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  1. Well I had another go at the process, I missed something out the first time around and it made a huge difference! There are a fair few artifacts if you look closely, and I think this is from Starnet, but not entirely sure. I've also poked the stars a bit too much, but only really noticeable when zooming in. 100% is ok though. Anyway, I'm much happier with this version. Click to open full size if you like.
  2. Ouch, no doubt heavy handed couriers? That looks like it's been smacked, possibly by a fork truck. Did it come on a small pallet / wooden crate?
  3. A friend of mine sent me his latest effort a couple of nights ago. IC1396, using an early Star 71 / Moravian G2-8300 / Astrodon 5nm ha, 3nm OIII, 5nm SII - 20 x 1800s per filter. All riding on a Mesu e200. Some of the imaging time was low in the sky and also below the pole at times. As I often do, I asked if I could have the master integrations to see what I could so with it, and here's my processing effort: I struggled with the magenta on the sides and overall I suppose and didn't spend any time on background extraction. This is all in the name of practice. He'
  4. Looks like the cryogenics have started, countdown to launch is probably about an hour away. Assuming no issues.
  5. No time, but my guess would be at the very least, an hour from now. Probably 2 or 3, depending on any issues. If you keep an eye on the stream, typically, launch has been around 45 minutes after 'tank farm activity' is shown on the status list.
  6. Yep, still on target. Watch here ->
  7. I'm just thinking about the conspiracy theories 'if' this thing hits US soil.....! And also the repercussions.....any excuse to launch Space Force.
  8. The out of control Long March 5B rocket's core stage could fall from space any day now. Parts of it may survive reentry and could shower practically anyone, anywhere with debris, some of which could be huge and very dangerous. It can be tracked here -> https://orbit.ing-now.com/satellite/48275/2021-035b/cz-5b/ https://www.space.com/china-space-station-rocket-launch-debris-falling
  9. So, April has been better, even though the nights are a lot shorter. I have noticed although clear, the skies have been milky at times so it will be interesting to see if this repeats year on year.
  10. This is correct, you need to set a park position and park before you power down. On power up, as long as nothing’s moved, unpark and the mount will begin tracking and ready to go, knowing where it’s pointed. It’s easy to get wrong so if you do, the annoyance of another init will make you remember!
  11. Here's a photo of my Sitech 1 (teaspoon for size comparison):
  12. LIVE: SpaceX Crew-2 launches four astronauts to the Space Station! Launch is about 20 minutes from now (so 10:48 am approximately). Crew onboard, pre flight systems running, countdown on! Watch on Youtube NasaSpaceFlight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygvK7LDXtIA or SpaceX Website: https://www.spacex.com/launches/ Or both!
  13. According to the BBC (Light pollution: How lockdown has darkened our skies https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/science-environment-56634629 ) it did by 10% according to the recent star count survey. Did anyone seriously notice a reduction? For me, not in the darkness of the sky during a moonless night but the absence of aeroplanes was certainly noticeable and most welcome!
  14. Well, March has been a pretty poor month for long exposure imaging. So poor, I've dismantled most of the kit now ready to tinker with it some more.
  15. True, but the mesu e200 does have axis locks. I suppose I should have said before adjusting the counterweights.
  16. In theory yes, as you’re not driving against the servo. A word of warning though, you may find the DEC axis appears to be harder to move than the RA, don’t worry this is normal and may actually feel fine the more weight you put on it. Also, balance the DEC in all directions before adding counterweights to balance in RA. Otherwise, RA will never be balanced properly.
  17. True that! Replay shows large orange flash followed by large pieces hitting the ground, meaning it likely exploded prior to reaching the ground.
  18. I don’t think anyone knows where it is yet?!
  19. Major failure, it either exploded in mid air or hit the ground. Pieces flying about, no one knows what happened yet!
  20. Relying on telemetry, belly flop in progress but no one can see it from ground cameras. Onboard cameras showing the bellyflop.
  21. Successful launch, too much fog for the cameras to see but Spacex have a feed from inside and outside the rocket.
  22. Yep, looks like the tank farm has woken up (through the fog)!
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