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  1. mog3768

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    Now Jeff what a great idea is that a free bar as well.and a goody bag with a new scope in it.
  2. mog3768

    What's your dream telescope/equipment?

    Bit of a cop out not what I want but what I can' wait to see is the launch and deployent of the James Webb telescope Hubble brought us some amazing pictures but if successful James Webb will open up new horizons
  3. mog3768

    New member from Stockton On Tees

    Hi Mike Just down the A174 not for from you happy to help if i can.
  4. mog3768

    Lunt LS60 PT 1200bf

    For Sale Lunt LS60 pressure tuner 1200 blocking filter Perfect condition am asking £1,700 That's a £1000 saving against a new one. Would prefer collection but would meet or deliver within reasonable (Also have box of Sky at Night Magazines Free to good home.)
  5. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Yes mine has a small delve on the north side but it is the South side that takes all the load not perfect but much improved on the original sorry light bucket have just read your original post no you could not remove the bolts to pack your mount away as I said the South bolt fits into a hole on the cylinder part and you might have a job realiging this without dismantling your mount. Can't you leave the bolts in place when you pack away.
  6. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Yes light bucket I do wish I had taken photos when I fitted mine as they would explain a lot anyway after the tapered base unit is in place a cylinder shape piece with grooves lays on the tray which you grease this cylinder has a hole for the bolt to fit into it then pushes against the South side of the wedge because of our latitude this is the side that bares most of the weight the north bolt then locks everything down the idea is that the direction of push is straight thereby stoppng the bolt from bending. Don't know if I have explaned it well do know I have not put any comers or full stops. I have just spent a while outside it is far to light here to test the drift align but looking through the eye piece onto a just visable star I could move the star around with ease using the bolts.
  7. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Carney I use PhD to drift align and am fortunate to have a permanent setup but I was having problems one of my bolts had badly scored the wedge so kept loosing alignment. I did make steel plates that I drilled and tapped out and fixed to the wedge this worked fine but I still had the problem of the bolt being at an angle to the wedge. The new wedge has an angled plate and over comes this problem there by taking a lot of strain of the South bolt. I will look into the new one as and when it becomes available but the only reason would be it looks really smart.In the mean time I am very happy with the rail system.
  8. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Well I had time today so loaded up my equinox 120 but to lighten the load a little I changed my setup and did away with my duel mount bar and st80 guide scope this saved 3kg and only used the 120 with a spotting scope as guide scope.. Moving the latitude bolts was a dream I could do micro adjustments with ease .So If I get time this weekend will try with my usual setup and the extra weight but after today's trial I am sure it will be fine. So it looks like the eq6 rail was a good purchase.
  9. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Well cranny if we ever get any clear weather I will say how things perform I .but I must say movement is very smooth compared to the original.
  10. mog3768

    EQ6 Rail.... Anybody got one ??

    Yes I brought one and fitted it in about 15 mins there were not any adhsive pads with my kit but they were Not really needed .I have not refitted my scope yet but the movement is very smooth time will tell how good it is. Do think it is a bit over priced but I suspect the price will drop when they start selling lots of them.
  11. Really surprised someone has not already replied the clear plastic washer goes under the steel washer next To the wedge body
  12. mog3768

    Proms 25th March

    Had an hour of clear sky here this morning and could make out the top looped prom. More warm clear weather please.
  13. mog3768

    At Last - NEQ6 Mount has arrived

    You will love it would not be without mine
  14. There is a very good vidio on u tube in several parts showing a complete strip down And fitting of a rowan belt drive kit so any one out there considering doing this conversion It is well worth a watch
  15. mog3768

    Your most expensive mistake in astronomy

    Moving house and loosing my clear east West view. Now it's neighbours trees in the way.

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