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  1. Yes this software shows you a 'live' view every x seconds, saves long exposures (i.e. 60 seconds, long enough for allsky, I use 30 seconds) and spits out a timelapse in the morning, along with a keogram and star trails if clear enough. For example: allsky-20210210.mp4 If you have a PI connected to a network, then the videos and images stored on the PI (recommend a large SD card or USB drive) you can access the files using filezilla from your PC. If you are comfortable with Linux (I'm very much a beginner) then this should all be straightforwards.
  2. It depends what you want to do - do you want to just use it a monitor? Long exposures? Timelapses? There are various options depending on the controlling hardware (Windows PC? Linux? MacOS? Rpi?). I have tried all sorts but the best software / hardware combination I have found so far is a Raspberry PI 4 with Allsky software written by Thomas Jacquin https://github.com/thomasjacquin/allsky It does pretty much everything I need, but like all software, has room for improvement. It also gives me the added bonus of running the PI via a PoE cable, so no local PSU needed or short USB c
  3. Sounds good - I haven’t used at all in reality, only in simulation. Are you planning on the array control? This is the most attractive option for me, but will wait until i’m fully setup to try a trial.
  4. I find that with a colour camera, daytime colour is ok, and night time is great - but if you were to add an IR cut filter, you may lose the sensitivity to see high wispy clouds at night, which is the cost for slightly better colour during the day. YMMV as they say however!
  5. Looks like another attempt is possible around 22:30 tonight, if I heard correctly?
  6. It's possible that they may try again, just have to sit and wait.
  7. Launch is apparently 14:14 central US (20:14 UK).
  8. I don't know, I only watch the Nasaspaceflight channel.
  9. Support vehicles have left the pad, so that’s promising. Hopefully fuelling can start and we see a launch very soon.
  10. Stuck valve on one of the tanks has delayed proceedings, so keep watching.
  11. Starship SN10 launch attempt today... currently about to fuel up, launch possible as soon as 18:45 today.
  12. ....big cash to whoever can do that and patent it!
  13. After yet another awful month weather wise, well most of it - we've had 4, nearly 5 days on the bounce where good imaging conditions were possible!
  14. I have an allsky camera that's on a long term test looking out of a north facing window that looks like it caught it from near Southampton. Image was a 30 second image, so sub started at 21:54:55, ended at 21:55:25 Also managed to get it on a CCTV camera pointing at the northern sky. Meteor 28-02-21.mp4
  15. I have an rpi4 and Zwo 178MM and Thomas’s allsky works fine for me. This doesn’t help with the Altair version, but may help you decide what to do.
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