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  1. Thanks for past interest but have now withdrawn from sale
  2. Thanks for that have downloaded pipp will give it a go.
  3. Not quite sure were to post this so please move if its in the wrong place. I had recently been watching U Tube about the Zwo 178 camera i was thinking of getting the mono version. Anyway my wife must of noticed because she ordered one using my credit card ,but I wont complain about that, She knows I always hum and har about my purchases The point is I tried it out the other night on the moon, it was a bit overcast but the avi files were reasonably good. So tried stacking in Registax 6 then Registax 5 then autostacker only one file would load. I have had this problem in the past and just stored those avi files on a spare hard drive. This time I referred to the internet and it came up with an old post on this forum which suggested a freeware program called Virtualdub this converts the avi file to one the stacking programs recognise. I did this and all my files now load so any one having problems loading avi files into Registax I would recommend downloading the program Virtualdub. As a test I loaded a file from September 2015 and this picture is the result its always good when a problem is solved. One point if you do download it make sure it is from the genuine site.
  4. I have both a 200p newt and the equinox 120 and much prefer the 120 I do have a permanent set up so it does not answer you question about portability and set up . I only do imaging but can say I hang a focal reducer and 600d dslr on the original focuser without any problems. I love the equinox 120 and will never part with it.
  5. Juan sometimes takes a while to reply as he works and does the cameras part time. I purchased a camera from him and very pleased with his service and the camera. Would recommend him.
  6. mog3768

    The Obsey

    I would of wanted something a little stronger. Look forward to the next episode Please keep posting future developments
  7. mog3768

    The Obsey

    Well it looks like you have bagged a bargain there. Good Luck with transport and reassemble.
  8. mog3768

    The Obsey

    Yes agree pictures please always good to see alternative obsys
  9. Makes me realise how lucky I am my neighbour runs a steel fabrication business he made me a mount For the steel cost of £25 and a couple of spare top plates drilled with bolt holes it was so heavy he had to Lift in in place for me.
  10. I do not see how fitting a neq6 wedge would effect your imaging as once fitted and set it only makes it easier to adjust the mount.. It does not effect your tracking so if your mount is WELL set and polar alaigned it will continue to do so.. I fitted one and have not experienced any problems, but am the first to admit that I am a real amateur at imaging and only use a DSLR.
  11. Ok please delete my address from my private message to you
  12. I live in the north east will private message you with my address. It's about 120 miles from Bolton You are welcome to come here so you can check out the scope befor purchase I am also willing To meet halfway if you prefer
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