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  1. Not exactly what you asked for but try some podcasts - awesome astronomy, the sky at night (known as radio astronomy) and Pythagorean astronomy.
  2. If I see any more I will send them your way.?
  3. Low flying bats a bit distracting when I was stopping at a friends house on Skye
  4. Lovely image. If only it were like that through the eye piece.
  5. That's useful to know. I have thought about binoviewers in the past (before my eyes were full of floaters). Think I may give them a try.
  6. Do you have any floaters Stu? I find they are really off putting white light viewing.
  7. Nice sketch. I find it hard not to exaggerate the size of the proms when I sketch. (although I haven't sketched proms much as it's been with other peoples kit). Ha is great.
  8. Found this with a quick google search. This chap seems to be able to see some granulation with his set up. https://www.skyandtelescope.com/observing/celestial-objects-to-watch/sun/sun-white-light-guide-nearest-star/
  9. Ah yes I definitely see faculae, must be getting confused. (As a Vikings fan it looks like I wont be teasing the Bears this season!)
  10. I always thought it was granulation you could see mainly close to the limb. Interested to see if this isn't actually the case.
  11. Fantastic. I used to spend hours as a kid looking and drawing the craters etc as a kid. It was one of the things that really fuelled my interest.
  12. I would love to go to the Texas Star Party. And the one in the Florida Keys.
  13. Kielder has been mentioned. The Milky Way is nice and bright there.
  14. That would be great to catch. I might need a reminder nearer the time!
  15. I really got hold of the wrong end of the stick there!? Still a good story to tell. I know what you mean about meeting people. I’ve been to a few book signings and did not have quite the in depth chat or Whitty banter I had in mind!
  16. Didn"t you once get a lift off Patrick Moore once?
  17. Who knows what they get up to up there...
  18. My aperture fever is kept under control when i look at my bank balance and feel the pain of a knackered elbow lifting a fairly light 250px. An observatory at a dark site and a load of money would be good.
  19. bish

    First Man

    I'm surprised you haven't seen it already based on your previous avatar. I liked Deadpool but haven't seen the second one yet either.
  20. Thanks for the advice. I would hesitate to spend too much due to the amount of usage it will likely get (although you could say that about all of my astro kit at the moment!)
  21. bish

    First Man

    That is true. I generally check on IMDB just to see if people think a film is total pants.
  22. I'm thinking I should get a zoom. Just been using my 24mm maxvision and 8mm radian mainly.
  23. Just as well you didn't sell your kit off.
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