being higher in the sky it makes a huge difference where I live.
  20. Has anybody been following this one. P46 seems to be taking the limelight. Might have a go at 64P with the scope if I get a clear night.
  21. Saw it last night in my 15x70's. It is in a very poor area of sky for me, and there was some thin cloud, so it must be bright to see it fairly easily. Bigger than expected. Should be able to get my scope on it next time.
  22. bish

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    That’s a great sketch. I’m itching to get a look at this one, but it’s cloud, cloud, cloud.
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