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  1. I meant to post this a couple of weeks ago. I was out scraping ice off the car, but at least had a nice view.
  2. Great job Stu. Having tried a bit of this myself I know how hard it is to get results like that (I haven't managed it!)
  3. Same here. The moon was behind a thick hedge and the gap in the cloud very clear and the right part of sky. With 46p now being higher in the sky it makes a huge difference where I live.
  4. Has anybody been following this one. P46 seems to be taking the limelight. Might have a go at 64P with the scope if I get a clear night.
  5. Saw it last night in my 15x70's. It is in a very poor area of sky for me, and there was some thin cloud, so it must be bright to see it fairly easily. Bigger than expected. Should be able to get my scope on it next time.
  6. bish

    Comet 46P Wirtanen

    That’s a great sketch. I’m itching to get a look at this one, but it’s cloud, cloud, cloud.
  7. Interesting point. This would mean any star’s solar system edge would be the centre of gravity to the nearest star?
  8. Very nice. I’ve yet to even see it. Hoping for a clear night soon.
  9. Yes make sure you have your camera with you. It was about KP3 when I took the photo above. I took a photo earlier in the evening when it wasn't evident to the naked eye and saw that it was just starting to show on the image so went back a bit later and it was much stronger. It started out as just a very faint haze low down with no discernable colour, very easy to miss at first.
  10. I was in Finland for 4 days last week. I hadn't gone specifically for the Northern Lights but as I was staying in a village 67 degrees North I did hope to catch something. It did snow most of the time, which was very picturesque and ideal for dog sledding, snow boarding etc but not good for clear skies. There was one fairly clear night so I dragged my wife down to a frozen lake, in a temperature of -18, to take a look. Luckily I did think to scavenge an old 1100D just on the off chance, having sold all my decent camera gear last year and relying on my phone for holiday snaps. The lights started out very faint but picked up after about 11pm. They were quite bright and you could see the green colour (although obviously not as green as in the 30 second exposure photo). A bit rough and ready as I had a stinking cold and didn't really get the focus as good as I should have.
  11. Very nice. I wanted to have a look with the scope but didn’t have time.
  12. Good stuff. I got one earlier whilst scraping frost off the car. Will have to post it later as it’s on another phone.
  13. I had a go last night with my 15x70’s but terrible LP and murk beat me. I need to drive away from town.
  14. That's very interesting Alan. I assumed that NV would always win out. I haven't tried a filter on M33 with my scope. Years ago a had a look with somebody elses set up with a UHC but didn't get to compare without it. Markarians chain with a 20", E21 and dark sky would keep me smiling all night. I agree that multiple galaxies in the same fov is probably the most amazing sight in astronomy. The Hubble deep field image is awe inspiring and probably my favourite image
  15. Very nice report. Have to say I am more than a little jealous! I've heard that filters help with M33, but I guess you don't have to bother when using NV.
  16. Great job. I didn't even know about FV-5.
  17. Dress it up how you like. You’re still trolling.
  18. Thanks Stu. They were taken with my 250px. I tried to use my iPhone too but just couldn't get the focus. The Samsung was fiddly but easier than the iPhone. The NexYZ does look good. Hand held is OK for the Moon but anything else I lose my patience! LOL
  19. I am going to get myself a Celestron NexYZ for when I next make it to a dark site. I have only tried the Moon hand held so far. I think I did these back in February.
  20. Incredible images. Barnard's Loop is superb.
  21. Great set of pics Stu. Good that you can still get a decent shot of Mars now it’s getting smaller.
  22. A 72mm scope and a phone - goes to show what can be achieved. Nice one.
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