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  1. I hadn’t paid much attention to that but it will probably get on my nerves now! . It can’t be as bad as the awful heavy vignette they used for most of ‘Wonders of the Universe’. That really was distracting, I am enjoying it, but then will happily sit and watch most things astronomy related even if doesn’t have much new to offer.
  2. I used to stay up until 2 or 3am but these does only stop up through the night at star parties. I have set my alarm for 3 or 4 if there is a comet that is visible around that time. I have to be careful about waking up my wife or neighbours. She will say it’s fine on the night but if she is really tired the next day because I disturbed her then it’s a different story!
  3. Thanks. There are a couple of fish shops close by.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Wish me luck, I am a bit clumsy! LOL
  5. Thanks I will google to see if there any close by.
  6. Hi all, does anybody know if the battery top up water in Halfords is distilled or de-ionised? As I understand it needs to be distilled to clean mirrors. thanks
  7. I had some great views last year, although I don’t think they were as low. It does mean having to take my kit up the road tiny father in laws for a better horizon. I chopped back a thick bush that helps keep the neighbours lights at bay only to find Jupiter was still a bit too low.
  8. Thanks for the advice, I will be careful.
  9. Thanks both for your help. I assumed it would need replacing, didn’t think I could just change the battery in it.
  10. Hi all, My 10 year old Celestron 17AH power tank has packed in. I only need something for dew control (2 strips and a hair dryer). Can anybody suggest a cheaper alternative? thanks Bish
  11. Thanks. I will need to get to a dark site for that.
  12. Excellent. Goes to show what can be achieved with bins and a phone. You must have a steady hand!
  13. Well done. I have got too lazy these days to set up early.
  14. When I first saw it there appeared to be 2 spots close together. As it came round the sun it was like the image above. Could have been seeing conditions or the angle closer to the limb (or just my eyes!) Has anybody managed to see it with no magnification? Maybe not big enough, my eyes aren’t that great.
  15. Had some excellent seeing today. My 127 mak and WL filter teased out loads of detail
  16. I’ve only got WL but it was good to have something to look at. Good sketches, more detail than I managed.
  17. Nice set up. As mentioned before I would also get a RA motor.
  18. I had planned to try and see this years eclipse but couldn’t afford it. In 2017 I did hire a car for my holiday but booked with an organised trip for the time of the eclipse as it was good to be with a group and they scouted a great location For 2020 and/or2024 I will probably do the same again. Chile is fantastic but the roads can be a bit hit and miss.
  19. I keep brief notes and find them useful to refer back to. Sometimes I will make sketches or mark positions of comets/asteroids. I record variable star observations to submit to the BAA and AAVSO.
  20. Not buying a PST when they were only £400. The price seemed to suddenly shoot up.
  21. Impressive haul in a 2 hour session!
  22. bish

    Garden sheds

    Blimey, doesn't seem so bad now, having to get power from the greenhouse to the shed.
  23. bish

    Garden sheds

    Thanks. What would be the cause, cold temperature, change in temperature, damp? I have power going to a green house at the top of the garden so it wouldn't be too much problem to put power into the shed.
  24. bish

    Garden sheds

    That’s Doug’s shed - but I think I have some old carpet I could put down. Might as well make it homely?
  25. bish

    Garden sheds

    Thanks Doug, that’s great. Your set up is just what I had in mind.
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